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Sailor Moon Vol 11

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Sailor Moon R enters a new stage in plot development.

Region Differences

The DVD used for this review is the Region 4, Australian / New Zealand version which seems to contain the same episodes taken from the same source as the Region 1, North American DVD but with a fresher redesigned navigation menu that actually lists the episodes in numerical order rather than the "title only" approach used by the Region 1 designers. The Region 1 menus were also static and silent while the Region 4 ones are animated with music in the background (more on the menus further down this page).


The cover features a piece of artwork created for the Region 1 DVD cover though with one major difference, the inclusion of a disk number on the spine and the front top right corner!
The artwork contains a rather nice edit of Sailor Moon in her famous pose with an ominous Rubeus in the background and some nice starry and shiny effects thrown in for good measure. The back cover contains the same colour scheme with several screencaps placed in starred borders plus a nice description of the content of the episodes. There is one mistake though as the description alludes to "a new Sailor Scout" but Sailor Pluto doesn't appear until the next volume.

Sailor Moon DVD #11 Main Menu

The Menus

I really do like the menus on these Australian English Sailor Moon DVDs. There is a lot more detail in the animated backgrounds than is first noticed and the number of subtle animation effects and layers placed on the image of Sailor Moon and Rubeus is really something. The intrumental version of the Sailor Moon opening theme plays again here and to very nice effect. Menus load fast. Overall, very nice.

The Special Features

Unfortunately there aren't any Special Features on this DVD which is a shame, but then the Japanese DVDs didn't really have any Special Features either. There is though an Easter Egg to be found if you highlight the link for "Checkmate" and then click LEFT on your remote which takes you to a basic static screen of disk credits. Not much, but it's something.

The Episodes

The first two episodes on this disk, Naughty 'N Nice and Prediction of Doom do seem to fall into the "filler" category but the next four episodes, Enemies No More, Sailor Moon DVD #11 Quality Sample Screencap Checkmate, Sibling Rivalry and Rubeus Evens the Score set up the next phase of Sailor Moon R rather well and end on a great cliffhanger that'll having you throwing in the next DVD as soon as the final Sailor Moon Says finishes.

These episodes also feature a major turning point in the English Sailor Moon series as the final episode on the disk, Rubeus Evens the Score is actually the first of the famous "Lost Episodes" that were dubbed years after episodes 1 - 65. The transition is rather flawless, though keep your senses alert for a few new voice actors, scene transitions and background music tracks.

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