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Sailor Moon R: Follow the Leader

Episode 82

Sailor Moon R

Follow the Leader

Jap.89 "Usagi's Final Decision! Prologue to the New Battle!"

As the episode opens the girls are wondering who should be the leader of the Sailor Scouts as a montage of the all four Japanese opening credits for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R: Follow the Leader Sailor Moon R play together.

Luna says that no matter what, she thinks Sailor Moon should always be the leader. Serena thanks her and then tells everyone about these two new Sailor Scouts that she saw the other day. She thought they were the enemy but before she could do anything, they ran away.

Raye says that she must have scared them off and asks what else has been happening.

Serena then tells them about a dream she had of a dark base, a man who kind of looked like Melvin and a mysterious woman. Lita then says that she had a dream just like Sailor Moon R: Follow the Leader that and they all start to think that someone may be trying to communicate with them.

We clips of milestone episodes such as Luna giving Serena her first transformation item in A Moon Star is Born, the Cardian battle in Cherry Blossom Time and the big battle against the Sisters of Nemesis in Naught 'N' Nice.

Raye then tells them about the vision had with the whole world ending. She then twists this into her pitch to be leader and tells them about her good attributes by reminding her of her concert in Raye's Day in the Spotlight.

Sailor Moon R: Follow the Leader Lita then tells them that she deserves to be leader and tells her how great she was in the ice skating rink in Ice Princess. Mina tells them that she was great on that day as well, but Raye reminds them that her and Serena spent the whole time going ga-ga over the hot guy.

Mina then reminds them that she was a Sailor Scout long before they all knew what Sailor Scouts were! She tells them that she was a movie star and had her own computer Sailor Moon R: Follow the Leader games and dolls and that she's very popular and thinks about how she saved the day in Kindergarten Chaos.

Amy then tells them that maybe she should be the leader as she excels in battle plans and strategy. She then thinks about her battle with Birdy in Checkmate and her relationship with Greg in Mercury's Mental Match.

Serena then tells them that it's her turn to show her highlights as we're shown battle clips from The Past Returns, Day of Destiny Sailor Moon R: Follow the Leader and Final Battle.

Serena then says that it doesn't matter who's the best as they're all so much stronger when they work together as a team. They then all decide to decide the leader at a later date as the possible new enemy is obviously of more concern. Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, Luna and Artemis then all decide to go and get something to eat, together.

Interesting Facts

While Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Doctor Tomoe and Kaori Night all appear in this episode, it is actually footage being previewed from the following episode (the first episode of Sailor Moon S) making these four characters' first appearances rather complex. Personally I say their appearances here don't count as the whole episode is basically a clip show.

Sailor Moon R: Follow the Leader For a long time a lot of Sailor Moon fans (myself included) thought that this episode was made by DiC who adapted the show into English. This episode was however in the original airing on TV in Japan and is avaliable on the Japanese DVDs making it very much as much an episode as the others.

While no new footage was made for this episode, some of the footage seen in this episode may seem new to viewers of the English version such as several extended shots of Sailor Moon's battle with Queen Beryl that were edited out of the English version shown here in flashback as well as the four Japanese opening credits of the show (two from season one and two from the second) all running simultaneously on screen in the first few minutes.

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