Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary Horsepower

Episode 129

SM SuperS

No Ordinary Horsepower

Jap.129 "Super Transformations Again! Pegasus' Power"

Rini and Serena are filling in Amy, Raye, Mina and Lita on their new enemy. Serena double checks with Rini if she knows anything about Pegasus, who helped them in the previous episode, but remembering his request not to tell people she's seen him, she tells Serena and the others that she doesn't.

Rini then hears the whinny of a horse and runs in it's direction, hoping to see Pegasus. What she finds instead is a woman riding a horse. When Serena and the others catch up they're surprised to see that it's Rita, Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary HorsepowerAndrew's girlfriend who had moved to Africa to study way back in Season One!

Suddenly Rita falls off of her horse as it's doing a jump. Rita seems to be okay but Serena and the others go to help anyway.

Moments later inside, Serena and the girls apologise if their presence startled the horse. Rita says not to worry and that it was probably her mood that threw him off.

Rita tells them that now that she's back in Japan she's been offered an apprenticeship in Europe and that they would also like her to teach while she's there which can make her stay up to ten years! She says that she's told Andrew all about it and that while he was happy initially, he hasn't Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary Horsepower answered any of her phone-calls.

Mina and Serena jump up with poor Artemis and Luna and tell Rita that they'll find out Andrew's true intentions.

Later that day they all meet Andrew at Fruit Parlor Crown where his sister Lizzie works and ask him. He gets angry though and tells them he doesn't want to talk about it. Lizzie apologises for her brother and says he's been acting strange lately.

Amy and the others think that Serena should be focusing on who the new enemy is instead. Mina and Serena agree that that's important but that they shouldn't forget about the troubles of those close to them either.

In the Dead Moon Circus' tent Zirconia instructs the Amazon Trio to hurry up and find Pegasus who is hiding in someone's beautiful dream and reminds them Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary Horsepower that they've waiting one hundred years for this opportunity.

The Trio go to the Dead Moon Bar and skim through photos of targets. Fisheye shows them her golden saddle which she will put on Pegasus once she finds him. Tigerseye and Hawkseye find a picture of Rita and decide she must be the one with the beautiful dream.

Meanwhile Rini has met with Rita and is spending time with her horses. Rini asks Rita if she has seen a white horse with wings and a horn. Rita tells Rini that she's describing a pegasus, a creature of dreams that has been spoken of for centuries. Rita wonders if Rini has seen it in her dreams.

That night Rini asks Luna if distance weakens love or makes it grow stronger. Luna doesn't know what to say.

In the next room Serena is talking on the phone to one of the girls. When she hangs up it immediately rings. It's Darien! He tells her that he's been Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary Horsepower trying to ring but that it's been engaged all night. The two talk.

The next day Rita encounters Tigerseye at the horse-tracks. He charms her and listens to her problems helping her open up to him. As they sit down and she begins to tell him about her dream he begins to get too eager and places his hand on hers. Rita gets scared and starts to run away but Tigerseye uses his magic to create a root that comes out of the ground and trips her over.

He then counts to three and has her strapped down to a board. He summons the Lemure Danko to defend himself and then walks towards her exposed Dream Mirror and peaks inside. While it's a beautiful dream, Pegasus isn't in it so he commands Danko to kill her.

Rini, with Luna, sees this and transforms into Sailor Mini Moon. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus soon arrive and Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary Horsepower join her.

Danko pulls out a massive black whip and chases the Sailor Scouts around with it. Sailor Mini Moon, exhausted, prays to Pegasus to come help them. Pegasus appears just in time and powers Mini Moon and Moon up to their Super forms.

Super Sailor Moon once more performs her new attack, yelling "Moon Super Moon Target!" which destroys the Lemure.

Tigerseye backflips through a portal and escapes.Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary Horsepower Pegasus also departs and as soon as he does so Super Sailor Mini Moon and Super Sailor Moon return to their regular forms.

That afternoon everyone gathers in Fruit Parlor Crown and asks Andrew what the deal is with Rita. He admits that he loves her so much but didn't want her to miss out on such a great opportunity because of him. Rita, who had been hiding behind the counter, hears this and stands up. She tels him she was afraid he had stopped loving her.

Andrew tells her that he could never stop loving her and they both agree to stay together even when they're miles appart.

That night Rini thinks to herself that it doesn't matter where people are as long as there's love between them.

Sailor Moon SuperS: No Ordinary Horsepower

Monster of the Day

Danko was another wacky Lemure summoned by Tigerseye who was rather strong and had a really long whip.

She was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's new attack in progress.

Interesting Facts

Sure was a surprise seeing Andrew's girlfriend, Rita who was last seen in the first season and is an ex-holder of a Rainbow Crystal!

Same as in the previous episode, Super Sailor Moon's attack for some reason still hasn't been given it's full true name (Super Sailor Moon just grunts in the original Japanese version) and it's animation is still incomplete. Noone knows why they've done this in the anime as in the manga she used the attack straight away with no difference throughout. A very possible theory is that the anime was so far ahead of the manga that Naoko Takeuchi still hadn't decided on a name for it yet. This also explains the massive differences in the anime SuperS plot compared to the manga story.

Rini, while still transforming into her regular Sailor Mini Moon form, used her second transformation animation that was first seen in the Sailor Moon S movie.

Strangely enough, we haven't seen Sailor Moon transform yet this season on screen despite the fact she obviously can. Perhaps they're trying to keep the S season imagery separate from the SuperS look?

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