Episode 24

Sailor Moon

An Artful Attack

Jap.28 "The illustration of love, Usagi and Mamoru getting closer?"

There just ain't no pleasing Queen Beryl. She's got two Rainbow Crystals but still wants the other five (one of which Tuxedo Mask has) asap. Zoicite promises she won't let her down and uses the black locator crystal to locate another Rainbow Crystal carrier. An image of a rather ordinary woman wearing glasses appears.

At that moment, Serena and Luna are chilling out in the park waiting for Molly. When Molly gets there, Serena jumps up and unknowingly almost dumps the Moon Crescent wand right in the river! Luna catches it just in time but when she looks up, Serena has already gone with Molly completely oblivious to anything having gone wrong!

Where did Molly and Serena run off to? Why an art show where apparently local gossip says that if you buy one of the paintings all of your wildest wishes will come true! Melvin (who managed to find the girls at the art show) wonders if buying one of the paintings would make Serena fall in love with him. Molly tells him that miracles do happen.

As Serena's looking at one of the paintings titled "Self Portrait as a Moon Princess" she experiences a major sense of deja vu and wonders why it looks so familiar.

Outside the building, Darien who had just been walking by, gets the same feeling as his eyes catch the painting in the window and immediately thinks of the recurring dream he's been having of the Moon Princess asking for his help. He doesn't have much time to think any more on this issue however as the show's artist, who had been checking out the show incognito practically jumps on Darien and begs him to be a model for her newest painting.

Inside the show, Serena sees this physical connection and assumes that Darien is cheating on Raye and storms outside to give Darien a piece of her mind. When she reaches him though the artist, Lana Lanai whose real name is, Peggy Jones begs her to be a model too! So through a lot of hesitation, both Serena and Darien agree to model.

When they get to Peggy's house, Darien is still a little unsure about modelling but Serena tells him that it should be fun, just like his modelling days(!). He agrees but still isn't that enthusiastic though while sitting next to Serena he does notice how good looking she is. Funnily enough, at that same moment, Serena is thinking how good looking Darien is... though his lack of personality is something else entirely.

While painting, Peggy explains that the ideas for her paintings come from dreams she has and shows Serena and Darien one of her latest paintings featuring a prince and princess both holding a star locket almost identical to the one Tuxedo Mask had dropped and Sailor Moon had found. Serena comments on how beautiful it looks and thinks about how nice the music would have been. Darien agrees but says that the music would only play for them.

At that moment, Zoicite is watching and very pleased with herself for having found the next Rainbow Crystal carrier.

After they finish, Serena and Peggy go for a walk and talk about why Peggy uses the alias, Lana Lanai. Apparently, Peggy's first art show she did was under her real name, but it didn't sell very well. Then she did one under Lana Lanai and it was a hit. She's used that name ever since.
Serena tells her that it's not right that noone knows who she really is. They both say goodnight and go their separate ways.

On her way home, Serena is stopped by Luna who had been carrying the Crescent Moon Wand around all day looking for Serena. Serena's very surprised and tells Luna that she didn't even know that it was missing in the first place. Luna says that she has to be very careful with it from now on.
Just the the wand's alarm goes off. Luna says that the Negaverse are after the crystals again. Sailor Moon transforms and tells all the other Sailor Scouts via the communicator that she'll need their help as well.

When Sailor Moon tracks down Zoicite, she finds her at Peggy's house but it's too late! Peggy's green Rainbow Crystal is being removed and she's turning into the Negaverse warrior, Vena! Zoicite tries to escape with Vena, back to the Negaverse but Sailor Moon chases her and the other Scouts soon arrive so the battle begins.
Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter battle Vena and Sailor Moon chases after the escaping Zoicite. Zoicite doesn't get very far however as Tuxedo Mask appears and battles her for the crystal. Zoicite, frustrated with Tuxedo mask always interfering attacks him with all she's got and has him on the ropes and is about to finish him off with a giant crystal shard but luckily Sailor Moon destroys it with a Moon Tiara Magic attack and saves his life. Zoicite teleports out of there.

Taking a breather, Tuxedo Mask realises that Sailor Moon had dropped the Moon Locket he himself had dropped and gives it back to her, explaining that it would be safer if she held on to it for the moment. With that he leaves and Sailor Moon races back to the other Sailor Scouts who are doing fine battling Vena and uses Moon Healing Activation to heal her. Peggy returns to normal and passes out.

The next day, Serena walks past the art gallery again and notices that the self portrait from the day before had been replaced by one of Peggy! Peggy explains that she had decided to listen to what Serena said before about being herself and she feels all the better for it.

Monster of the Day

Vena has the incredible that allows her to create anything with the power of her mind. Unfortunately she doesn't have much in the way of fire-power or physical strength and is easily beaten by Mercury, Mars and Jupiter and even loses a wing in the battle! She is healed by Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Activation. She had the green Rainbow Crystal.

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