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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.22 Speculation - Nemesis -

Original Air Date: 16th May 2015

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.22 speculation - nemesis -

As Wiseman takes Chibi Usa in the time vortex, a sudden disturbance erupts and knocks Sailor Pluto out back at the Space Time Door. King Endymion and Tuxedo Mask find her and learn of Chibi Usa’s disappearance. Tuxedo Mask heads into the vortex to find her.

Luna, Artemis and Sailor Venus meanwhile discover more about the Death Phantom, whom Neo Queen Serenity banished from Earth, and the dark planet, Nemesis.

In the Black Moon Castle on Nemesis, Usagi has been allowed to explore the building on her own. She overhears Rubeus talking about Mars, Mercury and Jupiter still being alive but passes out before she can do anything. Prince Demande takes her and sits her down but she awakens before he can go any further. She continues to explore some more and comes across Safir who introduces her to the fusion core of the planet and the only way to get to the surface. He tells her that their original plan was to simply change the past but Prince Demande broke away from their agreed strategy due to his obsession with Neo Queen Serenity. Safir announces that he will complete their original mission by killing Sailor Moon here and now, creating a completely new future for everyone.

As he lunges at Usagi with a crystal knife, Neo Queen Serenity begins to awaken and freezes Safir. She lends Usagi some of her power, giving her the ability to transform and save herself. Usagi calls out, “Moon Crystal Power Make Up!” and transforms into Sailor Moon.

Elsewhere, Wiseman senses Sailor Moon’s power and a mysterious female silhouette tells him it’s probably the Legendary Silver Crystal and she will accompany him to investigate.

The powered up Sailor Moon awakens Rei, Ami and Makoto and helps them all transform into Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. The three blast their way to where Sailor Moon is and attack Prince Demande who had come with Rubeus to assist Safir. Wiseman and a mysterious female figure have also arrived. Sailor Mars attacks with Burning Mandala, Mercury with Snow Storm Illusion and Jupiter with Sparkling Wide Pressure but Demande uses his third eye to defend himself and locks the Sailor Guardians in his spell. Sailor Moon manages to throw her tiara at his eye which frees them.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.22 speculation - nemesis -: neo queen serenity

Rubeus decided to make a run for it but the mysterious woman kills him immediately. Sailor Moon summons one of Pluto’s keys and teleports herself and the others to the Space Time Door where King Endymion, Luna, Artemis and Sailor Venus are waiting for them. Venus hugs them all. Before they can celebrate though, Sailor Moon senses something is wrong with Tuxedo Mask. He had gone looking for Chibi Usa in the vortex and has been taken by Wiseman’s mysterious woman!

Interesting Facts

While not a full reveal, Black Lady (Wicked Lady) appears for the first time in the episode, though her full appearance is shrouded in shadow.

Sailor Moon was pretty kick arse with her tiara in this episode.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Vol.11
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