Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen

Episode 167

Sailor Stars

The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen

Doctor Tomoe, still in the nursing home is looking after his baby daughter, Hotaru. Suddenly as baby Hotaru is looking at the falling cherry blossom petals she sees a vision of Neo Queen Serenity who transforms into the new ultimate form of Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen Eternal Sailor Moon tells her that she is a Sailor born from the power of love alone and that she is eternal.

Hotaru smiles happily at the vision. Doctor Tomoe, unaware of her vision picks her up. Their happiness is interrupted by the arrival of Trista Meioh who announces that she has come back to take Hotaru.

Elsewhere Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina are all dressed up in their high school uniforms. Lita finally has the same uniform as Mina, Serena and Amy but Raye, who still goes to her private girls school, has a different uniform.

They all talk about how hard their high school entrance exams were and mention that Raye had it easy as her high school was connected to her previous school.

They meet up with Darien, Diana and Rini. Rini tells them Amy, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen Raye, Mina and Lita that today she's returning to the future.

Meanwhile Queen Nehelenia who had been sealed in the previous episode is enjoying her eternity with beautiful. Her peace is interrupted though by a mysterious female voice who shatters her seal and frees her forever. She tells her that those she had thought destroyed are alive and well and shows her Serena and the others seeing Rini off.

Queen Nehelenia becomes more and more furious and becomes so angry that her very own Dream Mirror bursts from her body.

The voice explains that this mirror embodies her soul and that by breaking it she will be given the power to defeat her enemies once and for all. Nehelenia holds it and shatters the mirror into thousands of tiny Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen pieces which sprinkle down over Tokyo.

The falling shards of glass give the illusion of shooting stars. Rini, Serena, Darien and the others look at them in awe but are quickly shocked when they realise they're interrupting with Rini's space time portal, forcing it to close. They all assume that it's just the power of the shooting stars and that she can try to open the portal again once the event's over.

While looking at the stars, one of the shards of glass falls into Darien's eye. He winces in pain. When Serena looks at him, his eye flickers gold but quickly returns to normal. They assume it's just dust.

In another part of Tokyo, Amara and Michelle are back in town and spending time Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen together at an aquarium. As they go out onto the rooftop the see all the "shooting stars". Michelle tells Amara that she's been having a strange feeling lately but Amara tells her that if her mirror doesn't detect anything then it can't be that big.

Suddenly a man behind them starts screaming. A shard of the mirror had hit him. One piece also hits Amaras hand. Michelle manages t suck it out thought before it transforms into a monster, a Mirror Palais Dolly! All around them the Mirror Palais Dollies appear from the fallen shards of glass and surround them.

Luckily Sailor Pluto arrives and fights the off with a Pluto Deadly Scream attack. Amara and Michelle are shocked to see her Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen holding Hotaru and ask her why she has her.

The Mirror Palais Dollies begin to reform from the glass shards though so Pluto puts Hotaru down the the garden and commands them to transform into Sailor Uranus and Neptune. They do so and begin to fight but they're quickly overpowered.

All of a sudden a Mirror Palais Dolly charges at Uranus and throws them both over the edge of the building. Neptune grabs Uranus' hand and saves her while the Dolly falls.

Unable to move, they hear Pluto screaming. She's been captured and one of the Dollies is about to attack baby Hotaru! Suddenly Hotaru wakes up and releases a powerful burst of pink energy.

Pluto, Uranus and Neptune then find themselves floating Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen in semi-transformed state in a kind of limbo. They begin to sense a new power seeping into them as their planetary symbols appear on their foreheads. A golden wave moves over them powering them up into their Super forms for the very first time.

The three Super Sailors then destroy all the Mirror Palais Dollies with powered up versions of Pluto Deadly Scream, Uranus World Shaking and Neptune Deep Submerge.

As the dust clears they turn to see Hotaru standing before them, now clearly physically older than before. She tells them that the time for revolution is coming and that the princess is in danger. She then sees another vision of Eternal Sailor Moon tied up in vines.

Sailor Uranus wonders what's going on.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen

Monster of the Day

The Mirror Palais Dollies are created by Queen Nehelenia's broken Dream Mirror and have the ability to rebuild themselves after being destroyed. If hit by a large enough blow though they can be permanently destroyed.

In later episodes Nehelenia is shown to be able to possess them and change their form to look like herself allowing her to interact with the Sailor Scouts without getting in harms way.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first looks at Eternal Sailor Moon, though in a dream sequence. It also gave us our first non-appearance of Sailor Galaxia ("The Mysterious Voice" which is how the role is credited in the Japanese credits).

This episode was the final appearance of Doctor Tomoe in the anime.

Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto's main attacks, Pluto Deadly Scream, Uranus World Shaking and Neptune Deep Submerge all got slightly new animation for their sequences once the three were powered up to their Super forms. While they look almost identical to the original versions if you look closely you'll notice that the Sailor uniforms on the three have been changed to reflect their new forms. i.e. new shoulder "wings" and longer ribbons, etc.

Quite a few recurring locations in this episode. The hospital grounds where Trista took Hotaru from Tomoe appear to be the same ones we last saw Tomoe and Hotaru in back in Episode 126 of Sailor Moon S. The aquarium Amara and Michelle are visiting before they're reunited with Trista and Hotaru is also the same one where they confronted Serena in in Episode 110 of the same season.
Also the place where Queen Nehelenia is released from her seal also seems to be close to where she was sealed away in the final episode of Sailor Moon SuperS, allowing her to pick up right where she left off.

We've had the beautiful pink Dream Mirrors, the corrupted grey Dream Mirror and the legendary Golden Dream Mirror and now we have the new evil black Dream Mirror that belongs to Queen Nehelenia. I wonder what other kind of Dream Mirrors there are?

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