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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon DVD

Sailor Moon Vol4

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Epic heartache for Molly, major battles and the arrival of the fourth Sailor Scout, Sailor Jupiter!

Region Differences

This review is based on the Australian / New Zealand Region 4 Sailor Moon DVD (click here for more info on DVD Region differences). Since the Region 4 Sailor Moon DVDs are sold out everywhere though, the shopping links in this review are for the Region 1 DVD. The episodes and their image / sound quality are identical on both versions. The menus are completely different though and the covers have small subtle changes. Buying either version is recommended if you're after every episode of the Sailor Moon English DiC Dub.


The front cover features a fun image of Sailor Moon and the new Scout, Sailor Jupiter in front of a bright and colourful green starry background. The "title" of the DVD "The Secret of the Sailor Scouts" is displayed in a star while the DVD numbering "4" is in another star. Ironically (and maybe intentionally) the number 4 looks a lot like the planetary symbol for Jupiter which is a nice touch.

The rear cover features a nice exciting description of the episodes on the disk as well as a listing of all the episode names. There are also several images from the episodes shown in the same star shapes as used on the front. All important information is listed clearly and professionally.

The Menus

I've always loved Madman's DVD menus and almost always preferred them over the US counterparts. They always seem to be just that bit more creative and rewarding for fans. Sailor Moon DiC DVD #4 Main Menu The animated background is absolutely beautiful and rather hypnotic to look at. It's such a simple concept but works so well. What's more it's not just a copy paste job from the previous DVDs, the design used here is unique to this DVD but also fits well with the other DVDs in the series.

The menu loads fast and is super easy to navigate. The instrumental version of the English Sailor Moon opening theme is also nice to listen to.

The Special Features

Unfortunately there are no special features at all on this disk which is a shame though strangely it's not really missed. Would have been nice to have though.

The Episodes

There are so many memorable episodes on this disk that I'm sure rank on many fan's Top Ten Sailor Moon Episodes List. Molly's Folly and A Friend in Wolf's Clothing in particular stand out as we explore the relationship between Molly and Nephlite which ends both beautifully and tragically.

Jupiter Comes Thundering In introduces us to the latest Sailor Scout to join the team while the next episode, Sailor Moon DiC DVD #4 Image Screencap The Power of Friendship further explores her new dynamic with Sailor Moon.

The disk finishes off with two Monster of the Day episodes that stand apart from the average episodes. Mercury's Mental Match introduces us to the character of Greg who also happens to be Amy's first love interest. There's some great drama and action to be had in this episode as Sailor Mercury fights for the safety of someone she loves which makes this a very popular episode. An Artful Attack ends the disk on a great note by focusing on two animators involved in the Sailor V movie. The writing is hilarious, voice acting spot on and the animation some of the best you'll see in this season.

If you're a fan of the English version of Sailor Moon I can't recommend this DVD enough. If you can find it, grab it!

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