Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindness

Episode 127

Sailor Moon S

Tough Kindness

Jap.127 "Self-Awareness as a Soldier! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart"

Serena and Darien are looking out over the Tokyo skyline admiring the peacefulness. Serena wanting to get closer to Darien comments on how cold it is and that she wants him to make her warm. Darien though, missing her signals makes move to go inside. Serena demands to know what Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindnesshe's doing and he says he was going to make her some hot chocolate or something. Serena frowns.

In Rini's room, Rini is admiring all the stars when a pink spiral cloud forms above her and pops out a letter from her mother in the future Crystal Tokyo. She asks if she's okay and says that she hopes to see her soon.

Serena comes in and reads it and becomes a little sad. The next day Serena tells the girls about it and says that Rini has been acting rather happy and says that she can go back anytime she wants. They all say that she's most likely very homesick and just putting on a brave face. They all decide to throw her a farewell party to show her how much they care for her.

Elsewhere Rini hugs Luna P and begins to cry because she wants to be in two places at the same time.

Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindness That night Rini sees Serena sowing something. Rini asks her what she's doing but Serena simply smiles and tells her to go back to bed. Rini begins to cry some more and whispers that Serena doesn't understand her at all.

Meanwhile at the ruins of Mugen School, a sole surviving Daimon pod is struck by lightning and hatches. The raw red Daimon crawls weakly to the damaged Daimon oven and rests on it.

Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindness Hours later as the sun rises it wakes up and moves inside the oven, transforming into a Daimon Heart Snatcher!

Later that day the girls throw the party for Rini. They all give her presents; Mina a photo album, Lita cookies, Amy a disk to help her study, Raye a cassette of her latest songs, Darien a rose bud and Serena a bunny backpack that she had stayed up all night knitting.

Raye loves it but innocently thinks it's a dog. Serena and Raye fight a bit but quickly make up. Rini looks at them and wishes that she had a close friend like Raye or Serena.

Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindness That night they all see Rini off in the usual park. Rini decides to walk the rest of the way by herself so says her goodbyes. Serena's too emotional and can't say anything. After Rini has walked away though she runs after her and catches up her just as soon as she has opened the time warp.

Serena tells her she'll be really happy in the future. They both smile and hold hands for a second and then Rini's gone.

Luna runs up to Serena and tells her that there's trouble that a remaining Daimon pod has activated at the site of Mugen School.

Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindness In the time warp, Rini sees Crystal Tokyo but is still conflicted.

In the present, all the girls and Darien transform and race to the location where the Heart Snatcher was spotted. When they find it it has already collected a huge collection of Pure Heart Crystals. The Sailor Scouts attack it but it proves to be way too strong.

Sailor Mars attacks with Mars Celestial Fire Surround, Mercury with Shine Aqua Illusion, Jupiter with Sparkling Wide Pressure and Venus with Venus Love Chain Encircle Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindness but it's still no good!

Out of nowhere, Sailor Mini Moon appears and lands on the Heart Snatcher mid-Pink Sugar Heart Attack. She drops her Pink Moon Stick but it still activates as part of the attack and hits it's target in the face.

The Daimon Heart Snatcher kicks the Pink Moon Stick, cracking the pink crystal breaking it. Sailor Mini Moon looks on in shock.

Tuxedo Mask hits it in the forehead with a rose attack and tells Sailor Moon to believe in the strength of her heart and she'll be able to Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindnessdefeat it.

Sailor Moon focuses her thoughts and performs a Moon Spiral Heart Attack which destroys the Heart Snatcher, breaking it's Daimon pod and causing the oven to explode.

Sailor Moon asks Sailor Mini Moon why she's back and she jokes that they're all weak without her in the group. They all laugh and Sailor Mini Moon says that she's here to stay.

Sailor Moon S: Tough Kindness

Monster of the Day

The final Daimon Heart Snatcher was a very powerful one, perhaps due to it merging with the Daimon oven. It possessed electrical powers as well as heat rays and super strength and would have beaten everyone if Sailor Mini Moon didn't distract it long enough for Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon to finish it off with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

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