Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past

Episode 190

Sailor Stars

The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past

Amara, Michelle and Trista have summoned Taiki and Yaten to a confrontation. They three of them transform in real-time in front of them. Yaten and Taiki are not surprised by their identities and transform themselves.

Super Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto demand that the Sailor Starlights stay away from Sailor Moon. Sailor Star Healer and Star Maker don't like being told what to do and they all begin to exchange angry words, before preparing themselves for a fight.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past Seiya arrives on the rooftop and tells everyone to stop and that he'll stay away from Sailor Moon and Serena.

The next day at school Serena is very depressed over Seiya being injured in the previous episode. On her way home, Amy and Lita try to cheer her up by suggesting going to Crown or even to her house to cook a cake together but nothing works. Mina then arrives and gives Serena a pamphlet about the Three Lights' new concert. She tells Serena that she must want to see if Seiya is okay and if she goes to the concert she can see for herself. This cheers Serena right up.

She she gets home she calls the Three Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past Lights but gets Yaten and Taiki who tell Serena Seiya doesn't want to see her. Serene goes and talks to Amy, Mina, Lita, Raye, Luna and Artemis at Raye's temple. Amara, Michelle and Trista show up and tell Serena that she can't trust the Sailor Starlights and that she should stay away from them. Serena tells them that they're Sailors just like them but Trista, Amara and Michelle remind her that the enemy are also Sailor Soldiers and that this war they're fighting is between Sailor Soldiers and that for right now they can only really trust those from their own planet.

Serena yells at them all to stay out of her affairs and runs home. Luna runs after her and asks her to understand why the others said what they did. Serena then gets a quick phone call from Seiya who asks her to come to the concert and listen to the song he's going to sing. Luna smiles and tells her she should go.

When Serena gets to the concert she sees that all the tickets are sold out. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past While looking around for an option though she sees the ferris wheel nearby and decides to watch the concert from there.

On stage Taiki and Yaten suggest that they cancel the concert due to Seiya's condition but Seiya tells them that he wants to go on. They begin the concert and Seiya immediately begins scanning the audience for Serena. Eventually he sees a shining light from the ferris wheel and realises it's Serena's broach.

They begin singing. Serena happily listens to the song but realises that something is different about the way Seiya is singing. Suddenly she has a vision of being in space surrounded by numerous dead planets. Seiya's voice tells her that Galaxia has destroyed all of these planets and has travelled throughout the galaxy collecting all the Star Seeds, especially those true ones who possess the power of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past the planets. He explains that Galaxia attacked their planet and destroyed it. Luckily their last hope, their princess was able to escape and soon after he, Yaten and Taiki were able to follow her.

Serena then sees a blurred image of their princess and comments on how her energy is so warm.

Serena suddenly snaps out of the vision just as the Three Lights finish their song. Suddenly Seiya collapses on stage.

Nearby his manager gets the call about the collapses and runs to the hall. He's stopped though by Sailor Lead Crow in her civilian form. She introduces herself and presents her business card to him. He ignores her however and continues running to the concert hall. Lead Crow smiles and whispers to the deceased Sailor Aluminum Siren that she knew there was no point in making the introductions. She then discards her clothes and attacks the manager, removing his Star Seed. She looks hopefully at the crystal but it turns black. Sailor Lead Crow leads in frustration as Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past the manager transforms into the Phage, Sailor Amuse.

Elsewhere Seiya has recovered and snuck away from Yaten and Taiki to find Serena. He finds her and Serena holds him up. They're quickly interrupted though by the Phage. Seiya pulls out his Sailor Change Star but Serena tells him he can't fight in his condition and tells him she will fight in his place. She transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Amuse fires numerous explosive balloon projectiles at her and Seiya. Sailor Moon tries to protect him as much as she can. As the Phage fires another group of balloons they're all destroyed by a Pluto Deadly Scream attack.

Sailor Moon and Seiya look up and see Super Sailor Pluto joined by Super Sailor Uranus and Neptune. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past Sailor Uranus tells Sailor Moon that they didn't do this for Seiya. Sailor Neptune fires a Neptune Deep Submerge, destroying another attack by the Phage. Sailor Uranus then destroys the big red balloon on Sailor Amuse's back with Uranus Space Sword Blaster which weakens it severely. Eternal Sailor Moon then heals him with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

Taiki and Yaten arrive and pull the injured Seiya away. Seiya thanks Serena for everything she did today. Sailor Moon moves to run after them but Sailor Uranus holds her wrist.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past

Monster of the Day

Sailor Amuse was quite strong and had massive explosive balloon attack projectiles. He was defeated by Eternal Sailor Moon.

Interestingly he bares more than a massing resemblance to several Lemres from Sailor Moon SuperS though is most definitely not related to them due to him being a Phage.

Interesting Facts

During Serena's vision, several evil Sailor Soldiers can be seen attacking people. These miscellaneous Sailors were never given names or backgrounds and are simply left up to fan interpretations.

Sailor Uranus's Uranus Space Sword Blaster featured a new animation in this episode and unlike previous times it dealt one powerful blow.

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