Episode 15

Sailor Moon

Dangerous Dollies

Jap.18 "Shingo's Love! Sorrow French Doll!"

This was my very first episode of Sailor Moon. That's right! This is the episode that got me into Sailor Moon and eventually the construction of this website you're visiting right now! It's certainly not the best written episode of the series, nor is it the slickest animated, but it showed me the potential the series had with characters, superpowers, and drama that convinced me to tune in the same time the day after, and the day after that which eventually led me to the famous, and very popular, Day of Destiny episode which cemented my fandom. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It was "my first"! And funnily enough I've stumbled across several other people who also had this episode be their first. If this was also your first episode of Sailor Moon I hope you enjoy this guide to it.

Check out Zoicite's Invisible Jet! This episode starts with a meeting in the Negaverse between Nephlite, Queen Beryl and the recently introduced, Zoicite. Zoicite is trying to manipulate Queen Beryl into losing faith in Nephlite and she seems to be succeeding. Nephlite, aware of this plotting storms off in anger leaving Beryl angry at his arrogance and Zoicite very pleased with how things are going. This scene is interesting in that it's one of the first times we see how multifaceted the villains in the anime can be compared to the manga where most of the time the bad guys are simply... bad.

How long have I had this watch??? Meanwhile at Serena's house it becomes apparent that my fave voice actress, Tracey Moore is voicing Sailor Moon this episode and not Terri Hawkes who does the majority. This contradicts a lot of websites online who say that Hawkes does this episode but it is very obvious that it is Moore who does reprise her role in several later episodes as well after being, for the most part, replaced by Terri Hawkes.
Anyway, in this scene, Serena is happy with herself for getting up on time. Sammy doesn't think this is that special as it's still not early. Their parents interrupt their squabbling however to tell them that one of Sammy's friends, Mika won a prize for making a doll. Serena teases Sammy about having a "girlfriend" but then they both realise that they're going to be late for school and hurry out the door.

English Sailor Moon Transition Power! After school, Serena and Molly run into two friends of Mika who want to talk to Serena about something Sammy did. It turns out that Mika gave Sammy her prize winning doll (just what every guy wants), but when some other boys started teasing him he tried to give it back to her, but it fell out of their hands and broke on the ground! Turns out that he didn't appologise so Serena's going to talk to him. It also turns out that one of these girls sounds just like Rini! ;)
At Mika's house, Mika is making another doll... but it's sad! Her mum asks her to compare it to her prize winning doll, but she makes up an excuse when in fact it's broken and in her drawers.

And people thought Cabbagepatch Kids were evil! Nephlite, at that moment is using the power of the stars and Negaverse to find his next target. And it's Mika!
While this is happening, Sammy and Serena are chatting about what to do about Mika. Eventually they decide that Sammy should go over to her house and appologise. When Sammy goes over he spots a "Maxfield Stanton" who is wanting to meet Mika. He gets invited in and while talking he infuses Mika's new sad doll with the power of the Negaforce in order to build her power to the max so it can be drained for the Negaverse. The doll takes almost immediate effect as later that evening Mika starts working compulsively and pushes her mother on the floor.

I love Sailor Venus! ...even though she hasn't been introduced yet! When Sammy comes around a second time Mika yells at him to leave her alone. He talks about this to Serena and she agrees this is weird. When consulting with Luna, they begin to suspect that the Negaverse may be behind it.
Later, Sammy has a flashback to a scene where Mika says that while Sailor Venus is cool, she likes Sailor Moon more. This is obviously a mistake by the writers as they show a picture of "Sailor V" who, while she's the same person, hasn't taken on the mantle of "Sailor Venus" just yet. Sammy gets inspired to build Mika a Sailor Moon doll.

Flashback! Next up we see Raye inviting Darien (they're actually dating at this stage) to the doll show which is currently on. When they get there, Darien is obviously bored, but then something interesting happens. He seems to sense something from Nephlite who is in his Maxfield Stanton guise. Nephlite seems to sense something too but they both forget about it and chalk it up to just a weird feeling.

Mercury computer vision. In the back room, Sammy and Serena have finally found Mika, but her energy level has peaked and the Monster of the Day, Jumo emerges from her doll and drains Mika of her energy. Sammy tries to rescue her (brave boy) but gets knocked out and his Sailor Moon doll broken.
After a scuffle which Mars and Mercury joined midway through, Sailor Mercury used her computer to scan the monster and found a week point in her right ankle which Sailor Moon hits and destroys her.

I'm a superhero! Later, Sammy apologises to Mika about his doll being broken. She says it's fine because he tried to save her and gives him a Sailor Moon statue (on sale now near you!). In this scene, Sailor Moon also appears in a very cool shot and checks up on them. I loved this shot and obviously the producers did too as you can see it in the opening credits.

Monster of the Day

This week's monster, Jumo seems to be very powerful. Not only is she super strong and can drain energy, she can also bring to life other dolls and cause them to attack individually. These doll minions also have the power to teleport through some kind of fire vortex as well as fly! These dolls however were de-animated by Sailor Mars' Mars Fireballs Charge attack. Among Jumo's other abilities is that to replicate body parts (in this case, arms) and throw them as projectiles. Very dangerous as her body parts appear to be as sharp as knives. Her only main weakness appeared to be her right ankle which Sailor Moon hit with her Moon Tiara Magic attack which destroyed her.

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