Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru (Darien) Trapped in a Nightmare

Episode 169

Sailor Stars

The Cursed Mirror! Darien (Mamoru) Trapped in a Nightmare

Hotaru, Trista, Amara and Michelle are watching a news report about a massive illness that's sweeping the nation that involves a lack of energy and involves mirrors. Hotaru senses something evil is coming and Michelle sees a quick vision of Nehelenia holding Darien in her mirror (though doesn't realise what it is).

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru (Darien) Trapped in a Nightmare At school, Mina and Serena are running late for their first class. As they reach their homeroom door Serena stops to tell a male student who's staring at his own reflection to hurry up but Mina drags Serena away.

Lita and Amy greet the two girls but tell them their first period is "homeroom" as all the teachers are in a meeting to discuss this new "illness". The girls then see a girl standing in the hallway looking at her compact.

Serena decides to investigate and borrows her mirror to see what's so interesting about it. Suddenly a black energy begins to form and leaps out at Serena's face! Lita runs up to her and knocks the mirror out of her hand, breaking it. The girl becomes depressed andSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru (Darien) Trapped in a Nightmare kneels on the floor with a vacant look on her face.

Serena realises that Darien had the same look and wonders if he has this "illness" as well and decides to go check on him.

At Darien's apartment one of Darien's friends is knocking on his door but walks away, assuming he's not home. Serena walks up to the door and reveals her own key to his apartment. She enters and is shocked to see all the mirrors scattered about the place.

She finds Darien admiring his reflection and walks up to him accidentally stepping on another mirror and breaking it. Darien kneels by it and touches the cracks, cutting himself.

Serena holds his finger but Darien yells at her and pulls his hand away. He suddenly apologises and tells her that he hasn'tSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru (Darien) Trapped in a Nightmare been himself lately and tells her that he needs rest. Serena leaves, concerned.

She meets up with Amy, Raye, Lita, Rini and Mina at Raye's temple at sunset and tells them what she saw. Rini begins to panic as she thinks Darien has the illness all the other people have. Raye realises that everything that's happened recently is related to mirrors.

Hotaru and Trista then arrive. Hotaru tells them of her vision that the princess will be covered in darkness. Trista tells them that Darien is in danger and that they all need to go save him. They all transform and go to meet Uranus and Neptune who are outside Darien's Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru (Darien) Trapped in a Nightmareapartment fighting off dozens of Mirror Palais Dollies.

Sailor Uranus attacks them with Uranus Space Sword Blaster and Neptune with Neptune Submarine Reflection but the Dollies keep rebuilding themselves.

Sailor Pluto destroys them with Pluto Deadly Scream and joins them with SaturnSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru (Darien) Trapped in a Nightmare while Sailor Moon and the others go and find Darien.

Sailor Moon presses the elevator button but when the doors open, they're attacked by more dollies. Jupiter quickly destroys them with Jupiter Oak Evolution.

They all begin running up the stairs when Moon stops and tells them she's just realised who's behind all this... Nehelenia! They run faster and finally bust into Darien's apartment to find him in a trance staring at his own reflection.

Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus now join them.

Sailor Moon goes to talk to Darien but he slaps her, knocking her to the ground. Mini Moon yells at Darien but he doesn't respond.

Suddenly Queen Nehelenia appears in the mirror and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Cursed Mirror! Mamoru (Darien) Trapped in a Nightmaretells Sailor Moon that she is getting her revenge on her for laughing at her in the sunshine while she was sealed in the mirror. Sailor Moon yells out that she never laughed at her but Nehelenia isn't listening. reaches her hands out of the mirror and begins to pull Darian into it.

Sailor Moon asks everyone for their help. Sailor Venus commands everyone to give their power to Sailor Moon. They all do so, enabling Moon to power up to Eternal Sailor Moon. She destroys all the Dollies but quickly begins to weaken and collapses back in her Super form.

Nehelenia laughs and pulls Darien completely into the mirror and walks away with him in her own dimension.

Super Sailor Moon screams out for her to stop.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Uranus and Neptune's secondary attacks, Uranus Space Sword Blaster and Neptune Submarine Reflection both received new animations in this episode than that used in the SuperS Movie most likely due to both characters now having Super forms. This was also the first time these two attacks had been used in the anime tv series.

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