Episode 23

Sailor Moon

Mercury's Mental Match

Jap.27 "Love for Ami-chan?! A Boy Who Sees the Future."

Queen Beryl isn't happy at all with Tuxedo Mask getting one of the seven Rainbow Crystals in the previous episode so has summoned Zoicite and Malakite to her to let them know how she feels about their current situation. Malakite assures Beryl that they have a plan to get the Rainbow Crystal back from Tuxedo Mask and that they'll try as hard as they can to get the remaining five.

Meanwhile, Amy is one her way to school past a construction site when a new friend of hers from school, Greg, yells out for her to stop. She does so and asks Greg why he wanted her to do so. He hesitates a little and before he answers a giant steel beam falls from above and completely crushes the pavement where she would have been had she kept going!
In all the excitement, Greg slips away leaving Amy with no idea as to what exactly just happened.

When she gets to school she meets up with Serena and together they check this week's test results. Surprisingly Amy didn't come first! She was beaten by the new boy, Greg.
When they see Greg come to check his own score they congratulate him and try to start a conversation but he gets nervous and runs away. Serena suspects that he has a crush on Amy and goes in search of him.

Serena finds Greg on the school roof having a cheesy flashback concerning him falling in love with Amy because she told him to chill out in a school test.
She approaches Greg and tells him that she knows how he feels.
As she turns to leave, Greg warns her to be careful around water today, but the warning comes to late as just as he says it a cleaner accidentally throws a bucket of water all over Serena.

That night, Raye and Darien are on a date but Darien is so preoccupied with his search for the Rainbow Crystals and his identity that he unintentionally ignores Raye causing her to ask him if he's okay. He lies and tells her that he's fine and they both decided to go to the mall to hang out.

Elsewhere, Serena has decided to meet Greg for a drink and probably does one of the most careless things one could do in this day and age, give someone she just met who has a crush on Amy, a photo if her! Greg naturally loves the photo and Serena convinces Greg to tell Amy that he likes her.

Almost immediately after they say goodbye, Serena races around, finds Amy and basically drags her to where Greg us. As luck would have it though, Greg is the holder of a Rainbow Crystal and Zoicite has already found him and begun to remove the crystal which will turn him into one of the powerful warriors of the Negaverse!
Serena and Amy transform and manage to stop the process but Zoicite escapes and Greg is seriously hurt. Sailor Mercury takes Greg to a nearby bench and lies him down. As she does so, he wakes up suddenly having just had a premonition of what he will become. He asks Sailor Mercury to destroy him when it happens. He also says that with his premonition powers he also knows the Sailor Scouts identities but Amy refuses to let him call her Amy and pretends that he has no idea what he's talking about, though in a sweet flirtatious way.

Suddenly Zoicite appears behind them and again attempts to remove the crystal from Greg, this time succeeding! Zoicite grabs the crystal (this one blue) while Greg transforms into the mighty warrior, Bumboon. Though something is different. Instead of obeying Zoicite and destroying Sailor Mercury, he attacks Zoicite! Part of his mind is still human!
Zoicite doesn't like this one bit and uses the black crystal on him one more time, completely monsterfying him and making him a lot bigger!

Just in time, Sailor Moon arrives and uses her Moon Healing Activation on Greg... but it doesn't work! Luna tells them that they may have to weaken Bumboon first before attempting to heal him. Luckily Sailor Mars and Jupiter arrive and use their attacks to do just that. Mercury also uses Mercury Bubbles Blast to confuse him while Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Magic with a twist! Instead of using the Tiara to destroy the bad guy, it actually attaches itself to his forehead and electrocutes him!
Seeing that Bumboon is completely exhausted, Sailor Moon uses her Moon Healing Activation one last time and it works! Bumboon slowly transforms back into Greg who collapses on the ground.
Zoicite who had been watching the whole time, disappears having lost a warrior but gained a Rainbow Crystal and Tuxedo Mask who had also been watching walks away walks away having missed out on getting one.

Later that week, the girls see Greg off at the train stations. It seems as though Greg has to move again due to his father's work. Amy tells him that they can always be friends and competitors in tests and gives him a better picture of himself to spend his time with.

As the train pulls away they say goodbye to the ex-carrier of the third Rainbow Crystal and with only four more crystals to go, the location of the Moon Princess and Imperium Silver Moon Crystal gets closer and closer to being revealed.

Monster of the Day

While Greg was granted premonition powers, his former self, the warrior, Bumboon never exhibited such powers. Instead Bumboon's powers included the possession of huge scissors and the ability to throw them at opponents. It's also worth noting that Bumboon was extremely resistant to the Sailor Scouts' attacks and that it took all of their attacks to weaken him before Sailor Moon could heal him with Moon Healing Activation.
Bumboon was the first villain to be electrocuted by Sailor Moon's tiara. His Rainbow Crystal was yellow.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic attack is used in a dramatically different way in today's episode and as far as I know, it's never used in this way again: it attaches itself to the monster's forehead and shocks him!

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