Sailor Moon: Bad Hair Day

Episode 32

Sailor Moon

Bad Hair Day

Jap.36 "Usagi in Confusion! An Evil Tuxedo Kamen?"

It's late at night and Serena is fast asleep. Luna has been kept up though as Serena keeps crying out for Darien in her sleep and moving as if she's fighting monsters from the Negaverse. Suddenly she swings her arm to the side and completely crushes Luna, trapping her under her arm until morning.

Sailor Moon: Serena and her friends The next day at school all of Serena's friends are raving about a new beauty parlour that has opened recently and is throwing a free haircut special promotion. Molly says that she can't go because she has to babysit after class but asks Serena what she thinks about it. Serena doesn't answer though as she's too depressed over what's happened to Darien. Molly thinks something's wrong but doesn't know what to do.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor Scouts at Raye's Temple That afternoon all of the Scouts (minus Sailor Moon), Luna and Artemis meet at Raye's temple to talk about Serena. Artemis is frustrated over the fact that they need Sailor Moon and the crystal now more than ever to defeat the Negaverse but Luna tells him that she's a person and not a machine that can be fixed. Raye also tells Artemis to back off and tells them how hard it must be for Serena having to lose Darien. Raye is obviously very upset herself due to her having dated Darien up until he was kidnapped and now she's realising that even if they can rescue him he will end up with Serena.
Mina, tells them all that it's okay and that she'll think of something to cheer Serena up.

Sailor Moon: Darien being brainwashed, hypnotized and mind controlled. Later on, Mina drops by Serena's house and offers to give her a makeover. They spend the afternoon combing each other's hair and then head to the new beauty parlour everyone had been raving about to get some professional work done.

In the Negaverse, Queen Beryl is overlooking Tuxedo Mask who is in the process of being brainwashed. She comments on how stubborn he is but soon he will be a warrior of the Negaverse.
Malakite enters and tells Beryl of his new plan to get the crystal. It includes using a strand of Sailor Moon's hair he had got during their last battle and using it to detect which girl is Sailor Moon by opening a new beauty parlour.

Sailor Moon: Nega Monster At that very moment, Mina and Serena arrive the the parlour and are greeted by the head stylist. She takes Serena to get her hair washed, leaving Mina in the waiting room. While she's washing her hair she begins to scan the women in the parlour who may be Sailor Moon... so far all of the women have been negative matches.

In the waiting room, Mina is approached by an assistant who apologises for making her wait. Mina tells her that she's just waiting for a friend but is quickly talked into trying their new hair steamer. Once she's in the head stylist scans her and is surprised to see that Mina is Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon: Mina She quickly confronts Mina and strangles her neck. Mina screams but it's too late, all the assistants have started spraying knock-out gas throughout the building and all of the customers begin to pass out. Serena sees what's happening and hides under the counter where she was being shampooed.
The head stylist explains that she detected the same DNA on her from her hair. Mina puts two and two together and realises she must have gotten one of Serena's hairs on her when they were brushing each other's hair earlier.

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask's Black Rose The head stylist then gathers with all of the assistants and they merge to become a Nega Monster! Serena, seeing this transforms into Sailor Moon and attacks the monster but the monster counter attacks with razor sharp scissors and fire balls and chases Sailor Moon all over the shop.
Eventually backed into a corner, Sailor Moon pulls out the Moon Wand and threatens to heal the monster but is stopped by a flying red rose that knocks the wand out of her hand. Shocked, Serena turns around to see Tuxedo Mask behind her. She's happy at first but then horrified as he demands that he gives her the crystal and orders the monster to attack her. Sailor Moon calls him a traitor and runs out of the building, taking the battle outside.

Sailor Moon: Mina transforms into Sailor Venus Mina, semi-concious sees and hears all of this and quickly transforms into Sailor Venus and runs after them.

Outside, Tuxedo Mask and the monster have almost beaten Sailor Moon. Luckily Sailor Venus arrives with the other Sailor Scouts and they weaken the monster for Sailor Moon who then uses Moon Healing Activation which reverts the monster back to the beauty parlour staff.
Sailor Mars begins to talk to Tuxedo Mask but Sailor Venus quickly tells her to be careful as he's been brainwashed by the Negaverse.

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask Tuxedo Mask then demands that they give him the crystal and then challenges them all to battle. Suddenly, Queen Beryl talks to him telepathically and commands him to return to base as he's not ready to take them all on yet. Tuxedo Mask complies and disappears through a black Negaverse portal.
Once in the Negaverse, the Negaforce tells Darien that he must use the form of Tuxedo Mask instead of the form of Prince Darien as it throws the Sailor Scouts off guard. Queen Beryl commands Malakite to train Tuxedo Mask and make him as strong as possible.

Later that day, the girls are hanging out together and ask Serena if she's okay. Surprisingly she laughs and says that she's great and has a great plan; They'll de-brainwash Tuxedo Mask! Luna, rolls her eyes and says that she can't even program a VCR.
Lita asks Raye if she's okay through all that's happened. Raye appreciates Lita's concerns but tells her that she's fine. Artemis tells them all that he'd rather have the ditzy airhead Serena over the depressed on any day.

Sailor Moon: Monster of the Day

Monster of the Day

This is the first monster of the day in a while and it's also an unusual one as it's able to control several humans and takes it's physical form when all of them are combined.

It seems to be super strong and has the ability to read machine readings just by looking at the machines, fire razor sharp scissors and fireballs as well as having a built in razor-chainsaw like weapon attached to her arm. This monster was given no name.

Interesting Facts

The episode featured the first Moon Healing Activation featuring the Imperium Silver Moon Crystal.

This was the first time we saw Darien in his Prince Darien form in the present, albeit evil Prince Darien.

Tuxedo Mask's first black rose was used in this episode.

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