Episode 14

Sailor Moon

Shutter Bugged

Jap.17 "Usagi is a Model? Focus of Demon Camera!"

While this starts out as a regular "Monster of the Day" kind of episode, several factors really make it rise above the rest. We get the first appearance of the Sailor Scout's Communicator, the first appearance of Zoicite and Sailor Moon uses the very rare "Sailor Moon Kick" attack and manages to defeat the enemy all by herself without Mars, Mercury or Tuxedo Mask's help.

The episode starts with Molly and Serena flipping through a magazine admiring a famous photographer called, Peter Fisher. Serena remembers that he goes to Raye's school and naturally they plot to go meet him. Amy is invited but says that she has to study.
When they get to Raye's school Peter is in the middle of a lot of tv interviews. Serena tries to get closer but Raye steps out of nowhere and yells at Serena for skipping school and hassling one of her fellow classmates. As they yell and yell, Peter asks them to stop arguing as they're upsetting his "creative energy".

Later that evening, Peter is taking landscape shots of Tokyo from a ledge off a road and he slips! Not to worry however, as Nephlite grabs him and pulls him back up to the road. Nephlite offers to hand him his camera which had fallen on the ground, but not without infusing it with Nega-energy first! Nephlite says that he's a big fan of Peter's work and to keep it up. He then leaves.
Back at Nephlite's Blair Witch house in the forest he checks in with the Negaverse and reports that he has a new target. Peter meanwhile is feeling the full force of the Nega-enhanced camera which is driving his ambition through the roof!

Meanwhile, Serena's reading a magazine (with a picture of Sailor V on the cover!) and finds out that Peter is holding a model search competition and dreams of entering. Luna though is trying to give Serena her latest Sailor Scout gadget, the Communicator! Serena grabs it right up and uses it to call Amy and tell her about the contest. Amy of course isn't impressed and hangs up. She ponders for a second about calling Raye, but flashbacks to the fight they had earlier.
She does however confide in Sammy and her mother. Both of whom don't take her seriously and joke about her ambition. She cries.

Serena then turns to Andrew who is working at the Crown. Darien overhears and actually offers her modelling advice as it seems he did some modelling work after he graduated high school to help pay for his tuition! Serena doesn't listen to him say how hard it is and storms out of the arcade. Andrew asks why he's always so mean to her to which Darien replies that he doesn't mean to be. He just feels different when she's around.

The next day, Serena's waiting for the mail to come and actually gets an acceptance letter! She gets right into practising and throws some books on her head to help her walk correctly and tries to remain calm and relaxed (because apparently that's what models are like). Luna, hilariously, falls over, sweatdrop style. She then pulls out her old swimsuit, but finds that moths have eaten all of it!
Eventually she continues to the competition, Luna constantly expressing concern. On their way to the changerooms, Serena runs into Molly and her very supportive teacher, Miss Haruna! She shows them her new swimsuit, and Molly loves it...not.

Luna does some investigating and spots Peter zapping some wannabe models with his camera, causing them to disappear! She tells Serena, but she doesn't believe her. Molly and Miss Haruna head off to the shoot, but Serena chases Luna who has stolen one of her swimsuit's bows! The chase leads her to where Molly and Miss H are posing... and zapped by Peter! Serena finally believes Luna and transforms.

Peter starts firing a volley of camera blasts at Sailor Moon and to her credit she dodges every single one, jumps over him and performs a Sailor Moon Kick (though she doesn't yell that phrase) which knocks the camera out of his hands. Peter passes out being separated from the camera but it's too late as the Youma materialises from the camera and zaps Peter's body!

Sailor Mars and Mercury come to the rescue, but their attacks are quickly deflected and they themselves get captured. Luna also get's zapped trying to save Sailor Moon which leaves Sailor Moon to defeat the bad guy all by herself. After being pinned against her own reflection for a minute or two she comes to the realisation that she should trick the baddy into zapping the mirror which would reflect the attack back at her. She does this, the blast hits the Youma and Sailor Moon finishes her off with her Moon Tiara Magic attack.
Mars, Mercury, Luna, Peter, Molly, Haruna and two other models reappear but at least four are still missing, possibly trapped in the Negaverse or having had all their energy drained. Nephlite, at that very moment is being taunted by Zoicite (who makes her very first appearance in this scene!) for having been defeated again. Nephlite doesn't admit defeat though.

Later that night, Serena's family is watching the tv and Peter comes on, explaining that he's been inspired by a "Moon Princess" kind of woman who he saw. While this is on though, Serena is upstairs dreaming of being a model.

Monster of the Day

We aren't told the name of this Monster of the Day, though she is one powerful being who manages to take out Luna, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury! Her main attack is called "Nega-zoom!" which blasts a silver light at her opponent and teleports them somewhere (presumably within herself). This blast is also used to destroy projectiles such as Sailor Mars' charm attack. Her finishing attack and her most powerful is "Mass Destruction Nega-zoom!", a much larger version of "Nega-Zoom". She is defeated by being tricked into zapping herself and then finished off with Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack.

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