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Episode 166

SM SuperS

The Sweetest Dream

Jap.166 "Dreams Forever! Light Throughout the Sky"

The light of the Golden Crystal lights up the whole city and destroys all of the spider webs and Dead Moon Circus tents in sight.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream As the light clears, Sailor Moon looks around and sees everyone unconscious, lying in what remains of the main tent.

Suddenly she sees Nehelenia holding an unconscious Mini Moon on the other side of the court and runs after her.

All of a sudden the part of the building where Nehelenia is in begins floating up towards the eclipsed Moon. Sailor Moon leaps and grabs onto it's edge and runs Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream up the stairwell after Nehelenia.

When she reaches the top she finds Nehelenia, no old and graying in the exposed sunlight, looking at her mirror. As she turns around Sailor Moon's horrified by her sudden change in appearance.

Nehelenia realises that Sailor Moon is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity from the past and tells her this. Seeing that Sailor Moon has no memory of these past events, Nehelenia tells her the story of how she came to be like this.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream She explains that once she was a beautiful queen on her own planet. All of her people worshipped her beauty. One day though she asked a mysterious mirror in her palace if her beauty would be eternal but the mirror showed began speaking in Zirconia's voice and showed her her aged wrinkled form in her reflection.

The voice told her never to underestimate the dreams of others and eventually corrupted the queen. Nehelenia had then asked all of her people to sacrifice their dreams for her and shows us how oneSailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream by one each citizen removed their own Dream Mirror and transformed into a dreamless Lemres.

Nehelenia tells Sailor Moon that the dreams of her people sustained her beauty and that now she will happily be sealed once again so she can be young forever in the mirror.

Sailor Moon can't believe this. Suddenly a Zirconia-like creature bursts out of Nehelenia's chest and strangles Sailor Moon. Moon looks at her though and tells her she pities her. The creature quickly returns to Nehelenia's body.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream She yells at Sailor Moon to stop looking at her with those pitiful eyes and says that she looks the same as she did "back then" and remembers in a flash, Princess Serenity in her white dress and with huge angelic wings holding a glowing Golden Crystal.

Nehelenia then picks up Mini Moon, who's unconscious body is still holding the Golden Crystal and throws her over the side of the rising building, claiming that because Sailor Moon Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream destroyed her dream, she will destroy hers.

Sailor Moon runs over to the edge, tells Nehelenia that she still pities her and leaps off after Mini Moon.

Nehelenia says Sailor Moon's a fool but is happy now that she can finally have her peace and be alone with her beauty in the mirror. In a flash she's zapped into the mirror and made youthful again. The mirror then begins floating upwards towards the moon before fading away.

Down below, Sailor Moon is falling after Mini Moon. She screams out her name but Mini Moon is still unconscious.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream Slowly she begins to catch up but the winds make it too hard to catch her. She begins to give up but then realises that she believes in her Moon Power. Her broach releases a burst of pink energy that transforms her into her Princess Serenity form as the eclipse ends, revealing the light of the full moon.

She falls faster towards Mini Moon and finally catches up to her and hugs her.

Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream Suddenly they reach the skyscrapers and begin to fall faster and faster. Serena yells out for Rini to wake up and tells her if she doesn't they'll lose their future and that she can't summon the Golden Crystal's powers by herself.

Rini slowly begins to awaken and tells Serena that she wants to share their future together. They both grab the Golden Crystal which activates it.

Down in the ruins of the circus tent, Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream Helios awakens and teleports up into the sky as Pegasus and flies into the two girls, releasing a huge burst of energy. As it clears Serena and Rini are revealed to be in their princess forms, each with wings. They both float down to safety.

Later that day Serena, Rini, Darien, Raye, Mina, Amy, Lita, Diana, Luna and Artemis all gather to say farewell to Helios who must return to Elysium to protect the Golden Crystal.

Rini is a bit embarrassed with everyone watching. Suddenly a voice yells out that there's a UFO. All the girls and Darien look around for it giving Rini the chance to hug Helios. Helios then kneels down and kisses Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream her hand.

From behind a tree Besu Besu tells the other Amazon Quartet that she doesn't need no Golden Crystal to make magic like that happen. Para Para asks if they aren't going to say goodbye to the girls but Cele Cele and Jun Jun say it's best just to disappear quietly and that they may see them again in the future.

Back at the group, Darien thanks Helios for helping them and the others tell him that Sailor Moon SuperS: The Sweetest Dream he should say. Helios tells them he must go and transforms into Pegasus and flies away.

Rini is a bit upset and says that she hadn't told Pegasus her dreams yet and that she wanted to hear his. Serena tells her that she'll see him again. Rini smiles and says that she's right and that until then, she'll dream about him.

Everyone looks at the beautiful sunlight that covers their city.

Interesting Facts

This was the final appearance of Helios / Pegasus and the Amazon Quartet.

If that brief flashback is to be believed, Princess Serenity had wings in her previous life on the Moon. There's also a bit of a plot hole as it had been stated by several characters throughout Sailor Moon SuperS that Queen Serenity imprisoned Queen Nehelenia yet in this episode it's suggested that Princess Serenity with the Golden Crystal was the one.

As far as I know, this was the only episode of the Sailor Moon anime where no attacks were used!

The area in which Serena and Rini land is somewhere within the Shinjuku Business District. If I can find the exact location, I'll post it here.

As the next "season" Sailor Stars is considered a separate series from Sailor Moon (in Japan), this makes this episode the final episode of the Sailor Moon anime series. This was the final episode involving several big staff members of the anime series, such as Kunihiko Ikuhara, Ikuko Ito and Yoji Enokido who were all involved in some of the four seasons' best and most defining episodes.
Sailor Stars would no longer feature supporting characters such as Chad, Molly or Sammy and would use new character designs for all the characters and even use a brand new opening theme song, further emphasising it's spinoff status.

This was the final episode of Sailor Moon dubbed into English.

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