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The cover for the first Sailor Moon S DVD is really well designed! The front features a great picture of Sailor Moon (after her new Cosmic power up) holding her new Heart Moon Rod with the English Sailor Moon logo, now with a red metallic "S", on the bottom all held nicely in a pink cosmic star border.

Sailor Moon S Heart Collection 1 DVD Reverse Cover Image The back cover continues the colour scheme from the front and features a brief description of the episodes on this disk along with their names surrounded by a good selection of images from the series.

As an added bonus the cover comes with a reversible alternate cover featuring Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter against a green and blue cosmic background. The back has an image of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion in a valley of roses with a picture of Sailor Moon holding her rod impossed above them.

The Menus

The DVD loads up with the famous Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack animation and pauses Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 1: Main Menu Screencap Imagehalfway through as the menu appears around Sailor Moon's form.

Because they've used an actual clip from the show as the background image the resolution isn't very good at all and especially doesn't hold up when you have to look at it frozen. To Pioneer's credit though they added some nice shooting star effects, the crystal clear Sailor Moon S English logo to the top left corner of the screen and a very cool hear framed Sailor Moon transformation animation. The heart and crescent moon icons is also a nice touch.

Clicking on any of the menu options plays a short 3 second or so clip of the attack before being taken to the menu of your choice.

Each menu also features a still image of Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 1: Chapter Select Screencap Imagewith the exception of the Scene Access menu that shows an image of Serena / Usagi and Darien / Mamoru from one of the episodes on the disk.

Speaking of Scene Access, while the other menus are straight forward the Scene Access is rather confusing with one menu dedicated to each episode and with each chapter randomly placed around the screen. One simply can't scroll with the directional pad on the DVD player control. You have to make sure you read the labels properly. It's also a bit confusing how the background image doesn't change to reflect the episode. It is fast loading though.

The Special Features

Having 6 DVDs for the Sailor Moon S season I didn't expect them to pack heaps onto each release. What we get here though is fun but pretty minimal Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 1: Special Features Menu Screencap Imagebut also kind of what I expected.

There's a "Sailor Gallery" that has information on Sailor Moon and several rather rare anime images of her character design, her rod and her new Cosmic Heart Compact and Imperium Silver Crystal which is fun and a karaoke version of the opening credits.

The Episodes

This first Sailor Moon S DVD features a whopping seven episodes (Talk about value for money!) that quickly introduce the new villains, allies and powers for this new third season of the anime.

All the episodes on this DVD, and throughout the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS series, are "uncut" which means that while they feature the same English audio form the tv version, all the funky transitions no longer exist and the original Japanese episode titles are used. Visually no footage is cut though strangely the next episode previews are missing. Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD 1: Subtitle & Audio Menu Screencap Image It is worth noting though that on the Japanese DVDs, these previews are counted as special features and not part of the episode so it's not really a big deal and isn't missed at all.

Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Warriors (Star Struck, Bad Luck), the first episode is a really good Sailor Mars episode that focuses on her dreams and wishes for the future. The Death Busters, Daimons as well as Sailor Uranus and Neptune all premiere here making this a must see episode. Be warned though that Sailor Moon's new English voice actress may seem very jarring at first though it does grow on you.

The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation (Crystal Clear Again) really takes things up a notch as Sailor Moon gets her new attack and transformation and A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenoh (Driving Dangerously) continues the series evolution as Sailor Uranus and Neptune premiere their civilian identities in one of the better animated episodes of the season that also ranks up as one of the funniest.

Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius, Michiru (Bad Harmony) continues Uranus and Neptune's interaction with the girls and quickly establishes their relationships with each other.

Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle (Swept Off Her Feet) on the other hand begins to challenge those relationships and also establishes just how serious the Death Busters' attacks can potentially be as Andrew's sister becomes a victim and Neptune and Uranus are willing to let her die for the sake of their mission.

Leave it to the Moon for Love Aid (Blinded By Love's Light) reintroduces fan favourite characters Molly and Melvin for what is one of their final appearances in the Sailor Moon anime. The episode rings true for both characters and fans will love just how much screentime they're both given.

Cold Hearted Uranus? Makoto in Trouble (Lita Borrows Trouble) finishes the DVD on a rather serious note as Sailor Jupiter clashes with Sailor Uranus both emotionally and physically and really sends home the fact that just because the girls are all Sailor Soldiers doesn't mean they have to fight together.

Overall this is a DVD well worth purchasing. It has both Japanese and Audio, is uncut and features a massive episode count. If you can find this anywhere, grab it now!

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