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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon DVD

Sailor Moon Vol6

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The Sailor Scouts deal with the fallout from the revelations on the previous DVD and as the fight against the Negaverse heats up.

Region Differences

The DVD used for this review is the Region 4, Australian / New Zealand version which seems to contain the same episodes taken from the same source as the Region 1, North American DVD but with a fresher redesigned navigation menu that actually lists the episodes in numerical order rather than the "title only" approach used by the Region 1 designers. The Region 1 menus were also static and silent while the Region 4 ones are animated with music in the background (more on the menus further down this page).


The cover features a nice picture of Sailor Moon placed next to one of Tuxedo Mask. Nice subtle touch making his rose black though it does make one wonder why Sailor Moon is so happy. Like the previous covers, it's well designed with all the necessary information listed nice and clearly and with several screencaps of the episodes on the disk.

The Menus

The menu here features the still image from the DVD cover against a rather new design, a spinning cosmic spiral.

Sailor Moon DiC DVD #1 Main Menu The peach colour wouldn't have been my first choice but it does make the disk stand out against the others in the collection.

The menu loads very quickly and is super easy to navigate with all the episodes numbered in order unlike some of the Region 1 releases which splashes the episode titles around the menu without numbers and assumes you know which one to select first.

The Special Features

As with previous releases there's really nothing in the way of special features though having six episodes on one disk seems like pretty good value in itself.

The Episodes

There are some pretty fun episodes on this DVD. Following the epic episodes on the last DVD A Reluctant Princess immediately deals with the aftershocks of the Moon Princess revelation and features the Sailor Scouts' escape from Zoicite and Malachite's trap. Sailor Moon DiC DVD #1 Image Quality Screencap There are some great moments in this episode with some good drama and fight sequences. It's particularily good to see Sailor Venus fight with the others to protect their princess.

Bad Hair Day continues to deal with the Moon Princess reveal and follows Serena as she deals with her past life and the loss of Tuxedo Mask. This episode also serves as a Sailor Venus episode of sorts as Mina spends time with Serena and we're treated to Venus' first transformation sequence.

The following three episodes are what many would call "fillers" but they're very fun to watch and definitely get a lot of repeat viewings on my TV. Both Little Miss Manners and Ski Bunny Blues have some great animation and voice acting and the third, Ice Princess has become almost as popular as the more plot driven episodes most likely due to the two ice skating Monsters of the Day.

Last Resort rounds out the disk with one of my all time favourite episodes of the anime. It follows Serena's family on a holiday to a hot spring and deals with a non-Negaverse Monster of the Day which also features an old eternal love story. It's an episode of several great moments with humour, drama, mythology and a little insight into what makes the evil Tuxedo Mask tick.

Well worth a watch... or three.

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