Episode 27

Sailor Moon

Kitty Chaos

Jap.31 "Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day."

I love this episode. Not only does it bring the quest for the seven carriers of the Rainbow Crystals to an end but it also offers some insight into Luna's life on Earth and some of the problems (even if they are small in comparison to the Scouts') that she faces on a day to day basis. It's also damn funny with a good percent of the episode dedicated to pure comedy.

The episode starts with Luna being chased by a large group of alley cats through the streets of Tokyo. She's scared for her life and the cats look ready to kill. There's no reason given why they're chasing her. The most likely reason is that they can tell that she's not from Earth and are being territorial. They could also simply be violent.

Suddenly Luna reaches a dead end and turns to face her attackers. Just when all looks lost a fish skeleton flies on screen in the style of Tuxedo Mask's roses and stops the cats in their tracks. Everyone looks up to see who threw the fish and are dumbfounded to see an obese cat balancing on top of a wall.

Luna thinks he looks ridiculous at first but is surprised when all the alley cats start backing away out of fear and disappear. It is now that she realises that this whole time a small pink kitty had been munching away on her tail. It lets go, reveals it's huge teeth and walks off screen leaving Luna mourning her loss of fur.
The surprises keep coming however when Luna turns to looks at her tail and finds the obese cat licking her wound. The large cat is blushing and obviously likes Luna but before Luna can talk to him properly his owner, a little girl calls him away, picks him up and takes him home. Ironically his name is Hercules.

In the Negaverse, Zoicite is viewing this scene through the power of the black tracking crystal and concludes that the girl is the carrier of the seventh and final Rainbow Crystal.

Back on Earth, Luna is confiding in Amy about her ordeal with the alley cats. It's nice to see the two talking about personal things for a change. Anyway, Lita and Serena show up as they've planned a Sailor Scout meeting and are suprised that Ray isn't already here. Amy explains that because it's Saturday, Ray wanted to go on a date with Darien.

Elsewhere, Ray is ringing Darien from a pay phone about the date but keeps getting his machine. Darien, meanwhile is brooding over the location of the final Rainbow Crystal.

While Ray is getting frustrated the other Sailor Scouts have decided to use Amy's computer to locate the final Rainbow Crystal before the Negaverse does. They narrow down the search to a house in a nearby neighbourhood and funnily enough, when they get there they realise that it's the house of the same girl who owns Hercules! Because of this, Luna decides to stay outside and wait for the Scouts to talk to the girl.
When the girl answers the door they all notice that the Moon Wand isn't reacting to the girl at all! Perhaps she doesn't have the crystal after all.

Suddenly Hercules jumps out of the house, past the girls and towards Luna. She's being attacked by the alley cats again! Hercules manages to save her but ends up losing his balance and falling (and taking Luna with him) down a manhole into the sewer. At least he got them away from the angry cats!

Nearby, Hercules' owner who had been chasing after Hercules has been caught by Zoicite! Zoicite knocks her out in a narrow alley and activates the black tracking crystal to remove the Rainbow Crystal from her. Surprisingly the girl doesn't react at all! She doesn't have the crystal, instead her cat, Hercules does!!!

Sailor Moon, Mercury and Jupiter confront Zoicite in the alley, but hilariously fail to stop her due to the lack of space and their own uncoordination.
Zoicite teleports within a close proximity to Hercules and is horrified to find that she's in the sewer. Things don't get much better for her when she slips and splashes sewage all over her leg and eventually finds herself surrounded by millions of rats who decide to chase her through the tunnels giving us viewers probably the funniest scene in the entire first season of Sailor Moon.

Not too far away, Luna notices how Hercules had injured his leg while protecting him earlier though she doesn't have time to develop a greater appreciation for him as Zoicite appears followed by a herd of rats. Luna realises that Hercules must have the Rainbow Crystal and tells him that they have to get out of there. They both squeeze into a small opening and start crawling towards the surface. Unfortunately, Zoicite and the rats also fit in hole and the chase begins.

Outside, Ray, who had just missed out on a date with Chad due to his innocence is shocked to see millions of rats explode from the sewers followed by Luna, a fat cat she doesn't know and Zoicite! She transforms into Sailor Mars and gets ready for action. She arrives too late however to save Hercules. Zoicite activates the Rainbow Crystal and removes it which transforms Hercules into a monster. Before she can grab the crystal however, Tuxedo Mask jumps in, grabs it and runs away. Zoicite screams and runs after him leaving the monster to battle Mars.

Luna runs up a steep slope to see if she can get through to Hercules. Unfortunately she slips and falls of the ledge. Luckily the monster catches her and saves her life. Mars says that there must still be good in him. Despite this, the monster is obviously still thinking about killing Luna. This intense scene is interrupted by the Sailor Mercury who uses Bubble Blast and Sailor Jupiter who jumps in and grabs Luna from the monster's claws.
Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Activation, heals Hercules and they all take him back to his owner who is overjoyed to see him again.

Serena teases Luna about her "boyfriend" but Luna actually defends him and says that he had saved her life so perhaps his name suits him afterall.

We close this episode with an anime fantasy sequence with Luna looking out at a sunset with Hercules' face looking down at her from the sky. He blushes and Luna sweatdrops, kind of wishing that he's get over the crush. Funny and cute.

Monster of the Day

This unnamed Rainbow Crystal Warrior was the second one who's Earthly persona was able to influence it's actions after being transformed (the first being Greg).

It didn't exhibit any special powers. In fact it didn't really get to attack anyone at all as it was healed as soon as Luna was taken from it's paws.

Interesting Facts

In the Japanese version, Hercules was called Rett Butler while his owner was named Scarlet after the characters from Gone with the Wind. During the early days of Sailor Moon fandom a lot of people believed that he was called "Red Battler" due to the Japanese pronunciation. This is of course false.

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