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Sailor Mars

Civilian Name: Rei Hino (Japanese & new English), Raye Hino (original English).

School: T.A. Private Girls' Academy.

Other Forms: coming soon with future volumes of the manga.

Items: Ofuda (paper charms), Transformation Pen, Communicator.

Attacks: Evil Spirits Disperse.

First Manga Appearance: Act 3 (New Manga #1) / Act 3 (Original Manga #1).

See Also: anime - musicals - live action

Due to her father's busy political career, Rei was left to be raised by her grandfather at the Hikawa Shrine in Azabu Juban.

From a very young age, Rei discovered that she had extra sensory powers that allowed her to sense objects and people and on occasion see visions of the future. Eventually she became the shrine's miko (shrine maiden), giving her the opportunity to further use her mysterious abilities which soon became well known in the area.

Unfortunately though, when Rei was unable to help locate several missing children who had disappeared in the area (unknown to her, kidnapped by Jadeite of the Dark Kingdom) a lot of people became angry with her and even begun to suspect that she was behind the disappearances.

As fate would have it, during this crisis Rei soon met Usagi, Ami and Luna who had heard about her abilities and beauty.

Strangely as soon as Usagi entered the shrine's grounds, Rei's guardian crows Phobos and Deimos attacked Usagi possibly sensing a special aura around her yet not knowing who she really was (or maybe they were just being extra protective). Rei also seemed to sense her presence and attacked her with her normal version of "Evil Spirits Disperse" which knocked Usagi off her feet.

She immediately apologised though and she helped Usagi with her investigation.

Rei's own investigation into the disappearances led to her own kidnapping by Jadeite (both unaware of their history). Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury soon came to her rescue with the following battle resulting in Rei awakening as the warrior of fire and passion, Sailor Mars, summoning Phobos and Deimos to the pocket dimension where she had been taken and killing Jadeite with her now much more powerful "Evil Spirits Disperse" attack.

Despite being slightly inconvenienced by awakening as Sailor Mars (though this could have been an act), she quickly became an active member of the Sailor Guardians and despite going to the elite private T.A. Private Girls' Academy, a close friend of Usagi, Luna, Ami and Makoto who would soon also join them as Sailor Jupiter.

More information to be added with each manga release....

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