Sailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy

Episode 137

SM SuperS

Phony Fairy

Jap.137 "Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy"

Rini and Serena are browsing a book store when Rini finds a book with beautiful pictures of fairies in it. She asks Serena to buy it for her. Serena Sailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy agrees to buy it for her but tells Rini that she owes her.

As they're walking home, Rini is so absorbed in the book that she walks right into a man who just happens to be the book's artist!

Later that night, Pegasus checks in on Rini and finds her looking at the book. Rini tells him all about the artist and how they had talked about his dreams where he sees the fairies and flowers in his book. She also mentions how she had asked him if he would like to find a woman who's like the fairies in his dreams and how he Sailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy blushed.

Pegasus tells Rini that the flowers look like the flowers where he comes from... though he doesn't give her any more information.

In the Dead Moon Circus, the Amazon Trio are looking through more photos of targets. Fisheye sees the photo of the artist and much to Tigerseye and Hawkseye's disappointment, chooses him as her target.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy The next day Rini and the artist are talking in the forest when the artist sees a fairy! (Fisheye in disguise.) He races after her and finds her standing in the middle of a lake.

She tells him that she is indeed a fairy and the two begin to get close.

Diana, who had been with Rini, walks up to Fisheye and begins to smell her feet. Fisheye freaks out and runs away. Moments later while having a shower back at the circus she swears to rid the world of cats once they take it over.

Later on at Raye's temple Rini and Sailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy Diana tell the girls about what happened. Diana tells them that the woman definitely wasn't human but also wasn't a fairy because she smelt... "fishy". Serena suggests she was a fish fairy but the girls don't buy it.

They all agree to keep an eye on the author and head to the park in two groups.

Serena and Rini arrive first and spot the author with Fisheye. HeSailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. As they're rolling around on the ground they crush a flower. The artist sees this and gets up. Fisheye becomes concerned about the flower staining her dress. The artist realises that she can't be a fairy because she cares more about fashion than a beautiful flower.

He tells ger he can't marry her and goes to leave. Fisheye becomes furious and reveals her real form and straps him to a panel and summons his dream mirror. She checks his dreams but doesn't find Pegasus.

Rini and Serena transform and announce their presence. Fisheye summons the first male Lemres, Tsudamatero which traps Super Sailor Moon on a tightrope. Super Sailor Moon falls but Tuxedo Mask arrives and saves her.

Super Sailor Mini Moon summons Sailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Super Sailor Moon finishes the Lemres off with Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Fisheye retreats.

Moments later the artists wakes up and tells Rini that he saw two fairies (Super Sailor Mini Moon and Super Sailor Moon).

Elsewhere in the park Mina, Raye, Lita and Amy are lost and unable to find Serena or Rini.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Phony Fairy

Monster of the Day

Tsudamatero was the first ever male Lemres though unfortunately he didn't seem to have any attack at all besides summoning a tightrope out of thin air.

Super Sailor Moon finished him off with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

In the English version of the anime, Fisheye is a woman. In the Japanese version, Fisheye's a man. Interesting then to note that at this point in the season the character was being portrayed as a woman in both versions. This is not in reference to the cross dressing but the shower scene which strategically covers where anything would/could be.

In the original Japanese version in the scene where Fisheye is putting on makeup, she can be heard humming the show's theme song.

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