Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence

Episode 115

Sailor Moon S

The Shadow of Silence

Jap.115 "Shadow of Silence?! The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly"

Rini has just finished school for the day and sees Trista waiting for her just outside. She's really happy to see her and runs up Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence to her, yelling out "Sailor Pluto!".

Trista says that she's happy to see her too and that it has been a very long time since they've seen each other but that in this world she goes by "Trista Meioh".

Rini feigns frustration over Trista ignoring her since she's been in the Present. Trista appologises and says that she's been very busy. She tells Rini that they can see each other any time they want. This makes Rini happy and she runs away.

Amara and Michelle walk up behind Trista and comment on how it's amazing Rini will be their princess in the future. They all agree to protect her.

Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence Moments later, Rini arrives at Hotaru's house but is told by Kaori Night that Hotaru is resting and can't be disturbed. Rini walks away sad.

Hotaru who had just awoken asks Kaori who was at the door. When told it was Rini, Hotaru runs out of the house looking for her.

Eventually she catches up to Rini but passes out from exhaustion. Luckily Serena and Amy were just around the corner and together they take Hotaru to the hospital around the corner where Amy's mother is working.

Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence While unconscious, Hotaru remembers how when she was a young girl she was accused of killing her own goldfish despite having no memories of doing so and later on in her teen years at school when it appeared she had seriously injured a classmate and once more she had no memory of it. She remembers her father comforting her though smiling while doing so, telling her it wasn't her fault.

When she wakes up she excuses herself and explains to Amy that she's no allowed to see any doctors other than their family one and leaves the hospital with Rini.

As the two are walking towards the road, Amara drives up to them and offers them a lift. Once they get in they all introduce Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence themselves. Amara looks at Hotaru suspiciously once she is revealed to be the daughter of Doctor Tomoe.

Nearby Mimet is targeting a tv soap actor due to his character breaking up with his character's love interest. She pulls him away from the crowd and summons her latest Daimon Heart Snatcher!

Amara immediately senses this and stops the car. She tells Rini and Hotaru that she has to get a drink and runs off. Rini also seems to sense something and excuses herself also, leaving Hotaru alone in the car.

Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence Amara transforms and confronts Mimet and the Heart Snatcher. Rini meanwhile communicates with all the others via Luna P before transforming into Sailor Mini Moon and joining Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Uranus tells Mini Moon to stay out of this but Mini Moon refuses to listen and even tells Uranus that she's losing on her own and she needs her help.

Sailor Moon and the others soon arrive. Mimet then admits defeat and runs away. The Heart Snatcher, very much with the mentality of a child, screams that noone loves her and runs away. All the Sailor Scouts look confused but Uranus and Mini Moon quickly panic as they realise the Heart Snatcher was headed in the way of Uranus' car and Hotaru!

Back at the car Hotaru begins to have one of her episodes. Her eyes glow a bright red and a powerful energy field blasts from her body, immobilising the Heart Snatcher. Sailor Uranus, the fastest, saw all of this happen. All the others though arrive after Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence Hotaru returns to normal.

Sailor Moon powers up into Super Sailor Moon and quickly defeats the enemy with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Hotaru then tells Rini that she shouldn't be around her anymore and runs away.

Sailor Uranus tells Sailor Moon and the others that they need to protect Rini and then de-transforms back into her civilian clothes and drives away.

Sailor Moon and the others comfort Rini and assure her that Hotaru would never hurt her and that they believe she's a good person.

Sailor Moon S: The Shadow of Silence

Monster of the Day

The Daimon Heart Snatcher today didn't have a name and wasn't on screen long enough to reveal much about itself. It was however created out of a soap magazine or script and exhibited super fast running abilities.

It was of course destroyed by Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Interesting Facts

Hotaru first exhibited her offensive powers in this episode. Cool!

This episode gave us our first instance of a Sailor Scout / Soldier de-transforming back into their civilian form! Note however that we saw Tuxedo Mask do so way back in Season One.

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