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Episode 22

Sailor Moon

The Power of Friendship

Jap.26 "Smile, Naru-chan! Usagi's Friendship."

The Moon Palace is once more covered in mist. Darien is standing alone at the base of the palace walls looking up at a mysterious figure whose identity is hidden in shadow. This begging Darien to find the seven Rainbow Crystals so that she can once more be free again.

Darien wakes up and for the first time bgins to wonder if he is in fact, Tuxedo Mask.

The next day at Crossroads Junior High, Serena is concerned for Molly who hasn't been to school since losing Nephlite. After class she meets up with Melvin and they both plan a little down time with Molly to try and cheer her up. Melvin boasts about all the new jokes he's found on the net and can't wait to use. Serena begins to suspect that he may be an alien.

In the Negaverse, Beryl tells Zoicite that she's pleased with her work retrieving the first Rainbow Crystal but now it's time to find the second. Zoicite agrees and activates the new tracking crystal which shows them both the image of a man who holds the second crystal. Zoicite departs.

That afternoon in Serena's bedroom, Serena and Melvin are trying their best to cheer up Molly who has been silent all afternoon. Suddenly she turns around and suggests that they all go outside as it's such a beautiful day. Serena's surprised but Molly tells her that it's about time for her to snap out of it.

At that moment over at Raye's temple, Raye, Luna, Amy and Lita are having a Sailor Scout meeting to re-evaluate their enemy and their mission. Luna tells the three Scouts the tale of the Rainbow Crystals and even though she doesn't know why the enemy wants them she tells everyone that they must get them before they do.

Luna also tells them that they can track the crystals with the Moon Wand which contains a tracking device for all the crystals. Raye is a bit sceptical over Luna's decision to give Serena the wand but Luna thinks that the extra responsibility will be good for her. Raye doesn't agree and even suggests that Serena shouldn't be the leader any more. Amy tries to be political but is pressured into revealing her true opinion with some foot pinching from Raye. Lita however stands up for Serena and calls her on her communicator to prove that she's capable of being the leader.
When Serena answers though she raves about how she can't make it to the meeting as she's going to see the new Sailor V movie with Molly and Melvin. Needless to say, Lita didn't win her case.

Serena, Molly and Melvin end up in Yokohama with some walking through Chinatown and past the Rainbow Bridge. Eventually, Molly says she needs some time alone and goes for a walk by herself. She ends up walking through a graveyard and comes across a priest who tells her that she isn't alone because he saw her with her friends earlier. This cheers Molly up but she doesn't have time to think any more on this as Zoicite appears and announces that this man has a Rainbow Crystal! She also recognises Molly from the other day and tells her how ironic it is that they should meet again in a graveyard.
Zoicite throws the tracking crystal forward and begins to remove the Rainbow Crystal from the priest's body. This one is orange.

Close by, Serena is walking with Luna when she realises that the Moon Wand in her bad is beeping. Luna explains to her that it means a Rainbow Crystal is close by so they both race in it's direction, transforming on the way.
When they arrive they see the Rainbow Crystal fly out of the priest's body and disappear! No-one saw where it went! Zoicite flies off to find it and leaves Sailor Moon and Molly to battle the newly awakened warrior of the Negaverse!

Suddenly the warrior takes aim at Molly and fires a power fist at her! She seems doomed until Melvin appears out of nowhere and pushes her out of the blast's way, saving her life!
The warrior then fires at Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask jumps in and saves her life. Just then Lita arrives (Amy and Raye had refused to come due to Serena's incompetence) and transforms into Sailor Jupiter and uses her Jupiter Thunder Bolt Crash attack to stun the enemy. Sailor Moon pulls out the Moon Wand and uses Moon Healing to heal the priest and return him to himself.

Elsewhere in the graveyard, Tuxedo Mask has found the orange Rainbow Crystal. Zoicite teleports away furious and nervous about what Queen Beryl will think.
Sailor Moon also finds something, the Star Locket which she assumes Tuxedo Mask must have dropped in the battle.

That night, Tuxedo Mask stands looking out over the ocean holding his Rainbow Crystal. As it glows he consciously de-transforms from Tuxedo Mask back into Darien, confirming that he is in fact both Darien and Tuxedo Mask.

In another part of Tokyo, Molly tells Serena that she's now okay as she realises that Nephlite is in her heart just like her closest friends. Lita who is looking on from afar tells Luna that Raye and Amy know that Serena is a good person and that they just need time.

Serena opens the Star Locket and listens to the music. Molly asks if it was a gift. Serena says it was.... from long ago.

Monster of the Day

Bobo the Vulture was the second Rainbow Crystal Warrior to be awoken in the present day. In addition to his wings, Bobo the Vulture had the ability to fire at least one of his fists at his targets. He was eventually healed by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Activation. His Rainbow Crystal was orange.

Interesting Facts

This episode marks the first appearance of the popular Sailor Moon accessory, the Moon Locket.

The show's very first detransformation appears in this episode featuring Tuxedo Mask. Detransformations almost never happen in the anime and are well worth mentioning as usually we don't find out how the characters get back to their civilian forms.

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