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Sailor Moon R: Naughty 'N' Nice

Episode 61

Sailor Moon R

Naughty 'N' Nice

Jap.68 "Protect Chibi Usa! The Fierce Battle Between the 10 Warriors"

Serena and Darien are getting married! It's their wedding day and they're both walking down the aisle with all their friends and family watching.

Sailor Moon R: Naughty 'N' Nice As everyone begins to open bottles of champagne Serena wakes up and realises that it's just a dream and finds Rini once more in her bed.

Meanwhile in the UFO, Rubeus is having a meeting with Wise Man via hologram. Wiseman informs him that the crescent moon beam will appear today and that he must get ready so he can capture Rini and the crystal.

Sailor Moon R: Naughty 'N' Nice Wiseman that they need the crystal now more than ever as the battle in the future isn't going to well for them. Rubeus says that he thought they were winning but Wiseman tells him that they attempted an all out attack with their armada but they were stopped by a strong force field coming from the palace powered by four strong female warriors. Rubeus works out that these warriors must be the Sailor Scouts he's had troubles with in the present and decides to stop them once and for all.

Sailor Moon R: Naughty 'N' Nice Down below, Serena is stuck doing chores while Sammy watches and laughs. Serena tells him that if if he lets Rini sleep in his room she'll give him ten dollars. Unfortunately Rini hears this and runs away with Luna P.

Luna and Serena decide to split up and go searching for her. Luna manages to find her but just in time to see Birdsy and Catsy attack her. Luna attacks them both, giving Rini enough time to escape. Eventually Luna is defeated and Birdsy and Catsy leave to chase after Rini.

Sailor Moon R: Naughty 'N' Nice Amy, Lita, Mina, Raye and Artemis find the injured Luna who tells them that the Nega Moon is after Rini. The girls leave Artemis to look after Luna and run away to find her.

Serena meanwhile happens across Rini who is hiding in a construction site and talking to a mysterious woman via Luna P. Rini tells the woman that she wants to go home but the woman tells her that she's safer here in the past and that she has to complete her mission. She also tells her that she's a strong princess and that she has to put her trust in the Sailor Scouts who protect her in the future as well.

Sailor Moon R: Naughty 'N' Nice Hearing that Rini's a princess, Serena begins to ponder who her mother could be when the four sisters of the Nega Moon, Avery, Catsy, Birdsy and Prisma appear. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and confronts them. Luckily Sailor Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars show up to help her. A massive battle ensues as Stan Bush's She's Got the Power plays in the background.

Soon enough, Rubeus shows up to fight Sailor Moon one-on-one and blasts her several times with his energy blasts as she shields Rini with her body. Tuxedo Mask then shows up to lend a hand.

Sailor Moon R: Naughty 'N' Nice Sailor Moon then summons enough strength to use Moon Sceptre Elimination. Rubeus dodges the attack and realising they're evenly matched calls for a retreat.

Rini who finally realises that the Sailor Scouts are on her side runs to Sailor Moon and hugs her. She begins to cry.

Interesting Facts

The mysterious woman (i.e. Sailor Pluto) was obviously voiced by a different person this time around (i.e. NOT Luna's voice actress) most likely due to the producers realising that the woman isn't Luna in the future or Luna P itself talking to Rini.

The song, She's Got the Power was sung by Stan Bush who was behind all those great songs in the original Transformers: The Movie from the 80s!

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