Sailor Moon: Ski Bunny Blues


Sailor Moon

Ski Bunny Blues

Jap.38 "Snow, Mountains Friendship! A Youma too!"

Luna, Artemis and all of the girls are once more waiting at Raye's temple for Serena. When she finally arrives she's over the moon and shows them all an advert for a Moon Princess skiing competition. All of the girls say how much fun it looks but then realise that none of them can afford to go. Luckily Chad was listening in on their conversation and tells them all that they can all stay at his cabin which his family owns. The girls are a bit surprised but accept.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor Scouts and Chad In the Negaverse, Prince Darien is fighting with Malakite over the best way to get the Imperium Silver Crystal. Malakite is sure that his plans to find Sailor Moon are the best way while Prince Darien says that the better way is to get Sailor Moon to come to them.

Meanwhile the girls have arrived at the ski resort and have left Artemis and Luna at home to come up with a plan to fight the Negaverse. Luna tells Artemis that they should start working but is shocked to see that he has already fallen asleep. Luna thinks for a second about what to do and then decides that she needs to catch up on some sleep as well.

Sailor Moon: The Sailor Scouts in Chad's Lodge Back at the ski resort the girls and Chad are chilling out in Chad's cabin. Raye is at a loss for wordsas his cabin is really nice! She let's slip that she didn't know he was loaded but quickly questions him about why he stays with them at her temple. Chad tells her that he doesn't need the money, the temple was just something he needed.

The next day Amy, Lita, Mina and Serena head out to the ski slopes for their first ski lesson. While struggling along they see Chad and Raye who have obviously skiied before, zipping down the slopes towards them. As they stop next to the girls, Raye tells them that the slopes are great higher up and that they should all try them. Serena is a bit nervous, but when Chad tells her that she has to try them to qualify for the Moon Princess competition she gives it a go.

Sailor Moon: Moon Princess Elsewhere, Malakite is talking to a mysterious woman how the whole competition is really another Negaverse way to find Sailor Moon and the Imperium Silver Crystal. The woman is obviously being controlled by a Negamonster.

Later that day a huge croud shows up for the Moon Princess competition at the top of the ski slopes. The announcer welcomes everyone and tells them all that this year, due to popular request, they've added several new obstacles and then introduces last year's champion, Boomer Kincaid the mysterious woman who was talking to Malakite! Boomer wishes everyone luck and begins the race.

Sailor Moon: Serena skiingg The entire croud, including Raye, fly down the mountain leaving Serena at the top a nervous wreck. Luckily Chad encourages her to just go for it and pushes her down the hill! Serena flies completely out of control down the slope but in usual lucky Serena fashion manages to overtake all of the contestants and catch up to Raye who is in the lead!

Back at the starting line, Boomer takes off down the slope after all of the women. Chad sees this and wonders what she's up to.

Sailor Moon: Serena and Raye skiing While skiing, Boomer uses her powers to create numerous bumps and dangers in the snow pretty much taking out every contestant in the competition! Her logic is that the Moon Princess would be avery good at something like skiing so the woman left skiing would be the Moon Princess!

As Boomer catches up to Raye and Serena she assumes that Raye must be the princess as Serena is wailing and screaming for help as her out of control skiing is taking her faster and faster down the hill.

Sailor Moon: Raye Boomer starts an avalanche that takes the form of a huge snowball rolling down the hill. Raye sees this and tells Serena to go faster. Luckily, Chad had decided to check Boomer out and saves Raye and Serena by jumping in front of the huge ball.

Raye thought she heard someone yelling her name but keeps skiiing. Suddenly the Earth opens up and Raye and Serena become trapped in a mini snow cavern. Raye tries to climb out but keeps sliding down. Serena tells her to wait for them to be rescued and after some snide comment, Raye sits down and they both talk about Darien and the Negaverse while listening to Serena's star locket.

Sailor Moon: Serena, Raye and Star Locket Serena appologises to Raye for not thinking about her feelings concerning Darien but Raye explains that she knew all along that Darien wasn't really into her but she liked pretending that he kind of was. She then tells Serena that her and Darien looks like the real thing and that she gives them both her blessing and promises to help free him from the Negaverse.

All of a sudden, Chad appears through a hole in the wall and tells them to follow him as he dug a way out. Before they can go though, Boomer (who has transformed into her Negamonster form) freezes him and tells Raye to hand over the Silver Crystal. Raye announces that there's no point in denying that she's princess material but Serena desperately tells the monster that she's Sailor Moon. Eventually they both transform and battle the monster.

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask & a red rose Tuxedo Mask appears and tells the monster not to harm Sailor Moon and Mars as they just need the crystal. Sailor Moon and Mars then take this opportunity to plead with Tuxedo Mask to remember them. Suddenly Tuxedo Mask's black rose flashes red and he throws it at the Negamonster. Sailor Moon takes this opportunity and uses Moon Healing Escalation and reverts the monster back into Bommer. Tuxedo Mask's red rose then changes back to black and he leaves. Moon and Mars are upset but are happy to be okay.

Moments later, after getting out of the cavern, Serena and Raye nurse a sleeping Chad while Boomer (who can't remember a thing) goes for help. Chad wakes up and can't remember anything either but Serena and Raye tell him how he rescued them from a crazy ski bunny. Chad is thrilled that he was so brave.
At that moment, Amy, Lita and Mina arrive. Raye says that she's up for some more skiing even though it's late and Serena begins to cry as she's had enough skiing for one day. Raye teases that they'll take the bunny slopes just for her. Serena cries even more.

Sailor Moon: Snow Negamonster

Monster of the Day

The monster of the day today seemed to have the power to control snow and blast a super freezing blast from her mouth. Something of not is the happy faces which adorn her body and seem to change emotions with her positions. These faces are obviously influenced be basic snowman designs.
This monster was healed by Sailor Moon.

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