Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers

Episode 170

Sailor Stars

The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers

Nehelenia has captured Darien and taken him through a mirror to her own dimension. She tells the Sailor Soldiers that if they can't rescue him by the next dawn, his heart will be hers forever. She disappears.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers Suddenly Sailor Mini Moon begins to flash out of existence and finally de-transforms back into her civilian form. Sailor Saturn runs up to her.

Later on at Raye's temple Trista tells them all, while Rini is resting, that the future has been changed and that if Darien isn't rescued then the future king and queen will not have a daughter.

Serena is shocked at this and becomes determined to save Darien and Rini. She stands up and begins to cry. Her tears splash on her Crisi Moon Compact, transforming it once more into the Eternal Moon Article. She transforms immediately into Eternal Sailor Moon and begins to float upwards towards the sky. Raye sees what she's about to do and runs up to her. She dives for Sailor Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers Moon's legs but misses and crashes onto the ground. Sailor Moon flies up and disappears, teleporting by herself to where Darien is.

Everyone looks on in shock. Hotaru steps forward and tells everyone that they should go help her for they have a duty as Sailor Soldiers. Rini stands in the doorway and says that she'll come too.

Moments later, all transformed, they stand in a circle. Luna, Artemis and Diana wish them luck and tell them to save their king and queen.

They all perform the Sailor Teleport and disappear.

They appear in another dimension. Sailor Mini Moon begins to flash out of existence Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers once more. Sailor Saturn squeezes her hand and tells her not to worry.

Elsewhere Queen Nehelenia has watched Serena arrive in her world and has trapped her in a snowy dimension untransformed. She then notices all the others and becomes furious. She throws her wine glass at one of her mirrors which shatters and magically repairs itself and sends the shards of glass to the Sailors.

The shards fly towards the girls. Uranus yells out not to let go as Nehelenia wants them to be separated but as the shards hot them they're all forced apart and are each sent to random dimensions.

Sailor Uranus is sent to an old Earth-like dimension with old ruins. Suddenly she hears someone behind her and turns to see Sailor Mercury.

Mercury tells her that she's been using her computer to work out where they are but hasn't been able to find anything. Uranus says that she's going to look around and runs off. Mercury tries to keep up but just isn't fast enough.

Mercury then remembers when she was a young girl and that she didn't have time for netball practice after Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers school with her friends due to cram school schedule. Due to this she could never keep up.

Meanwhile Uranus is surprised that Mercury can't run as fast as she can and then realises that all this time Neptune had just been able to keep up with her.

They both reach the top of a hill and are shocked to see that the scenery is simply looped as if space is repeating itself.

Uranus tells Mercury that they should keep walking and look for a way out but Mercury says that that's what Nehelenia wants, for them to be lost and exhausted.

Queen Nehelenia then appears behind them. Sailor Uranus attacks with Uranus World Shaking but Nehelenia simply sends it back at her. Mercury tries with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody but the same happens.

Mercury realises then that she has her own way of fighting and remembers that while she had no time for netball practice she did have time to create winning strategies for the team and that planning and strategy is her way of fighting.

She stands up and begins scanning the area with her computer. Nehelenia zaps her continuously with her black lightning but Mercury stands still with her computer. Uranus doesn't understand why she doesn't fight back. Mercury tells her thatSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers she hasn't got all the data she needs yet.

Nehelenia thinks to herself how much she hates those eyes that Mercury is making. Those eyes full of determination.

Uranus stands up and blocks the lightning with her body. Mercury's computer then gives her the answer. She tells Uranus to aim for the Moon. Uranus attacks it with Uranus World Shaking which shatters the entire illusion. They now find themselves in a black void and the "Nehelenia" reverts back to a Mirror Palais Dolly. Uranus destroys it with her Space Sword.

All of a sudden two mirrors appear behind Sailor Uranus and Mercury. One after the other Nehelenia pulls them into the mirrors, capturing them. She then promises to defeat them all one by one.

Usagi meanwhile is lost in her snow Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers world and walking barefoot in the snow screaming out Darien's name.

Elsewhere Mars and Neptune have been paired up in a forest dimension. Each of them is using their own psychic powers to find the way out. They both end up deciding on different directions but Mars gives in and goes Neptune's way, commenting to herself that Serena would have gone with her. Neptune says that Raye and Serena are close, just like her and Amara. Raye tells her it's not quite the same thing.

Sailor Neptune stops running and says that she senses something up ahead... Nehelenia.

Interesting Facts

This episode was the first time Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and Mini Moon had performed the Sailor Teleport in the anime. It's also the first time it had been done without Sailor Moon, something thought impossible up until now. It's also worth noting that Eternal Sailor Moon managed to teleport herself in this episode.

There is a brief shot of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion lying unconscious together in this episode. This is the only time we see the future in Sailor Stars. What's more this shot is taken directly from the last few chapters of the Sailor Stars manga arc where the future has a much larger role where we are shown several characters lying unconscious due to the past being changed.

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