Episode 29

Sailor Moon

Sailor V Makes the Scene

Jap.33 "The Last Sailor Soldier, Venus Comes."

Queen Beryl's had enough and has summoned Zoicite to discuss a new strategy in defeating Sailor Moon. Zoicite tells Beryl that she and Malakite have formulated a new plan to defeat Sailor Moon but Beryl warns her that she still has the other three Sailor Scouts to worry about. Zoicite tells Beryl not to worry as they have a plan to deal with Sailor Mars, Mercury and Jupiter as well.

Later that day in Serena's house, Luna's woken up from her cat nap by a news report on tv announcing that Sailor Moon had stopped a bank robbery (using an anime version of the Moon Tiara Boomerang attack!). Luna doesn't believe Serena would do something like this and plans to investigate.

Meanwhile, Serena's eating some cream crepes with Lita in Azabu Juban. Unknown to them, Darien is also in Azabu Juban reading a book in a bookshop in a high-rise building. Outside the building are two window cleaners simply doing thier job until, suddenly some sharp crystals fly out of nowhere and cut the strings to their cart! The crystals dissolve as the ropes snap and both mean are almost thrown overboard!

Darien immediately sees what happened and plans to help them somehow. Down on street level, Serena and Lita panic as they can't see what they can do from where they are.

Suddenly a rather different looking Sailor Moon swings by and saves the men. She announces that noone need worry as long as Sailor Moon's around and runs away.

Darien realises immediately that that Sailor Moon wasn't the real one and decides to run afer her. Serena begins to cry because she doesn't want to be replaced.

Lita comforts her, completely unaware that right behind them they are being watched by a mysterious blonde schoolgirl and a white cat with a crescent moon on it's forehead.

As the new Sailor Moon flees the scene, Malakite overlooks the city and tells himself how great this "phoney Sailor Moon" plan is.

Moments later, Serena and Lita met up with Raye, Amy and Luna and are tracking down this mysterious new Sailor. Serena's upset because she thinks that there can only be one Sailor Moon but Raye seems to think that she may be the real one as she seems to be able to take care of herself and save people while Serena is always falling over herself. Lita seems to agree but Amy says that first they have to work out if she's an enemy or an ally.
They all ask Luna if she could be the fifth Sailor Scout but Luna says that she doesn't know anything about it though it's obvious that she's hiding something.

As they keep looking they find much to their horror that this new Sailor Moon has been captured and is being hung over a construction site. Serena tells them that even if it is a trap they need to find out who the Hell she is. They all transform and race towards her but before they can reach her, Malakite appears and traps them all in a dark energy field!

Elsewhere, Tuxedo Mask has sensed that Sailor Moon's in danger and is trying to find her. Instead he finds the fake Sailor Moon and rescues her instead. Once on the ground, Sailor Moon stabs him in the back with a crystal dagger. Tuxedo Mask, in serious pain screams at Sailor Moon demanding to know why she tricked him. Sailor Moon simply laughs and reveals herself to be Zoicite! The two begin to fight with cane and crystal sword.

Back in the forcefield Sailor Mars uses her Mars Fire Ignite attack against the field but it doesn't even make a dent. Sailor Jupiter then tries her Jupiter Thunder Crash attack but gets the same result.
To make matters worse, Malakite throws a barrage of bombs at them and then proceeds to shrink the forcefield!

At that moment, in a nearby warehouse, Zoicite has almost beaten Tuxedo Mask and has knocked him off his feet. In a final attack she fires a blast of her flower petal attack at him which blows his mask completely off of his face! Immediately, Queen Beryl who had been watching the fight recognises Tuxedo Mask's face!
Before Beryl or Zoicite can do anything else a mysterious female figure appears above them and fires Venus Crescent Beam Smash at Zoicite. Tuxedo Mask takes this opportunity and escapes. The mysterious woman also disapears.

As the sun rises (and the Morning Star appears), Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, despite their best efforts, begin to collapse under the field's pressure. Luna screams at them not to give up but it's too late.
Zoicite appears next to Malakite and tells him about the mysterious woman who attacked her. He thinks she's crazy as all the Sailor Scouts are in the field. Tuxedo Mask is looking on from a behind a crate, too injured to help anyone.

Suddenly the mysterious woman from before reappears! It's Sailor V! Sailor V removes her mask from her face and fires a powerful Venus Crescent Beam Smash at Malakite's hands, breaking the forcefield.
A white cat appears and introduces himself as Artemis, the guardian cat of the fifth Sailor Scout, Sailor Venus!

Malakite and Zoicite prepare to battle but Queen Beryl appears via a hologram and commands them to return to base. After much disagreeing they disappear.

A little while later, Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Luna and Artemis all watch the sunrise. Artemis and Venus tell them that they're happy to finally join up with everyone.
Sailor Moon asks Sailor Venus if she's the Moon Princess that they've been looking for, but Sailor Venus simply smiles and says that she doesn't know.

Interesting Facts

This episode features the first appearance of Mina (i.e. Sailor Venus) and Artemis.

This episode features the one and only time the Moon Tiara Boomerang attack was used in the anime... though it was performed by Zoicite and not Sailor Moon!

First appearance of Venus Crescent Beam Smash.

Mina and Artemis can actually be seen very briefly early on in the episode in the crowd while Serena is crying. This is especially hard to see in the English version as a digital transition activates a split section after you see them causing them to be on screen for only a few frames. (I had a ball taking the screencap of that shot from my English DVD.)

While the girls are talking before they find the fake Sailor Moon tied up, there are several shots taken through concrete tunnels. Pay close attention to Amy's arms... they've been cut off!

The planet Venus is at it's brightest just before sunset and right before sunrise so is often called the Evening or Morning Star. Notice in this episode how Sailor Venus saves Tuxedo Mask right before sunrise and then saves the Scouts while the sun is rising. With a whole shot dedicated to the sun rising in this episode it becomes apparent that the animators were aware of the planet's symbolism.

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