Sailor Moon:

Episode 33

Sailor Moon

Little Miss Manners

Jap.37 "I'm to be a Princess? Usagi's Strange Training"

Serena decides to meet her friend Molly at the school entrance before class starts. Once she gets there she sees Molly reading an article. Molly explains that it's about a new finishing school that trains girls to be just like princesses. Still feeling a little insecure about being the Moon Princess, Serena seriously considers it something that she should consider. She doesn't have much time to think about it however as the school bell rings, reminding them that they're both late again.

Sailor Moon: Serena and Miss Haruna Once in class, Serena quickly dozes off and fantasises about being a princess and everyone commenting on how beautiful and princess-like she is. Suddenly, Miss Haruna tells her to pay attention but Serena incorporates her into her dream and yells at her to show respect to a princess. Miss Haruna yells at her again which wakes her up. Serena then gets sent out of the classroom.
Luna, who was waiting for her there asks her if she was okay and Serena tells her about how she wants to be a princess for real. Luna is surprised and happy that Serena is taking her responsibilities seriously but Serena quickly goofs off and squeals how if she's princess-like, Tuxedo Mask won't be able to resist her.

Sailor Moon: Evil Prince Darien, Queen Beryl and Malakite In the Negaverse, Queen Beryl is talking to Malakite and the new evil, brainwashed Tuxedo Mask / Prince Darien. Beryl tells them that she wants the Imperium Silver Crystal and that she wants them both to work together. Malakite protests and says that he wishes to work alone. Tuxedo Mask also expresses his discomfort in working with someone else. Beryl, though a little annoyed is impressed by this rivalry.

Back in Tokyo, Luna has dropped by the Crown Arcade to check in with Central Control. Sailor Moon: Artemis and Luna No sooner has she logged in though, the computer game screen begins to go static and changes to a direct feed featuring Artemis. Embarrassed, he says hello to Luna who is furious at him. She demands to know why he didn't tell her that he was Central Control. Artemis, laughs nervously and says that she never really asked.

The next day, Luna and Serena decide to spie on the princess school where the teacher is busy reading a poem from Earnest Hemingway. Suddenly one of the butlers Sailor Moon: Serena and Luna in a tree spots them and asks them what they're doing. Serena explains that she wants to attend the school but the butler tells her that all students must be referred by existing students.
Lucky for Serena, the teacher had come out to see what all the fuss was about and tells Serena that if she can impress them with her discus skills she can join. After being handed a discus, Serena throws it into the air, ala her Moon Tiara and it flies through the air, into the house, slices two girl's ribbons and returns to her hands. The teacher is very impressed and admits her straight away.

Sailor Moon: Amy, Lita, Artemis, Mina and Raye At Raye's temple, Mina, Amy, Raye, Lita and Artemis are all discussing Serena's latest interest. Most of the girls thinks it's great for Serena as she'll be more princess like if she goes. Artemis however disagrees and tells them that being a princess doesn't come from how you act but from who you are as an individual deep down inside. The girls don't listen to him however and they all agree to join the school as well!

The next day as Serena is showing off her discus skills with the other girls, the teacher looks on and discusses her plan with Malakite who is obviously behind the whole Sailor Moon: Serenaclass. Malakite explains that they're after Sailor Moon and that a girl with great discus skills may be her as one of Sailor Moon's attacks, Moon Tiara Magic is very similar to discus throwing.
The teacher thinks Serena could be Sailor Moon, but then Serena fails terribly at all the other classes such as eating (she slurps) and serving cocoa (the teacher explains that you should say "Please have some cocoa" instead of "Cocoa's on" as Serena suggested).

Sailor Moon: Mina All the classes culminate into a kind of royal ball where all the girls will be judge on their dancing ability. Serena quickly trips and falls over. Much to her surprise, when she gets up she sees that Mina, Raye, Lita and Amy have all joined the ball as well and while Amy and Lita are dancing very well, Mina and Raye decide to shake things up and start making their own moves much to the teacher's disdain.
The teacher then announces that she will move around the floor and touch all of the girls who graduate on their shoulder. Funnily enough, everyone except for Serena, Mina and Raye are chosen and led into the next room where the teacher reveals herself to me a Negamonster and covers all of the girls in wax!

Sailor Moon: Luna and Artemis attack a Negamonster Serena, Mina and Raye hear all this and transform while Luna and Artemis buy them time by attacking the monster themselves! As the battle is taken outside, Tuxedo Mask appears and tells the monster not to kill Sailor Moon as their mission is to get the crystal. Malakite then appears and tells the monster to attack the Sailor Scouts. Confused by all these orders the monster starts to get a little stressed. Sailor Moon zips up to her and tells her that she should have some cocoa as it will perk her right up. The monster then corrects her and says she should say "Please have some cocoa." Realising that the real teacher is in there somewhere, Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Escalation and turns the monster back into the teacher. Malakite disappears as does Tuxedo Mask before they have a chance to heal him.

Sailor Moon: Monster of the Day

Monster of the Day

The monster of the day seems to only have one attack; the power to fire hot wax. This attack though is incredibly powerful as it can trap humans, in this case Amy, Lita and all the other girls as well as stop energy attacks in their tracks such as Venus Crescent Beam Smash and Mars Fire Ignite.
It's interesting to not that this monster exhibited part of the human host's conciousness, something that never really happens as regular Negamonsters go.

Interesting Facts

It's a complete mystery as to how Mina, Lita, Raye and Amy were able to join the school, let alone graduate as it's explained early on as it's a very hard place to get into and none of them passed a discuss test. I guess it's all part of the wonderful world of cartoon logic.

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