Episode 26

Sailor Moon

Grandpa's Follies

Jap.30 "Grandpa's Insanity, Rei-chan in Jeopardy."

The action in this episode kicks into gear rather early in this episode as Zoicite has already found out who the next Rainbow Crystal carrier is, Raye's grandpa! The old guy is completely unaware of his special status (much like all the other crystal holders with the exception of Greg) and is enjoying a simple night of moon watching on top of his temple when Zoicite appears and immediately begins to remove his blue Rainbow Crystal.

Surprisingly, Raye's grandpa has so much spiritual power that he is able to fight back at Zoicite and keep his crystal in his chest! The trauma of having his Rainbow Crystal almost removed is still a large strain on him and he doubles over and falls off of the roof as Raye's guardian crows, Phoebos and Daemos fly in to attack Zoicite who is so overpowered by the crows that she retreats to rethink her strategy.
I always enjoy seeing these two crows on screen, especially after seeing how much their roles are dramatically expanded upon in the manga. It's such a shame that the anime didn't adapt that certain aspect of the manga. It would have been great animated.

Anyway, Raye hears all the commotion and rushes outside to see what's going on. All she sees though is her grandpa lying on the ground so she assumes that he simply fell off of the roof by himself.
Chad, a rock singer who had been sleeping under the temple gates and who makes his very first appearance in the anime with this episode offers to help. Raye let's him stay the night at the temple.

The next morning, Serena, Luna, Amy and Lita come to visit and are shocked at what they see. Not only is Chad (who they have never met before) seen swinging from tree to tree with a cape on, but so is Raye's grandpa! Raye explains that he hasn't been the same since he fell off the roof last night and that she's very worried about him. Just then Chad falls and lands right in front of them. He tells them that Raye's grandpa is training him to take over the temple for when he's gone. Raye's grandpa then breaks into tears and cries about how he doesn't want Raye to be all by herself to look after such a huge temple when he's gone. Raye explains to the girls that he used to be so happy, but now he's an emotional wreck.
They can't discuss this much further as Raye's grandpa had just tricked Chad into spilling water all over himself. Raye's furious at how childish he's acting but Serena thinks he's hillarious. Raye and Serena fight, Serena cries and Lita and Amy who have had enough of Serena and Raye fighting get angry at Raye for refusing to appologise for being mean to Serena so they all leave, leaving Chad, Raye and her Grandpa to deal with the insanity.

Later on in the evening, Raye has a serious talk to Chad and apologises for the way her grandpa has been acting. Chad says he doesn't mind at all but Raye worries that he may be losing his mind.
Unknown to them both, Serena and Luna had come back and were spying on them. Serena senses major chemistry between Raye and Chad and immediately uses Moon Disguise Power to become a fortune teller. She walks up to Raye and Chad, throws some sticks in the air and announces that the two have to kiss each other. Chad runs away while Raye stays behind and tells Serena that she knows about Moon Disguise Power and that she saw through the disguise from the beginning. Serena cries.

Later that night, Serena and Luna are drowning their sorrows in some home-made chocolate cakes made by Serena's mum when Serena gets the great idea to give the cakes to Raye as a piece offering! (Apparently Raye can't resist chocolate).

At the temple, Raye is taking a ice hot bath while outside her grandpa is having his Rainbow Crystal taken from him by Zoicite! As soon as the crystal pops from his body, one of Tuxedo Mask's roses flies out of nowhere and stops Zoicite's hand from getting it. Tuxedo Mask appears and says that he won't let the Negaverse get all the crystals. Despite this statement, Zoicite picks the crystal up and runs away. Tuxedo Mask follows.

Just then, Chad decides to come outside and finds himself face to face with the monster that used to be Raye's grandpa! Chad runs as fast as he can to Raye and screams that there's a monster in the temple. Raye freaks out (because she's naked) but after quickly getting dressed the monster finds them and they both run for their lives (with comedic effect).

As luck would have it, Serena arrives, sees the monster and transforms into Sailor Moon. Chad gets knocked unconscious by the monster and Serena, ready to defend herself begins her Moon Tiara Magic attack but is stopped by Raye who yells at her to stop and that that monster is really her grandpa.

The monster takes advantage of this indecision and chases Sailor Moon and Raye all around the temple. Suddenly Raye gets and idea and tells Sailor Moon to get ready to stop. Raye jumps into the air and throws an "Evil Spirits Disperse" charm on the monster, paralysing him. Sailor Moon then stops running and uses Moon Healing Activation to turn the monster back into Raye's grandpa.

Elsewhere, Tuxedo Mask has lost Zoicite who yells from the shadows that next time she returns, she'll come after him.

Back at the temple, Serena, Chad, Raye and her grandpa are all relaxing on the temple steps eating Serena's chocolate cakes. Chad announces that he wants to stay at the temple and Raye says that it's fine but doesn't stay happy for long as she almost spontaneously starts fighting with Serena again.

Down the path at the temple entrance, Lita and Amy are walking by and hear the fighting. Both are happy that Serena and Raye are talking again.

Monster of the Day

This monster doesn't seem to have a name or any special powers. It is rather short though and can run rather fast though not fast enough to actually catch anyone. He also has some strength in him judging by his throwing of Chad around in this episode.

He was the seventh and final Rainbow Crystal warrior awakened by the Negaverse.

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