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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.21 Complication - Nemesis -

Original Air Date: 2nd May 2015

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.21 complication - nemesis -

After being hit by Demande’s attack, Usagi passes out and has a weird dream about an evil, adult Chibi Usa running away with Mamoru. She wakes up and finds herself in a new white dress, lying atop a bed in a mysterious chamber.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.21 complication - nemesis -

Looking around, she finds her Crystal Star compact and sees a hologram of her future self, Neo Queen Serenity. As she walks up to it, Demande appears and tells her how he’s become a bit obsessed with her. He then uses his powers to force Usagi onto the bed and kisses her. Usagi manages to push him away and tries to transform but her compact appears to have lost its power. Demande leaves her alone and Usagi realises that none of her friends can help her and that it’s up to her to save herself.

In the Crystal Palace, King Endymion tells Sailor Venus, Artemis and Luna that Chibi Usa is unable to help them as she has no power of her own and is actually 900 years old! He also explains that the Black Moon are from Earth but were banished to the dark planet, Nemesis by Neo Queen Serenity after they rebelled due to their belief that the long life granted to the people of Earth by the Legendary Silver Crystal was a perversion of nature.

Elsewhere, Ami, Rei and Makoto awaken. They all try to transform but the prison they’re in absorbs their powers and they pass out.

Chibi Usa begins to think about how she had stolen the Legendary Silver Crystal to try and prove that she was a real princess. She recalls how it was her fault Neo Queen Serenity was outside the palace looking for her when she was attacked. She also begins to think about the time she first met Sailor Pluto, who cheered her up.

In the present, Chibi Usa decides to visit Sailor Pluto again but sees her cheerfully talking to her father, King Endymion. Chibi Usa feels like she’s not needed anymore and runs off into the time vortex. Unknown to her, she accidentally drops her Space Time Key which results in her getting lost. Wiseman finds her and uses his mind control powers to convince her to come with him. Chibi Usa’s golden crescent moon symbol transforms into the black Black Moon symbol.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Vol.11
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