Episode 39

Sailor Moon

The Past Returns

Jap.44 "Usagi's Awakening! A Message from the Ancient Past."

The action starts early in today's episode as Luna and Artemis, using the stats they got from the previous episode have managed to find a portal to the Negaverse's base! The Sailor Scouts are already transformed and together with their Guardian Cats, head into the portal and are transported into a strange underground cave.

The see two different tunnels leading off into the distance so Luna and Artemis take one while the Sailor Scouts take the other. Luna tells Artemis that she's worried but he assures her that the Sailor Scouts can take care of themselves.

No sooner have Artemis and Luna gone, Malakite shows up and attacks them. He demands that they give him the Imperial Silver Crystal, they refuse and he attacks them with a massive energy blast that throws them all back. During the explosion, Sailor Moon drops the Moon Wand and Malakite makes a grab for it! Much to his surprise, the wand turns around, slaps him on the wrist, then teleports the five Sailor Scouts away.

When the Sailor Scouts wake up, they find themselves among some old ruins. Sailor Moon comments on how familiar everything looks. Suddenly they hear a voice a turn to find a small woman floating in the sky, Queen Serenity, Sailor Moon's mother in her past life!
Queen Serenity goes on to tell them about how the Moon Kingdom, the Silver Millenium fell.

Apparently in her past life Serena had fallen in love with a prince from Earth, Prince Darien and one day during a royal ball he came to speak to her. He tells her that a powerful evil came to Earth and quickly began to conquer it and that now it will be coming for the moon. Suddenly a group of guards see him and assume he is a spy and chase him away. Princess Serena ponders on how the situation on Earth must be so bad that the moon guards assume everyone from Earth is a spy of some kind.

Back in the present on Earth, Luna and Artemis have found their way out of the cave into the open and are surprised to find that they're some place cold! The do a bit of exploring and find that Queen Beryl's base has been on Earth all along and that she looks ready to attack at any moment!

Back to the flashback, Princess Serena is inside the palace now by herself and is approached by a man in a tuxedo. It's Prince Darien from Earth who had dressed up in a Tuxedo so he could see his beloved without being caught. They dance for a bit and he tells her that her mother, Queen Serenity knows that he's not a spy and has asked him to stay on the moon to help protect it.

Suddenly, Luna and Artemis run through the ballroom and tell everyone that they're under attack and that everyone should be ready to battle!
Outside, Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter fire their attacks at the enormous Invincible Shadow but to no avail. The Invincible Shadow returns fire in the form of a giant green energy blast and kills them immediately.

Elsewhere, Queen Beryl is gloating over her victory and sees Princess Serena by herself on the balcony over watching the fighting. She lunges towards her to kill her with her bare hands but is stopped by a rose. Angry, Beryl demands to know who threw it. Prince Darien claims responsibility and demands that Beryl leave. Beryl says that she has heard of him and that he has much promise and wonders if he would like to join her and rule the universe together. Darien rejects her and calls her cold and twisted.

Out of fury, Beryl commands the Invincible Shadow to attack them. It does so and blasts the balcony away sending Prince Darien up into a strong gust of wind. Princess Serena, wanting to be with him, leaps from the palace up into the sky and grabs onto his arms. Before they can do anything else the Invincible Shadow blasts them with a massive green energy blast killing them.

Seeing her daughter and Prince Darien killed, Queen Serenity, in the company of Luna and Artemis, screams out for them and how unfair it is that their future had been ripped away from them. She decides to use the Imperial Silver Crystal to give them all a new chance in the future on Earth. She holds up the Moon Wand and cries "Moon Cosmic Power".

A massive energy blasts from the crystal and completely destroys the Invincible Shadow, Queen Beryl, Jaedite, Malakite, Zoicite and Nephrite and their army and one go. She explains to Luna and Artemis that they are now all sealed within the Imperial Silver Crystal and With her last breath she raises all the dead bodies from the battle, including the fallen Sailor Scouts, and sends them to Earth to be reborn in the future. She tells Luna and Artemis that she will send them as well so if Queen Beryl should ever awaken, they will know what to do.
With the last of her strength she seals Artemis and Luna in separate time capsules and collapses.

With that final image the Sailor Scouts are returned to Earth to find Malakite attacking Luna and Artemis who pass out as soon as they arrive. Sailor Moon and Venus call out for their guardian cats and immediately attack Malakite. He however attacks them with super sharp pink energy knives which cut them a fair bit and knocks them all back.

Motivated by their new-found knowledge of the past and Malakite's involvement, Sailor Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter call out their planets' names and form a powerful shield around Sailor Moon to protect her.

Sailor Moon, not wanting her friends to get hurt walks through the shield, raises the Moon Wand and summons "Moon Cosmic Power" which causes her to glow a thin silver.
Malakite, not put off, throws a massive energy knife at her. Empowered by Cosmic Moon Power, Sailor Moon simply hits the knife back at him like a tennis ball. The knife pierces him. He calls out for Zoicite and then disappears.

Sailor Moon pics up Luna. Luna tells them that they found Queen Beryls base. Everyone agrees that it's time Queen Beryl got dusted and they'll take the battle to her. "Sailor Scouts!"

Interesting Facts

First appearance of Queen Serenity in the Japanese version though the English version used some clips of her from this episode in Episode 1 to start the series.

This is the first time the Inner Scouts had used their powers to form a shield or forcefield. No particular name was used they simply summoned the power of their planets. They would do this several times in later episode, most notably in the third (S) season final battle and in the future during flashbacks in the second (R).

It's revealed that the reason Tuxedo Mask wears a tuxedo and a mask is because his last night alive in his past life he was at a masquerade ball. He needed to wear the tuxedo and the mask to see his love. Ever wondered why her wears a tuxedo? Now you know.

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