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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Episode 7

Sailor Moon

An Uncharmed Life

Jap.10 "The cursed bus! The fighter of flame, Mars appears."

As the episode starts we see Queen Beryl summoning Jadeite and informing him that their energy levels are far below what they should be. She tells him that she wants the Imperium Silver Crystal as soon as possible and that he must not fail her again!

Sailor Moon: Serena, Molly and friends. In Tokyo, Serena and Luna run in to Amy and begin to catch up but are interrupted by several police cars with sirens blaring driving past. Just then, Molly and another schoolgirl friend run up to Serena and Amy and tell them that there's been another disappearance at the Cherry Hill Temple just up the road and that the police are trying to keep it quiet so people don't panic.
The girls want to check it out but Serena says that there's no way she'll go there now after hearing what's been happening. Molly mentions though that the temple apparently sells good luck charms that can help you get a boyfriend and grant other wishes and Serena quickly changes her mind. Amy asks them to get one for her as she has somewhere else to be.

Sailor Moon: Raye's grandpa and some schoolgirls. At the temple, a mysterious girl is praying to a fire wishing for protection and luck for herself, the temple and her grandfather. Outside Grandpa is trying to chat up three school girls who have just bought lucky charms for themselves from Jed, a worker at the temple. The old man asks them what they want and then proceeds to chant and perform a super protection chant for them which the girls initially bow out of respect and then run away giggling once he's finished, talking about what a weird man he is.

Sailor Moon: Serena, Molly and Luna meet Raye. At that moment, Serena, Molly and that other girl arrive at the lucky charm shop. Grandpa mistakes them for the same girls from before and asks them if they've come back for more. Luckily the mysterious girl from before comes over and tells the old man that he should wear his glasses as these girls are obviously not the same ones as before.

Unknown to them, Jed, the temple worker is really Jadeite! Jadeite activates the "lucky charms" he had just sold girls which proceeds to drain their energy as they leave the temple. The mysterious girl tells them all that she senses an evil presence and throws an anti-evil charm at Serena, knocking her off her feet and stunning her completely.

Sailor Moon: Raye attacks Serena Later on, Raye and the other girls are watching over the sleeping Serena. Jed enters and gives them some tea that he made and quickly leaves. Molly and her friend quickly start asking who he is as he's so damn hot. Suddenly, Serena wakes up and immediately starts asking where the hot guys is. Raye tells them that his name's Jed and that he's a new worker at the temple.

Before they can talk any more, a middle aged woman barges in and demands to know where her daughter is. She tells Raye that she was told her daughter was coming here after school and now she hasn't seen her since! Raye tells her that the temple gets lots of visitors every day and that they can't make sure that every single one of them gets to the bus stop safely. The woman is furious at hearing this but Raye simply asks her to leave as she can't do anything about her problem.

Sailor Moon: The Negabus That afternoon, Serena, Luna and Amy decide to investigate the bus stop to find out how everyone is disappearing. Luna has a strong suspicion that the Negaverse is behind all this.
As they reach the bus stop they notice that all the school girls at the stop (no school boys?) are wearing the same charms that Jed was selling and that they all look zoned out. Suddenly the bus (66) pulls up and all the girls get on. Luna tells Amy and Serena to get on but Serena has a look at the driver and becomes too scared of her and stays on the sidewalk. Amy stays with her. Before they can get Serena on, the bus takes off and begins to fly into the sky and disappear through a black hole portal!

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars' transformation pen. Serena and Luna decide to go ask Raye some questions about the bus but when they meet up with her she tells them that the temple and everyone here doesn't have anything to do with the bus. It's not theirs at all. This surprises Serena and Luna and they leave, but no before Luna can leave Raye a parting present, a Sailor Scout transformation pen! Raye picks it up and is immediately interested in it.
Moments later, Raye decides to go to her sacred fire and pray for a vision as to what's going on. She's beginning to suspect that Jed may be involved in everything that's going on. Suddenly Jed enters and offers her some tea. She tells him that she's busy and that she doesn't want tea now. As he leaves, Raye notices how cold and empty his eyes are.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon in Moon Disguise Serena and Luna decide to check out the bus one more time. Serena begins to panic again and refuses to get on the bus. Luna suggests that she use the disguise pen. Serena uses Moon Disguise Power and transforms into a stewardess and boards the bus. Serena and Luna immediately see that all the passengers are passed out and demand the driver to stop. It's too late however as the driver drives the bus right into the black hole.
On the ground, Amy who had arrived late screams for them to stop but she's too late and they disappear.

In the temple, Raye confronts Jed about being in on all the disappearances. Jed confesses and then captures Raye and takes her to the other dimension where Serena and Luna now are before disappearing himself to leave the bus driver, a Negamonster to deal with them all.

Sailor Moon: Raye awakens as Sailor Mars. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and uses her Moon Tiara Magic attack to trap the villain. Under all the pressure, Raye begins to awaken as Sailor Mars with the Mars symbol shining brightly on her forehead. Luna tells Raye to transform into Sailor Mars just as the Negamonster breaks free of Sailor Moon's tiara. Raye transforms and immediately uses Mars Fire Ignite which completely destroys their captor.

With the bad guy destroyed though, the black hole portal begins to close! Luckily, Amy, on the other side summons her Mercury power to keep it open as Tuxedo Mask (appearing out of nowhere) drives all the buses full of school girls back through the portal to safety. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Luna hitch a ride.

As they land, Tuxedo Mask disappears and Sailor Moon who had seen Sailor Mars look at Tuxedo Mask accuses her of trying to steal Tuxedo Mask from her. Mars simply tells her that if he liked her back he would have stuck around.

Unknown to them, Jadeite is watching them from above and is furious over his defeat and moreso over the fact that a third Sailor Scout has awoken.

Sailor Moon: A Moon Tiara special moment.

Monster of the Day

The monster of the day today is pretty generic showing no special ability or skills other than morphing and the ability to make the buses fly through the portal. It is possible that the black hole portals were created by her though that is really left up to interpretation.
It is notable however to mention that this is the first monster of the day to be killed my a Sailor Scout other than Sailor Moon who usually finishes the monsters off after they are weakened by the other Sailor Scouts.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Mars' first attack, Mars Fire Ignite premieres in this episode!

This episode gives us our first look at Raye a.k.a. Sailor Mars and her grandfather who seems to just go by the name, "Grandpa". Some other cool characters (who get a much expanded role in the manga) introduced in this episode are Raye's crows, Phoebos and Daemos.

The real life hill where the bus disappears in this episode is in fact a real location in Tokyo, Japan and apparently has many ghost stories associated with it.

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