Sailor Moon:

Episode 30

Sailor Moon

A Crystal Clear Destiny

Jap.34 "The Shining Silver Illusion Crystal! The Moon Princess Returns"

Probably one of the most popular Sailor Moon episodes, if not the most popular, Crystal Clear Destiny picks up right where the stunning previous episode left off with Sailor Venus and Artemis having finally joined the Sailor Scouts.
Relaxing after their intense battle Sailor Mars, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter and Luna welcome Sailor Venus and Artemis to the team. Venus and Artemis are more than happy to have met up with them all finally and they all shake hands.
Luna suggests that they all meet tomorrow night at Raye's temple to discuss the latest developments. Sailor Venus says that that's a great idea and then quickly excuses herself and jumps away over a nearby building with Artemis beside her. Sailor Mars says that she was almost rude but Sailor Moon says that she's "wicked cool".

Sailor Moon: In the Negaverse, Zoicite and Malakite are informing Beryl that they know Tuxedo Mask's secret identity and ask if they should kill him. Queen Beryl tells them that she has changed her mind as she knows who he really is and has decided that she now wants them to bring him to her so he can join them.

Meanwhile in his apartment, Darien, still injured from the night's battle relaxes on his lounge frustrated with himself over how stupid he was for getting the Sailor Scouts and the Rainbow Crystals in harms way.
Suddenly hi tv turns on and Zoicite's face appears. She tells him that she knows that he is Tuxedo Mask and challenges him to a fight at Starlight Tower for the remaining Rainbow Crystals. He accepts.

Sailor Moon: The next day, Serena's running as fast as she can to get to Raye's temple on time but she's already late. Just down the street she sees Darien and stops to slap him on the back as a joke just to tick him off. Unfortunately she hits his injury he got from Zoicite and seriously hurts him. He asks her how she's going and calls her "Meatball Head". Serena gets angry and yells at him to stop calling her that name. Obviously preoccupied Darien tells her that he won't call her that anymore and walks away.
As she's wondering why Darien is acting so strange, Serena looks at her hand and realises that it's covered in blood. She decides to follow Darien to make sure he's okay and eventually confronts him as he's getting closer to Starlight Tower. Unfortunately as soon as he realises she's following him they are both transported to Starlight Tower by Zoicite.

Sailor Moon: At the temple, Raye is furious over Serena being late though Amy is worried and says that this is late even for Serena. Suddenly a blonde girl and a white cat interrupt them and ask if this is where the Sailor Scout meeting is. Amy, Raye, Lita and Luna don't recognise them at first but then realise that it's Sailor Venus (real name, Mina) and Artemis. Mina explains that she didn't recognise them at first either and that apparently they all look different when they're transformed (which explains why noone knows their civilian identities despite them all having the same hair colour and style as their Sailor Scout forms).
The girls tell Mina that they don't know where Serena is and are worried. Mina tells them that she and Artemis sensed strange vibes coming from Starlight Tower on their way here and that they should all go check it out.

Sailor Moon: In the Starlight Tower, Darien and Serena (now unconscious) have been teleported to an enormous room. Zoicite appears, places her Rainbow Crystals in the middle of the room and tells Darien to do the same. As soon as he does so Malakite appears and takes all of the crystals. Darien yells at them both about breaking their promise and throws a rose at them. Malakite teleports away and the rose passes through him and slices Zoicite's face. Zoicite tells him that he'll pay for this and that if he wants the crystals back he has two minutes to get to the roof.
During this exchange, Serena had woken up and had been wondering why Darien was arguing with Zoicite. Before she can say anything, giant ice shards begin to fall from the ceiling. Darien grabs her and they both run towards the elevator.

Sailor Moon: Once inside, the walls of the elevator warp into a green Negaverse plant wall. Serena freaks out but quickly calms down and decides to ask Darien why he's after the Rainbow Crystals. Darien tells her that he thinks they'll help him remember who he is. He explains that his parents were killed in a car crash when he was young and that that same car crash gave him amnesia. Recently though he had been getting strange dreams of a beautiful princess asking to set her free and that he has this strange feeling that he knows this woman.
Serena thanks him for telling her and tells him that she hopes he can get his answers. Suddenly, Serena has a flash of Tuxedo Mask over Dariens face. Could Darien be Tuxedo Mask?

Sailor Moon: Outside the tower, the Sailor Scouts have arrived. Sailor Mercury scans the building and finds Darien and Serena in the elevator. Sailor Jupiter uses her Jupiter Thunder Crash attack to blast a hole in the wall and they all enter the tower to rescue Serena and Darien.

As they're running up the stairs, Malakite has begun to absorb all of the energy from Tokyo and uses it to warp the entire building into a pure Negaverse creation.

Sailor Moon: Zoicite, waiting for Darien and Serena at the top of the tower begins to power up an uber fireball and rationalises that Queen Beryl won't mind if Darien is dead if she has all of the Rainbow Crystals. Making her decision she releases her fireball which blasts down the elevator shaft (now a big Nega hole in the ground).
Serena and Darien see the fireball coming and panic. Serena makes the hard decision to transform into Sailor Moon despite the fact that Darien will know who she is and saves them both. Sailor Moon jumps up through the blast and surprises a shocked Zoicite who had no idea Serena was Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon: Zoicite however tells Sailor Moon that she's not interested in her, but in battling Tuxedo Mask. Serena tells her she's crazy because Tuxedo Mask isn't here, but Darien tells her that he is and reveals a rose before transforming into Tuxedo Mask right before her eyes.
Sailor Moon is shocked but quickly tells him that together they can beat Zoicite and get the crystals back. Tuxedo Mask tells her that he needs to do it by himself and steps forward to battle Zoicite.

Unknown to them both a sharp crystal emerges from the floor behind them. Suddenly it fires directly at Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon sees it and screams at Tuxedo Mask to watch out but it's too late. The crystal hits Tuxedo Mask and causes him to collapse. Sailor Moon cries and runs up to him and nurses his head in her lap.

Sailor Moon: As she cries, her tears begin to sparkle and magically summon all of the Rainbow Crystals to her which form into the Imperium Silver Crystal.
Just then the Sailor Scouts, Luna and Artemis make their way into the room and are shocked to see Sailor Moon in a trance like state as the Imperium Silver Crystal attaches itself to the Moon Wand and transforms Sailor Moon into the Moon Princess.

Interesting Facts

This is the first time we see Serena as Princess Serena/Serenity in the present (i.e. not counting Tuxedo Mask's dreams).

It's rather interesting to note that Sailor Venus explains that the Sailor Scouts look different when they're transformed which is why noone recognises them despite Sailor Moon and Serena for example look rather obviously similar to us.

Tuxedo Mask performs his second transformation in this episode. It is the first and final time we see this.

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