Sailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap

Episode 131

SM SuperS

Baiting the Trap

Jap.131 "Capture the Pegasus! The Amazon's Trap"

Zirconia summons the Amazon Trio. He tells them that he's not happy with their failures so far.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap Hawkseye assures him that their first three tries were simply tests and that once they combine their efforts they will find Pegasus for sure.

The three then go to the Dead Moon bar and once more start sorting through their potential targets.

Tigerseye is frustrated with Hawkseye for making such a promise to Zirconia and that now the pressure is really on.

Tigerseye picks up a picture of Molly and chooses her as his target.

Later that day he tracks herSailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap down as she's waiting for Melvin. He approaches her and begins to flirt with her but she quickly excuses herself when Melvin arrives and the two run away. Tigerseye doesn't understand why she wasn't impressed with him.

He goes back to the Dead Moon circus tent where Hawkseye shows him a cage that he has designed to capture Pegasus. He explains that while normally Pegasus exists out of phases with this dimension so can't be physically caught, this cage creates a sub-dimension inside itself that will make Pegasus corporeal and trap him.

Tigerseye sets out once again to get Molly,Sailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap this time to use her as bait for Pegasus.

He finds her in a library looking at nursing books. He deduces that she wants to be a nurse so runs into her outside and pretends to be ill and tells her he only has days to live. Molly begins to feel sorry for him and agrees to be his girlfriend until he passes away.

Later on she tells Serena and the girls and they're all surprised and shocked. She then meets up with Melvin who devastated but loves Molly for her kindness. Molly is sad that she upset Sailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap Melvin.

Serena and the girls see this conversation. Rini decides to keep an eye on Melvin and finds him drowning his sorrows in a pile of milkshakes.

Molly then meets up with Tigerseye who begins to make a serious move on her. Molly then realises what a jerk he is and tells him that she's changed her mind. Tigerseye then reveals his true identity and straps her to his panel and has a look at her dream.

Serena and Rini who had come to check on Molly see her being attacked and transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon.

Tigerseye summons theSailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap Lemres, Juggling Jackal who attacks them with several fireball attacks. Sailor Chibi Moon who remembers Pegasus' message to her to call for him any time she needs help uses Crystal Twinkle Bell.

Pegasus appears and distracts the Lemres and Tigerseye. Moon and Mini Moon then run to Molly. As they get to her though, Tigerseye activates the cage. Pegasus flies to help them but Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon realise it's a trap and yell for him to stop.

The cage activates in full but it doesn't work on Pegasus and he simply flies right through it.

Juggling Jackal pulls out some knives to throw at them but Tuxedo Mask arrives and stops her with a three Sailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap rose rose attack.

Super Sailor Moon attacks with Moon Gorgeous Meditation, finishing her off.

Tigerseye retreats.

As they help Molly down she looks up and sees Pegasus flying away. Everyone smiles.

That night Molly comes to visit Melvin who's feeling sick after drinking all those milkshakes. She gives him a present, another milkshake!

Sailor Moon SuperS: Baiting the Trap

Monster of the Day

Juggling Jackal like the other Lemres was very powerful and had a cool fire attack as well as a knife throwing attack (though she never got to fully perform that).

She was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Interesting Facts

During Molly's "break up" with Melvin, a sign can be seen in the background with a giant "SMSS" (which obviously stands for Sailor Moon SuperS) on it and the Japanese air time for the series.

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