Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner

Episode 134

SM SuperS

A Pegasus Page Turner

Jap.134 "Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Who Adores A Pegasus"

All the girls are in Crown talking about the new smash hit novel, The Moonlight Pegasus written by Tomoko Takashi. Raye begins to tease Serena about liking something other than a comic book but once Amy admits to liking it she begins to wonder if she should read it.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner Rini looks at Lita who seems lost in thought.

Later on, Lita tells Serena and Rini that she was friends with Tomoko Takashi at her old school and that she encouraged her to keep writing when she was about to give up.

Rini and Serena are impressed that without Lita, they wouldn't have the fantastic Moonlight Pegasus to read. They talk Lita into going to visit her. Luna correctly accuses them of wanting to do this for their own benefit rather than Lita's.

In the Dead Moon Circus' tent Zirconia is tired of the Trio's failings and chooses their next target for them, who happens to be Tomoko!

Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner At Tomoko's house, Serena and the girls arrive to see all of the publishers and staff outside her gate. They ask the girls if they know where she is as her manuscript is due tomorrow.

Lita runs away upset.

Lita runs to a nearby river when she had first met Tomoko and finds her there. She asks her what's wrong and Tomoko explains that she's worried that she can never write a followup novel as great as Moonlight Pegasus.

Tigerseye sees this conversation from the brush where he's hiding and begins to scheme.

Later that night, Serena and Luna find Lita by Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner herself in Crown. Lizzy asks them if they know what happened and they tell her they don't know.

Luna then realises that Rini's gone. Serena is annoyed and assumes that she's gone back to Tomoko's house.

Back at Tomoko's, Tomoko is thinking about a boy she liked at school who she was using as her muse but since she saw him with a girlfriend she has lost all of her motivation.

Rini yells at her from the street that she's seen Pegasus and that she's glad that someone else has had the same dream and asks her to write Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner another book.

Tomoko doesn't know what she's talking about and closes the curtain.

Lita then joins Rini and tells Tomoko that her story isn't just hers anymore and that people all over now enjoy her story.

Tigerseye appears in Tomoko's room, disguised as her new manager but almost immediately reveals his true form and chases her out of her window onto her balcony.

Lita, Rini and Serena who had just arrived, all transform.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner Sailor Jupiter attacks with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap but the attack misses.

Tigerseye summons the Lemres, Magician Keiko who ties Sailor Jupiter, Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon up in chains.

Sailor Jupiter uses Jupiter Thunder Crash but that just shocks them all.

Tigerseye checks Tomoko's Dream Mirror but doesn't find Pegasus.

Tuxedo Mask arrives and frees the Sailor Scouts. Tigerseye retreats.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner Super Sailor Mini Moon summons Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell and Super Sailor Moon defeats Magician Keiko with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Tomoko, weakened, sees Pegasus fly away. She becomes inspired.

Soon after, Tomoko tells Lita that she'll keep writing and that she wants her to read it before anyone else.

Lita tells her she'd love to read her work as she's always been her number one fan.

Sailor Moon SuperS: A Pegasus Page Turner

Monster of the Day

Magician Keiko was a rather basic Lemres with a chain attack she could tied targets up with and a clock bomb (whcih we never got to see explode.)

Naturally she was defeated by Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

This was the first time we had seen a flashback to Lita's time at her old school and saw other people in her old (yet current) school uniform.

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