Sailor Moon: Day of Destiny

Episode 40

Sailor Moon

Day of Destiny

Jap.45 "Death of the Sailor Soldiers! A Gallant Final Battle."

Jap.46 "Usagi's Final Wish! Renewed Reincarnation."

This is it. The season finale! Luna and Artemis are watching a news report on tv. Apparently massive sunspots are appearing on the sun and causing all kinds of chaos on Earth. They both agree that Beryl's behind this.

Day of Destiny Soon at Raye's temple all the girls meet up and prepare themselves for a final battle with Queen Beryl. Serena asks Raye is she's kissed Chad goodbye yet but she simply ignores her. Luna is very worried about their well being and Artemis is a bit sarcastic saying that maybe Serena will have a clutz attack and trip Queen Beryl.

All the girls transform and then use Sailor Teleport to transport themselves to the North Pole, where the Negaverse's base is.

Queen Beryl detects their presence immediately and asks for volunteers from her people to go and destroy the Sailor Scouts. One group of five steps forward, the Doom and Gloom Girls.

The Scouts meanwhile are freezing in the snow as they make their way towards Queen Beryl's base. Day of Destiny Suddenly, up ahead they see Tuxedo Mask being strung up in mid-air! He begs for Sailor Moon to set him free again. Sailor Moon runs towards him and it takes the efforts of Sailor Jupiter, Venus and Mars to hold her down. Mercury meanwhile has worked out that it's not real Tuxedo Mask but a trick. Suddenly Tuxedo Mask changes into Andrew. This causes Sailor Jupiter to hesitate for just a second but it's long enough for her to get caught. As she's being taken away, she uses a super powerful Jupiter Thunder Crash to some of the Doom and Gloom girls with her. As the blast clears one of the Doom and Gloom Girls appears and announces that they've captured Jupiter and that she's in the Negaverse now.

Day of Destiny Sailor Moon starts to cry while the others focus on their mission. Mercury says she senses something but tells them all to go on ahead while she checks it out. Moon, Mars and Venus hesitate but agree.
Left behind, Mercury sees her boyfriend, Greg! It's a trick of course as the Doom and Gloom Girls fire hot magma at her. Luckily she manages to freeze it but is caught in another blast and is only protected by her ice powers. The Doom and Gloom Girls steal her computer to help them track down the others and take her to where Jupiter is.

Day of Destiny Sailor Moon senses Mercury being captured and collapses on the ground. Suddenly the ground beneath her starts to glow. Venus sees this and throws Sailor Moon out of the way but is caught herself by the tentacles of the villain. They drag her underground and she's able to take one of them out with a point blank Venus Crescent Beam Smash attack before she is also captured.

Sailor Mars tells Sailor Moon that maybe she's meant to face Beryl alone. Sailor Mars tells her that she'll take out the two remaining girls to give her a chance but the Doom Day of Destiny and Gloom Girls dive underground and cause the snow to swallow Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars fires off numerous fire attacks inside the snow and causes a huge explosion, killing the final two Doom and Gloom Girls but not before they could send her to the Negaverse.

Seeing Sailor Moon alone, Queen Beryl sends out a magical pink sphere that takes Sailor Moon and brings her to her throne room. When Sailor Moon wakes up she sees Prince Darien kissing Queen Beryl's hand! Beryl orders him to kill Sailor Moon and he obeys.
Day of Destiny Determined, Sailor Moon tries Moon Healing Activation at full power but it does nothing. Darien hits the wand out of her hand. Seeing no other option, Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Magic at point black range and blasts Darien in the chest. This almost kills him but still doesn't snap him out of it. As Darien struggles to his feet and raises his sword to kill her, Sailor Moon desperately pulls out the Star Locket which immediately begins to play. Darien seems to remember this music and reaches out to touch it. As soon as he does he begins to glow and remembers everything! Beryl's spell is broken!

Day of Destiny Angry over this change of events, Beryl materialises a huge black crystal and throws it at Darien and Sailor Moon. Darien, in defence throws a rose which shatters the crystal and plunges into Beryl's chest. Weakened, Beryl sinks into the floor promising revenge.

Unfortunately, Darien is injured and collapses on the floor. Serena promises to make him better.

Day of Destiny Underground, Beryl pleads with Queen Metallia to give her some power. Metallia, seeing no other way sends all of herself into Beryl causing her to grow to an enormous size and burst through to the surface above.

Sailor Moon marches towards her and tells her that she's finished. Beryl simply says goodbye to Sailor Moon and blasts her with a massive energy bolt. A giant crystal appears similar to the ones that appeared when the other Sailor Scouts were captured but this one flattens at the top. Beryl is shocked to see a transformed Princess Serena standing on top holding the Moon Wand. She begins to fight back against Beryl and asks her friends for their help.

Day of Destiny As Princess Serena remembers each of her friends, their spirit appears and lends her their power by yelling out their planet's name. Serena then yells a loud "Cosmic Moon Power Unite!" and completely destroys Beryl. Victory is her's... though with an unusual side effect.

The next morning, Luna and Artemis are sitting on Serena's roof and are happy that the Negaverse had been destroyed though a bit sad as apparently now, Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina don't remember each other. Artemis assures Luna though that all it will take is for them to meet each other again and all their memories should come back.

Day of Destiny As usual, Serena is late for school again and runs out the door. On her way to school she runs past Raye, Mina and Lita without seeing them and gives Amy and angry look at school for getting such good grades. After school she volunteers to help out at a hospital and happens to meet Darien who is in bed, healing from his wounds. They introduce themselves and then Darien starts to laugh as he thinks Serena's hairstyle looks like a pair of meatballs.

Day of Destiny

Monster of the Day

The Doom and Gloom Girls have many powers. Among them are flight, the ability to change into other people (ala Tuxedo Mask and Andrew) and the power to change their arms into long tentacles that can stretch long distances.
All five Doom and Gloom Girls were killed by Sailor Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Mercury, lacking any offensive attack at this time was unable to take any out. It looks as if Jupiter killed two, Venus killed one and Mars killed the final two.

Interesting Facts

This is the first time Sailor Teleport is used even though they use the words "Scout Power" it is obvious that it was their famous teleport move.

While the Princess Serena fought Queen Beryl with "Cosmic Moon Power", in the original Japanese version, Princess Serenity simply blasts Queen Metallia with Moon Healing Escalation which thankfully was changed in the English version as fighting with a healing move does seem a bit strange and doesn't make sense no matter how big a fan of the original you are.

Furthermore, while the Sailor Scouts won the day with "Cosmic Moon Power Unite", in the Japanese version each character just yelled out "Venus Power", etc with no attack phrase used whatsoever. Again another improvement made over the original version.

In the original Japanese series this finale was actually two full episodes. When it was adapted into English the two episodes were edited together into one and some parts were changed, most notably Tuxedo Mask being less violent towards Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars being captured instead of having their dead corpses lying on the crystals. Funnily enough in the Sailor Moon Says at the end of the episode, footage from the uncut episode can be seen featuring the ghosts of the Sailor Scouts comforting Serena before she gets taken to Queen Beryl's throne room.

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