Episode 38

Sailor Moon

Fractious Friends

Jap.43 "Usagi Going Alone? The Sailor Soldiers' Big Fight."

This episode starts with a dramatic black and white fight scene between Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts. The Scouts are chasing Sailor Moon and even attacking her, demanding that she give them the Imperial Silver Crystal. They eventually surround her.

Sailor Mars, getting impatient, yells at Sailor Moon to do what they say and then attacks her with a Mars Fire Ignite blast that unfortunately sets fire to the whole area where Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are standing. Mars sweat drops and says that maybe she over did it as all of her team-mates try to avoid the flames.
Nearby a mysterious figure is watching and then disappears.

In the Negaverse, Queen Beryl is talking to Malakite when suddenly her crystal ball erupts into blasts of white energy. She ponders where all this energy is coming from but Malakite says that he has a reliable source that tells him the Sailor Scouts are fighting with each other.
He summons, Ninjana who shows them both photos she had taken of them fighting. Queen Beryl demands more evidence before they act on this.

Ninjana gets to work and starts a robbery at Molly's mother's jewellery shop. Molly and her mother run downstairs and find Ninjana robbing them and are quickly pinned against the wall. Suddenly Sailor Moon who apparently knew this was happening (possibly through "Sailor Hearing") and begins to dramatically introduce herself. She's stopped however by Sailor Mars and the other Sailor Scouts who tell her that they should be working as a team. They all fight among themselves giving Ninjana the opportunity to escape, transform into a reporter and start taking photos. Mars wonders how the paparazzi got here and they all refuse to comment on if the Sailor Scouts are breaking up. They all leave with the reporter in tow leaving Sailor Moon to get Molly and her mother down off the wall.

The next day the reporter finds Serena and Molly and pesters them for information (because Molly was talking about the Scouts breaking up). They dodge her questions and run away as fast as they can. Unknown to Ninjana, Luna had been watching her an suspects something's up.

They all have a meeting at Raye's temple and it's revealed that all this fighting (well most of it anyway) was part of a plan they had to get the Negaverse's attention and free Tuxedo Mask.

Luna and Artemis tell the girls that they've been watching the reporter who's real name is Nancy Bargas and have found out that she's really famous and usually covers big stories not gossip articles like this one. They also tell them that they wouldn't be surprised if she was connected to the Negaverse or even staged the whole robbery herself!

They hatch a plan to involve Nancy and to trick the Negaverse into thinking that Sailor Moon has had enough of the Sailor Scouts and wants to join the Negaverse.

The next day, Serena and Luna drop by Nancy's house (and it's big!) to give a her a letter "from Sailor Moon". Nancy reads it, comments on how bad Sailor Moon's grammar is then asks Serena how she came by the letter and if she knows Sailor Moon.
Serena quickly fabricates a story about how Sailor Moon left it in the jewellery store after the robbery and that Molly gave it to her as she's to shy to hand over the letter herself. Nancy buys it though Luna can't get over how unlikely that story sounded to her.

That night Sailor Moon meets Malakite (as planned in the letter) to discuss changing teams. Malakite says that if she hands him the crystal he'll give her Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon naturally refuses and tells him that she doesn't believe him. In response, Malakite opens a black portal to the Negaverse behind her and tells her that if she goes through it she will find Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon hesitates and then tells them a big no.
Ninjana captures Sailor Moon in a long red ribbon. Sailor Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are watching this happen. Mercury wants to help her but Mars says that they need it to go on longer so they can scan data from the portal so they can work out where the Negaverse's base is. Sailor Mars also reveals that she has the Moon Wand so they don't have to worry about the enemy getting the Imperial Silver Crystal.

Venus is shocked that she would take the wand from Serena but Mars explains that she didn't steal it. Serena simply forgot it and she didn't give it to her.
After a few more moments things start to look bad for Sailor Moon so they all leap in to action and attack Malakite and Ninjana. Malakite teleports away with some threats that Tuxedo Mask may be dying and Ninjana stays behind to fight the Scouts but is eventually defeated.

Sailor Moon thanks them all and wonders how much of them holding back was for the mission and how much was because they wanted a new leader. They assure her they held back to get readings on the portal though Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars end up fighting once more.

Monster of the Day

The monster of the day, Ninjana was a real being from the Negaverse who took control of Nancy Bargas's body to investigate the Sailor Scout's status quo. As well as the ability to possess someone, hover and teleport she also had the ability to multiply herself into five separate forms. She was defeated by a combination attack involving Venus Crescent Beam Smash and Jupiter Thunder Crash topped off by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Activation which separated Ninjana from Nancy's body and destroyed her setting Nancy free.

Interesting Facts

It's interesting how the Sailor Scouts appear to be so powerful that by simply fighting each other they can cause Queen Beryl's crystal ball to act strangely.

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