Episode 28

Sailor Moon

Tuxedo Melvin

Jap.32 "Umino's Decision! I'll Protect Naru-chan."

After all the action of the past few episodes, Luna sneaks into the Crown to talk to Central Control through one of the video games. Central Control tells her to get Serena more focused on the mission and that they need to get all the Rainbow Crystals because simply having one isn't good enough.

Luna mentions that Tuxedo Mask has two but she's quickly shut down and told that they can't rely on him to help them.
Before disconnecting, Central Control mentions that another Sailor Scout has been found and that she will find Luna by herself.

With this new bit of information, Luna calls an emergency Sailor Scout meeting at Raye's temple in the middle of the night.
When she gets there, Serena is already complaining about how they never have meetings during school time. Luna immediately tells her that she has a message from Central Control; "Get your act together!".
Luna then tells them about the fifth Sailor Scout having been found and that they also have to get the Rainbow Crystals.

The next day at school, Serena finds Melvin and Molly sharing lunch and immediately barges in and accuses them of flirting with each other. Molly straight away denies it and says that they're just friends, but Melvin gets bashful and tells Serena that she's making him nervous and runs away.
Serena asks Molly what the deal is and Molly says that she likes Melvin but she thinks that he sees her just as a pal.

Moments later in a classroom, Serena has tracked down Melvin and told him that he has to be more direct if he wants to win Molly's heart and that he should try and be more masculine ala Tuxedo Mask.

On their way home after school it becomes obvious that Melvin took Serena's advice a little too literally as Serena and Molly are being barked at by a dog, Melvin arrives on the scene in full Tuxedo Mask garb and announces that he is now "Tuxedo Melvin". The owner of the dog isn't impressed though and whacks him over the head with a wooden mallet which she conveniently happens to have on her and walks away.
Serena and Molly are a bit nervous.

When all three arrive at Crown, Andrew welcomes them and says that he has two free tickets to an event and was wondering if Serena wanted to go. Serena's over the moon hearing this but is quickly brought back down to Earth when Andrew says that he can't make is because Rita will be calling him from Africa that night. Serena's upset but then suggests that Molly take Melvin as a date! Molly hesitates but reluctantly agrees.

In the Negaverse, Zoicite has devised a plan to get the Rainbow Crystal held by Sailor Moon by using Molly who she saw had a connection with Sailor Moon when Nephlite died.

Later that night, Zoicite appears outside Molly's apartment in an attempt to capture her, but sees Melvin dressed up as Tuxedo Mask also outside her place, freaks out and decides to get Molly at a later time. Melvin sees Zoicite and freaks out as well as he remembers Zoicite from the graveyard in Yokohama when she attacked himself and Molly.
After Zoicite disappears, Melvin yells at Molly that he'll stay outside her door and protect her all night. Molly turns off the light.

The next day at the special event that Andrew got tickets for, Serena has decided to follow Molly and Melvin to see how their date's going. Luna's with her and completely disagrees with what she's doing but follows her anyway.

Up ahead, Molly and Melvin are enjoying the show which is clearly aimed at five year olds and makes you wonder why Andrew had tickets for this thing in the first place. Unknown to everyone, Zoicite materialises on the merry-go-round behind them and fires a blast of energy at Molly. Luckily, Molly drops her bag and bends down to pick it up. The blast flies right over her head and hits the stunt man instead, transforming him into a Negamonster!

The stunt man turned Negamonster throws the other stunt man off the stage and envelopes the entire audience in giant green balls of weird moss. Serena sees this and transforms into Sailor Moon. Zoicite appears before Sailor Moon and tells her that if she doesn't give her the orange Rainbow Crystal that she has, her friend Molly will die within the green ball. Sailor Moon, seeing no way out of this agrees and hands over the crystal. Tuxedo Mask appears and tells her not to, but it's too late. Zoicite takes the crystal and teleports away, leaving all the people inside the ball to die.

Sailor Moon quickly uses Moon Healing Activation to turn the stunt man back to his normal self and in the process, dissolving the moss balls.

Tuxedo Mask is very angry at Sailor Moon and tells her as he walks away that now he has to get more Rainbow Crystals from the Negaverse and that he will get the Silver Crystal no matter what.

That night as Serena lies in bed with Luna, she prays that Tuxedo Mask is still on their side.

Monster of the Day

This monster of the day isn't given a name though is rather special as he's the first Negamonster in a while to be made from an average human.
His special abilities include super strength and the ability to make those giant green moss balls that can capture people and expand to suffocate them.
He was turned back to his normal self by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Activation.

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