Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave

Episode 191

Sailor Stars

When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave

Chibi Chibi is walking by herself and senses something. She leaps into the air and teleports to another place, transforming into Sailor Chibi Chibi. She sees several glowing red butterflies similar to the ones that accompanied Super Sailor Moon during her first powerup.

Sailor Chibi Chibi finds an urn with a strong power within it. Elsewhere the Three Lights sense this energy and recognise it as their princess. Sailor Galaxia also senses this energy. Sailor Tin Nyanko asks Galaxia if she's okay but Galaxia tells her to stop talking and to go and get a Star Seed.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave In Tokyo, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina call a depressed Serena and invite her to a computer game convention. Serena tells them she's not up for it though and decides to stay home. The girls discuss how the Three Lights really need to be made aware of how depressed this situation has made Serena. Amy tells the others that she had emailed Taiki via the Three Lights' home page but she hasn't gotten a reply yet.

They all head over to Amy's place where they check her email. Still no reply. Lita wonders if sending emails to websites is really worth while. The girls then discover an advertisment for the convention they were thinking about before and see that Taiki is a performer! The four decide to dress up in cosplay to get close to Taiki and talk.

On the day of the convention Raye, Mina and Lita are Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave in full on cosplay mode while a shy Amy hesitates to change. After lots of pressure from her friends though she changes. They hear that Taiki himself will present the award to the winner of the fighting game tournament so they all try to win. Lita, Raye and Mina are quickly defeated while Amy manages to fly through and win!

She gets up on stage. As Taiki hands her the trophy and realises who she is, Amy tells him they need to talk.

They both go back stage and Amy tries her best to convince him to get along with Sailor Moon and says that out of the Three Lights he is the one that she thought would most understand. Their conversation is interrupted by one of the idols at the convention, Reiko Kanagawa who is having her Star Seed taken by Sailor Lead Crow. It turns black though and she transforms into the Phage, Sailor Gamer.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave Super Sailor Mercury confronts her and fires a water attack at her (that looks like a Mercury Aqua Mirage water ball projectile). Sailor Gamer retaliates with several tornado attacks and beats Sailor Mercury up pretty badly. Sailor Mercury attacks with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody but it's no use.

Taiki simply looks on and calmly walks away.

Luckily Super Sailor Jupiter arrives and saves her with Jupiter Oak Evolution. Raye and Mina also arrive but are still in their cosplay outfits. They seem to really be enjoying the experience while Sailor Jupiter is slightly embarrassed.

Sailor Gamer attacks them all.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave Elsewhere Taiki tells Seiya and Yaten about Amy. Seiya can't believe he just left her like that and asks both Taiki and Yaten what their princess would do if she were here. Seiya runs to help Amy. Taiki thinks about what Amy says and runs to help. Yaten can't believe what he's seeing but runs along with them.

Chibi Chibi meanwhile has taken the urn she found earlier to Serena's bedroom. Serena smells the scent coming from it and suddenly cheers up and decides to go to the convention and catch up with her friends.

At the convention, Sailor Mercury refuses to give up and suddenlySailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave her gem on her tiara glows and she's surrounded by an icy mist. Just as she looks ready to attack with a powerful Mercury Aqua Mirage attack Sailor Star Maker, who just arrived with Sailor Star Fighter and Star Healer, beats her to it by attacking Sailor Gamer with Star Gentle Uterus which damages the Phage severely.

Eternal Sailor Moon then appears in the doorway. Sailor Star Fighter asks Sailor Moon to lend them her power. Sailor Moon heals the Phage with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

Soon after outside they all talk. Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave and the Inners thank the Sailor Starlights for their help and they all agree to get along. Amy and Taiki look at each other knowingly. Seiya catches this exchange and thinks about something. Serena takes Chibi Chibi's hand (who had most likely come to the convention with her earlier) and they walk home so as to not upset her mother. As they walk past Taiki, he catches the scent of his princess coming from the two and wonders why they have the same smell.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave

Monster of the Day

Sailor Gamer was a super powerful Phage who had powerful wing, water and lightening attacks. She could also fly and most likely would have defeated Sailor Mercury had others not come to her aid. She was defeated though by Eternal Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

Interesting Facts

Super Sailor Mercury appeared to use the rare attack, Mercury Aqua Mirage once offscreen in this episode and also looked like she was about t perform it fully before being interrupted by Sailor Star Maker. For more information on this rare and very cool attack, check out the Mercury Aqua Mirage page in the Attack Guide.

A rather cute little in joke in this episode were Chibi Chibi's slippers which had the name "Chibi 2" written on them.

The phone Lita called Serena on had the logo "MTT" on it. This was an obvious reference to the huge Japanese phone company NTT.

There definitely seemed to be some Sailor Moon Musical fans involved behind the scenes in this episode. Not only was the boy Amy fought with first wearing a t-shirt that read "We Love ANZA" but the first musical Sailor Moon, ANZA and the first Sailor Mercury, Ayako Morino actually made an appearance as themselves dressed in the same clothes they wore for the song "Just Combination". You can watch them on YouTube here.

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