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Sailor Moon R: Final Battle

Episode 81

Sailor Moon R

Final Battle

Jap.88 "Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! Pledging our Love to the Future"

With everything having fallen into place, Wiseman begins to open the Dark Gate.

Sailor Moon R: Final Battle On the dark crystal platform, Wicked Lady confronts the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask. They all try to reason with her and remind her that she's a good girl and they all love her but nothing seems to work. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask ask her to remember all the fun they had together which causes her to weaken her will a little bit but Wiseman boosts his focus on her and she turns back to evil again.

Sailor Moon then decides to use the Imperium Silver Crystal. She opens her Moon Locket and removes it. As the bright light spreads from the crystal, Neo Queen Serenity's body in the future begins to glow.

Sailor Moon R: Final Battle In the present, everyone is shocked to see Sailor Moon has now transformed into Neo Queen Serenity! She begins to talk with her daughter about what's wrong. Wicked Lady recalls that moment when she fell over and Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion wouldn't help her up. Serenity explains that she wasn't hurt by her fall and if they had helped her up, she would have cried after everything and never done anything for herself. She explains as parents they couldn't reward such behaviour and that they did i because the loves her.

Wicked Lady realises that she misunderstood. The light of the Imperium Silver Sailor Moon R: Final Battle Crystal engulfs them both and when it clears, Wicked Lady is Rini once more.

Wiseman then appears and threatens to destroy them all. Sailor Moon stands up and tells him that she won't let that happen and activates the Imperium Silver Crystal once more. The Sailor Scouts tell her that she's not strong enough yet but she's determined to finish this fight once and for all.

As Sailor Moon transforms into Neo Queen Serenity once more, Rini begins to cry in Tuxedo Mask's arms that all of this is her fault. As she's crying, the missing Sailor Moon R: Final Battle Imperium Silver Crystal that she had made disappear in the future appears! Rini then realises that when she touched it, it didn't disappear, it went inside her body!

Rini then grabs the crystal and tells Tuxedo Mask that she has to help Sailor Moon and take responsibility for what she has done. Tuxedo Mask tells her that it's too dangerous but eventually agrees. Sailor Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury join them as well.

Rini begins to float up as she transforms into her princess form. She and Neo Queen Serenity yell out "Moon Crystal Power" as all the Sailor Scouts summon the powers of Sailor Moon R: Final Battle their respective planets.

Rini and Neo Queen Serenity command the Wiseman to go away as a bright pink light engulfs them all.

As the light clears, Wiseman is gone and Sailor Moon and Rini lie unconscious on the ground. Sailor Moon wakes up and checks on Rini who soon wakes up as well. They all hug each other.

Slowly the huge dark crystal begins to shrink and disappear, closing the Dark Gate.

Luna and Artemis who had been watching from afar are relieved.

The next day, Rini decides to return to the future and says her goodbyes to Amy, Sailor Moon R: Final BattleRaye, Mina and Lita. She finds it hard to say farewell to Serena though and the two begin to cry and just hug each other.

Rini holds the Time Key and in a flash of light is gone. Darien tells Serena that it's just goodbye for now and not forever.

In the future, Rini runs towards her parents and the four Sailor Scouts. She curtsies and then begins to cry and hugs Neo Queen Serenity.

Neo Queen Serenity congratulates Rini on saving their entire world and welcomes her home.

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