Sailor Moon R: Treed

Episode 53

Sailor Moon R


Jap.59 "The True Love Awakens! The Makaiju's Secret"

Serena and Darien have been captured by the Doom Tree which has grown to an enormouse size and covered Anne and Alan's entire apartment building! The Sailor Scouts along with Luna and Artemis have come to the rescue but are at a loss as to how to enter the building to make their way to the top!

Sailor Moon R: Treed Sailor Mars walks up to the roots covering the area and places her hand on it. Suddenly she senses that the Doom Tree wants them to help it! The others don't believe her but before they can discuss it the roots move out of the way to let them enter.

As they run inside however they're attacked by bursting buds of acid! Sailor Jupiter says that this trap is why they were let in but Sailor Mars is adamant about what she sensed. As they all dodge the acid Luna gets blasted and seriously injured.

Sailor Moon R: Treed Seeing no other way, Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze which manages to freeze all the acid and roots in the area. Suddenly the roots begin to break free of the ice causing all the Sailor Scouts, Luna and Artemis to make a dash for the elevator shaft.

Once they get to the top, Sailor Mars uses her Mars Fire Ignite to blast a hole in the wall for them to confront Anne and Alan. What they see shocks them, Serena and Darien in the clutches of the Doom Tree, barely alive.

Sailor Moon R: Treed Sailor Mars immediately attacks with Mars Firebird Strike but Alan and Anne destroy the bird with a simple force shield.

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter all begin to attack with their Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze, Venus Shower and Jupiter Thunder Dragon but before they can finish their attack phrases they're blasted by Anne and Alan.

Serena, who had been blasted free from the Doom Tree's clutches stands up and transforms into Sailor Moon to save their friends.

Sailor Moon R: Treed This shocks Alan who had no idea Serena was Sailor Moon but Anne simply comments on how this explains why she's such a clutz. Anne begins to blast Sailor Moon who is trying to protect Darien. Alan begins to feel that this is wrong as destroying someone who loves someone else so much just can't be right. Anne doesn't listen though and continues blasting.

Much to everyone's horror Darien leaps in front of Sailor Moon to protect her and gets blasted and collapses after whispering to Sailor Moon that he remembers everything now about the battle with the Negaverse and the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Moon R: Treed The Moonlight Knight then appears and throws a white rose directly at Anne and Alan how teleport out of the way. He begins to talk about love but Anne and Alan blast him right into the Doom Tree where he completely disappears into thin air!

The Doom Tree then begins to go a bit crazy and slaps Alan with one of it's powerful roots. Anne screams out for him and stands in between him and the Doom Tree's second attack which comes in the form of a sharp spear like root. Anne is struck by the full force of the attack and collapses, mortally wounded. Alan begins to cry as Anne tells him that she now realises what love is and that he is the one she has always loved.

Sailor Moon R: Treed Suddenly the Doom Tree moves to kills Alan but Sailor Moon screams out for it to stop. Sailor Moon and Alan's minds are then taken on a journey by the Doom Tree who explains how it was once called the Tree of Life and that it created Anne and Alan's people out of loneliness and that they all lived in peace until an evil force corrupted them and made them think of nothing but power. The tree then left the planet just in time with it's few remaining forces but one by one they all dies leaving just a young Anne and Alan who had never known love. The tree explains that she can survive on any energy but to thrive and really live she needs the power of love. It then asks Sailor Moon to remove the evil energy it has been corrupted with over all these years. Sailor Moon agrees.

Sailor Moon R: Treed She then performs Moon Sceptre Elimination which completely destroys all the evil within the Doom Tree. A bright white light encases the entire building.

Sailor Moon then fins herself standing in the middle of a white limbo over an unconscious Darien. Suddenly the Moonlight Knight appears hovering above them and surprises Sailor Moon by removing his mask revealing his secret identity... Darien! He explains that he is the part of Darien's mind that wanted to protect Serena and the planet Earth and that now that Darien has his memories back he is no longer needed and will return to where he belongs.

With that the Moonlight Knight slowly descends and absorbs back into Darien.

Sailor Moon R: Treed When the white light clears, the Doom Tree is nowhere to be seen! Sailor Moon thinks that she killed it but Alan finds it in the form of a glowing sapling that they can start over with. Anne then appears to have been healed (either by Sailor Moon or the tree) and the two aliens and the new Tree of Life bid farewell and float up into the sky and away into space.

The Sailor Scouts, Luna and Artemis then surround Sailor Moon and Darien who are in a big embrace and ask them what this means now that Darien has his memories back! Are they a couple? What are they now?

Everyone is happy.

Interesting Facts

While we obviously met Anne and Alan in previous episodes this is the first time we had seen other aliens of their species as well as their home planet. Another interesting character moment in this episode is the possibility of the evil force that corrupted their people could possibly have been an early incarnation of the Negaverse or even Chaos.

Moon Sceptre Elimination healed? Huh? If you think of the Doom Tree having been healed due to the evil energies within it being destroyed it makes a lot more sense.

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