Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear Again

Episode 91

Sailor Moon S

Crystal Clear Again

Jap.91 "The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation"

After the attack on her Moon Compact in the previous episode, Serena is having a nightmare over no longer being able to transform. She dreams that Raye, Amy, Lita and Mina are all teasing her and telling her that she should quit.

Furious, she reaches to grab them but in reality ends up strangling Luna who was sleeping on her bed. Luna scratches at her face waking her up.

Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear AgainSerena tells her that she thinks the Imperium Silver Crystal has lost it's shine but Luna tells her that it's just her imagination but she should talk to Darien about it anyway.

When she meets Darien later that day she tells him about her problem and Darien tells her he'll think about it. To cheer her up in the meantime however Darien takes her to a nearby old house to look at a litter of baby kittens.

When they arrive, they've both pleasantly surprised to see a little girl there feeding them. She tells them that she's worried though because if they don't find homes for them they'll be in trouble.

Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear Again That afternoon Serena talks to the girls about possibly adopting some kittens. Raye tells her that she can't because of all the birds on the temple grounds. Mina says that she already has Artemis. Amy tells her that her father is alergic and Lita says that her parents wouldn't allow it.

At the girl's house a Daimon has embedded itself into the girl's puzzle. As the girl completes the puzzle the Daimon awakens and chases her out of her room. The girl runs Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear Againto the old house where the kittens were found and locks herself in. The Daimon, Nekonai is in hot pursuit.

Luckily Serena has dragged all the girls to the house to have a look at the kittens. They all hear the girl screaming inside and run to her rescue. Mina, Raye, Amy and Lita all transform into Sailor Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter.

Sailor Mars attacks with Mars Celestial Fire Surround and Sailor Jupiter with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap but both attacks have little to no effect on the new monster.

Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear Again Serena tries to transform but is unable to and has to stand by as her friends are beaten.

Just when all seems lost, out of nowhere comes to energy attacks that blast the Daimon back into it's puzzle pieces. They inspect the Heart Crystal that the Daimon had extracted from the girl but conclude that it isn't the one they're after. They then return it and move to leave.

Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear AgainThe Sailor Scouts yell out to them to help them but the two mysterious figures tell them that their mission isn't to protect them but to find the Pure Heart Crystals and that they should deal with their own problems.

After they leave the Daimon puts itself back together and goes after Serena. Tuxedo Mask then shows up and defends her. As the Daimon goes into attack Serena again, a bright pink light blasts out from Serena and Tuxedo Mask's hands and the two are transported to a dreamscape where a new rod appears between them, The Moon Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear AgainHeart Rod! They realise that it was born by their love for each other. Serena's Moon Compact then evolves into the new Moon Heart Compact!

The two are then returned to reality and Serena transforms into Sailor Moon with her new transformation phrase, Moon Cosmic Power!

Sailor Moon then uses the Moon Heart Rod and destroys Nekonai with the Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Later that day as the girls try to work out what to do with all the kittens, Serena realises that they can just dump them all at the animal shelter. Everyone wonders why she didn't think of that sooner.

Sailor Moon S: Crystal Clear Again

Monster of the Day

Nekonai showed great power with her ability to regenerate after being destroyed! Eventually though she was destroyed by Sailor Moon's new attack, Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Interesting Facts

While not exactly a new character, Sailor Moon did get a slightly new form of her regular Sailor Moon form, referred by many fans as "Cosmic Sailor Moon". Slight differences include the new compact and the crescent moon symbol on her tiara.

Sailor Moon got her latest attack in this episode, the powerful Moon Spiral Heart Attack!

First appearance of the Cosmic Heart Compact and the legendary Spiral Heart Moon Rod!

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