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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.23 Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman -

Original Air Date: 6th June 2015

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.23 covert maneuvers - wiseman -

Sailor Moon and the others decide to go search for Chibi Usa and Tuxedo Mask in the Space Time Vortex.

Meanwhile beneath Nemesis’ surface, Chibi Usa, who has now been transformed into a corrupted, adult version of herself called Black Lady, has teleported Prince Demande and Safir to safety after their battle with Sailor Moon.

She then opens up a portal and takes them to Wiseman’s castle which is on the edge of time itself. Prince Demande sees Wiseman and demands to know his true intentions but Wiseman responds by zapping them both with a pink energy blast, hypnotising them to be completely under his control. Black Lady reveals their plan to launch another black crystal at the Earth. A mind controlled Tuxedo Mask appears and kisses Black Lady. She claims that she has everything she wants.

wicked lady / black lady kissing tuxedo mask

Back on Earth in the present, Usagi awakens in her bed with Minako, Ami, Rei, Makoto and her mother all around her. Her mother tells her she hit her head at school, giggles and then leaves. The girls explain that they used Luna P to hypnotise her mother into believing that but in reality Usagi had used too much power as Sailor Moon in their search for Chibi Usa and had collapsed. Usagi tells them she misses Chibi Usa being around.

Later on, soon after the girls leave, Usagi is walking outside when a massive disturbance hits her and all of Tokyo. A Space Time Key appears behind her. The girls run back to Usagi’s house and they all transform and return to Sailor Pluto as quickly as they can.

Pluto tells them something terrible has happened and opens the Space Time Door to reveal a second black crystal has been dropped on the Earth.

In the Crystal Palace, King Endymion is telling the comatose Neo Queen Serenity that he feels guilty for everything that has happened. Diana consoles him and leaves him alone.

Black Lady then appears and reveals her identity to Endymion. Sailor Moon and the others soon arrive and Black Lady immediately tries to take the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. The sleeping Neo Queen Serenity banishes Black Lady from the palace.

Outside, Black Lady voices her dislike for the entire family. Sailor Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus run outside to face her while Wiseman appears.

Interesting Facts

This episode featured the first proper reveal of Chibi Usa as Black Lady (Wicked Lady).

Interesting to note that while Luna P was also turned evil in the 90s Sailor Moon anime series, in this one she remains very much her usual robotic self. It’s also worth noting that while everyone confronted Black Lady in the present in the original anime, in Sailor Moon Crystal they meet her in the future.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Vol.12
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