Sailor Moon S: Second Chance

Episode 126

Sailor Moon S

Second Chance

Jap.126 "A New Life! Time for Separation of the Destined Stars"

Super Sailor Moon stands motionless holding baby Hotaru in her hands. Suddenly she weakens and w=falls to her knees.

Sailor Moon S: Second Chance Sailor Uranus and Neptune run to her. She tells them to take her as she's too weak. Sailor Uranus and Neptune take the baby and disappear as Sailor Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury arrive. They run over and help Super Sailor Moon to her feet.

At Darien's place, Darien, Luna, Artemis, Serena, Mina, Raye, Amy and Lita gather around Rini as she wakes up. Rini asks about Hotaru and Darien honestly tells her that they're not quite sure what's happened to her but Super Sailor Moon tried her best to save her. Rini thanks Serena and actually seems okay.

The next day as Rini runs off to school, Serena tells Artemis and Luna that she thinks Rini's faking being happy as she must be worried about Hotaru Sailor Moon S: Second Chance and Sailor Pluto. They agree.

Elsewhere in a cafe, Michelle's holding baby Hotaru while Amara looks on. They both obviously love her a lot. Amara says it's time to go though so they stand up and take Hotaru to see her father, Doctor Tomoe who's a patient in a hospital.

When Michelle gives Tomoe baby Hotaru the doctor tells them that Tomoe had been talking about her a lot and that this will make him very happy. He also tells them that despite his heavy amnesia, Doctor Tomoe will make a full recovery.

Amara and Michelle watch Tomoe with his daughter. Amara asks Michelle if she's got it in her for one more fight. She nods. Together they get in Amara's car and begin reflecting on their journey that has led them to this point as they drive to their new location.

In the park Rini is riding her bike with two friends when her hat blows off. She runs after it but stops when she sees a glowing pink form in the sky, Sailor Pluto! Rini is pleased to see her but is told that she's only here to give her a message and that she hasn't returned.

Rini asks her what happened to Hotaru. Sailor Pluto explains that Hotaru had two evil beings within her, the Sovereign of Silence Mistress 9 and the Sailor Moon S: Second Chancedark Sailor Scout Sailor Saturn and that thanks to Super Sailor Moon she has been freed and given the chance to start over. Sailor Pluto then tells Rini that they'll meet again and then disappears.

Rini then hears a man's voice yelling out to her. It's Doctor Tomoe in his wheelchair with baby Hotaru!

Rini takes the hat and introduces herself. Doctor Tomoe has no memory of her and is very happy to meet her. Rini shakes hands with baby Hotaru who is also very happy to see her. A nurse appears and tells Doctor Tomoe it's time for Hotaru's bottle. They wave goodbye and Rini yells after Hotaru that she was the best friend anyone could have asked for.

At the site of the giant explosion Amy and Mina are scanning the Mugen School ruins to see if the dimensional doorway was open. Amy, using her Sailor Moon S: Second Chance computer tells Mina that it's been closed and that there's no signs of baby Hotaru either. Lita and Raye join them and say they haven't found anything either

Serena is sitting by herself.

Artemis suddenly sees something and calls Luna over to look. It's Amara's car!

Amara and Michelle come around the corner and tell Serena that they can't forgive her for putting the life of one person before the fate of the entire world. Raye, Mina, Lita and Amy all transform into Sailor Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury to defend the honour of Serena.

Amara and Michelle transform into Sailor Uranus and Neptune. They go on to say that Sailor Moon got lucky this time and that she has no right to be the future queen of this world.

Hearing this Serena steps up and transforms into Sailor Moon. She tells the others that she has to fight them for her future right as queen.

Sailor Moon S: Second Chance Sailor Neptune starts by attack her with Neptune Deep Submerge which hits her and knocks her off her feet. The others run to her aid but Tuxedo Mask arrives and stops them with a rose attack. He tells them that this is not their fight and that Sailor Moon needs to do this for herself.

Sailor Uranus then attacks her with Uranus World Shaking which she dodges. Uranus comes after her though and attacks her with punched and kicks. Backed into a corner, Sailor Neptune grabs and holds her from behind. Sailor Uranus begins charging for her.

Sailor Moon thinks to herself that she is the rightful princess and what she did was right. Suddenly a bright light flashes from her tiara blinding Uranus and Neptune. Sailor Moon slips out of the way causing Uranus to take Neptune out.

Sailor Moon S: Second Chance Sailor Uranus and Neptune both kneel in front of Sailor Moon and swear their loyalty to her and her throne.

The tell everyone that they can go now that they have found the true Sovereign. Sailor Moon being completely clueless asks who it was. Uranus says that it was someone who was very brave and always did the right thing.

Sailor Moon then asks them about Hotaru. They tell her that she is being well looked after and that they'll see her again.

Sailor Uranus tells Neptune that Hotaru wasn't the only one Sailor Moon saved. And with that they leave.

Interesting Facts

Normally flying under the radar of most fans, the flashing light attack Sailor Moon used could possibly very well have been an anime version of the manga attack, Moon Twilight Flash. This was the only time in the anime that this was used.

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