Episode 13

Sailor Moon

Wedding Day Blues

Jap.16 "Pure White Dress Dream! Usagi Becomes a Bride!"

I'm really digging into the episode guide from this episode as my Sailor Moon #1 and #2 DVDs are back home in Australia and rather than wait for myself to get my hands on those before starting, I've decided to do the series first and then I'll come back and do Sailor Moon episodes #1 - #12.

This episode starts at Crossroads Junior High School with Serena, Molly and Melvin in Sowing Class. The teacher, Miss Lambert appears distracted and basically bores the class to sleep, with the exception of Molly, with her monotonous lecture on making a wedding dress. After the class, Molly and Serena are going on about how boring it was when Melvin pops up and proclaims that Miss Lambert is getting married! Later that day, Miss Haruna (who's first name we are told now is Patricia) runs into Miss Lambert (first name: Helen) while she's browsing textile shops. Miss Lambert says that she only wants something basic, but then Miss Haruna says that's crazy and that she should go all out! She even offers to help her shop. This is actually a very interesting scene as it's one of the few times that we see Miss Haruna outside of the teacher role and more as a real person. This is mostly possible due to there being relatively few characters at this point in the show to focus on so naturally a lot of the supporting characters get more screen time. This is especially true with Molly and Melvin who, as more and more Sailor Scouts are introduced, their screen time is reduced more and more, season by season until the final season Sailor Stars where they don't even appear once!

Anyway, we now flash to the typical scary house in the middle of the forest where Nephlite is asking the powers of the Negaverse to guide him in his next plan. He comes to the revelation that a certain school teacher is using a lot of energy on making her wedding dress and he decides that energy should be better used by the Negaverse!

Meanwhile, Serena discovers a huge wedding dress designing competition with the prize being a trip to Hawaii! This, naturally, inspires a dream sequence where she gets to marry Tuxedo Mask and Andrew! She ponders how lucky she is, but boy will she be tired on her honeymoon!
Suddenly Serena hears Raye yelling at the manager who organised the contest claiming that it's unfair that only people who are getting married can enter it. She then comes to the realisation however that she could just pretend that she's getting married in the future to enter! She then sees Serena and remembers that Serena's mum has a sowing machine. Naturally she invites herself over to Serena's house to ask her mum for some help...

...Which brings us to the very first meeting of Serena's mum and Raye! Serena's mum is over the moon to finally meet Raye and asks how they met. Raye thankfully thinks quick and makes up a story of Serena just coming by her temple and they just "Hit it off". They talk some more, eat some strawberry shortcake and then Raye drops the question that Serena was afraid of and asks if she will help her make a wedding dress. Serena's mum finds this hillarious however because she doesn't sow! Both Serena and her mum laugh a lot.

Raye and Serena fight and Luna complains that they should spend more time looking for the Moon Princess. Later, Serena begs Amy to help her make a wedding dress while holding an ironic toy. Amy basically, like always, tells Serena to study.

Flash to the textile shop, and Miss Lambert is shopping for wedding dress material. Nephlite finds her, curses her selection of material and goes on his way. Miss Lambert, already seems to be under the influence of his power.

Later, Serena and Molly overhear a fight with Miss Lambert and her fiance. Miss Lambert seems very different, almost like a different person. Though her fiance does admit that he likes the change. hehe. She yells at him and breaks off the wedding. Serena and Molly both wonder what went wrong.

At Cherry Hill Temple, Raye's grandfather is chasing Raye around the grounds. It appears that she stole his bedsheets to use in the competition. Unfortunately because she was running so fast, she didn't see Luna and Amy coming to visit and caused a bit of a pile up. We now get a comedy relief scene with Serena trying to steal her mum's curtains followed by a dramatic scene of Miss Lambert collapsing.

Flash forward to the wedding dress competition, Serena uses the Luna Pen to sneak in (this time in a wedding dress disguise). As a result, she also becomes a contestant! As the contest gets under way, the manager calls for a Zoe Sublime but she's nowhere to be found! Instead Miss Lambert appears, obviously possessed by some Nega-energy. She quickly hypnotises the manager with some Negaverse mind control power, drains the audience's energy and then the Monster of the Day, The Black Widow emerges from her body. Raye and Amy appear and all three girls transform and fight the monster and destroy her.

In conclusion we see Miss Lambert and her fiance getting married and Serena, Raye and Miss Patricia Haruna fighting over the bouquet but they knock it out of their hands and right into Amy's!

Monster of the Day

The Monster of the Day in this episode is referred to as The Black Widow. Like most of the monsters, not much is given on her though she does mention that "Noone has ever escaped my web" suggesting that she has (or she thinks she has) quite a reputation in the Negaverse. Her powers include shooting/spinning web super fast and using it as a projectile weapon and a way to trap her opponent.
The Black Widow was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara attack.

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