Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends

Episode 195

Sailor Stars

Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends

Raye visits Serena who is still in shock over the absence of Darien and Seiya admitting he has true feelings for her in the previous episode.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends Serena is a complete mess and begins to ramble about how she hasn't been staying in touch with Darien. Raye asks for how long and is shocked to hear that Serena hasn't heard from him since he left for America. Their conversation is disrupted by Chibi Chibi who turns the stereo on. A newscaster announces that the Three Lights will be splitting up and will be performing their farewell concert soon.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends Serena decides to go and speak to Seiya about her feelings. On her way there she runs into Amara and Michelle who decide to go with her and make sure that Serena says her farewells to Seiya.

At Fruits Parlor Crown Raye, Amy, Mina and Lita discuss the revelation that Serena hasn't heard from Darien. Amy checks with the university and it appears that Darien never arrived. They all assume something had happened to him and begin to worry.

Back stage at the concert hall the Three Lights tell their princess, Princess Kakyu that with their final concertSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends they will definitely find the Light of Hope. Serena, Chibi Chibi, Amara and Michelle arrive. Seiya asks everyone if he can speak to Serena alone. Kakyu, Yaten, Taiki, Amara, Michelle and Chibi Chibi all wait outside.

Seiya tells Serena that he didn't mean to fall in love with her but he did. He then apologises and tells Serena that he hopes she will be happy with her boyfriend. He then kisses Serena on the cheek as she begins to cry.

Outside Yaten and Taiki tell the others that the war is about to truly begin on this planet and they will fully know what they have experienced.

Seiya and Serena then join them so Seiya, Yaten and Taiki head Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descendsout for their final performance.

The three thank all of their fans and tell them all that they wish their songs to give them hope. They then begin to sing while secretly sending their message to the Light of Hope. Unknown to everyone, Chibi Chibi begins to glow a bright pink.

As the concert hall ceiling opens Sailor Tin Nyanko attacks the entire building with energy blasts. As the audience evacuates the Three Lights transform into the Sailor Starlights. Serena also transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. Strangely Tin Nyanko, who is now half white and half black begins to switch back and forth between wanting to help them save Earth and wanting to take their Star Seeds. Princess Kakyu explains that Tin Nyanko used to be a real Sailor Soldier but she had had her Star Seed taken and is only being held together by her bracelets given to her by Galaxia.

The Starlights tell the others that she is their enemy so Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends they shall take care of her. Uranus and Neptune tell them to stand down as they will protect this planet. Sailor Mars and the others appear and announce they will show everyone how it's done. Princess Kakyu tells everyone that they must stop acting like this. Eternal Sailor Moon agrees and says that they can no longer keep fighting separately.

Suddenly black lightening bursts from the heavens and blasts the entirety of Tokyo, possible the entire country or planet. Sailor Galaxia appears, coldly tells Tin Nyanko that she did a good job and removes her remaining bracelet, killing her. As she disappears, Tin Nyanko's bell falls to the ground and rings.

Sailor Galaxia blasts Princess Kakyu and sends her flying. She then fires several bracelet blasts at her. Kakyu holds it at bay with her immense power and yells at the Starlights that at theirSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends current energy levels they are no match for Galaxia and that they should run while she holds her off. As everyone looks on in horror Princess Kakyu is hit and her beautiful red Star Seed appears above her head. Galaxia grabs it. Eternal Sailor Moon attacks Sailor Galaxia with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss but Galaxia simply smirks and disperses the attack with a raise of her hand. She announces that she will now go so she can watch their final futile efforts and return soon for all of their Star Seeds.

As she fades away Kakyu falls to the ground. Chibi Chibi transforms into Sailor Chibi Chibi and holds her hand. She whispers to her that she will be okay. Kakyu slowly looks up and whispers "The Light of Hope" and disappears. The Sailor Starlights scream as the others look on in horror.

Interesting Facts

This episode featured the death of Sailor Tin Nyanko who was revealed to be a true Sailor Soldier. This differs from her manga counterpart which was revealed to have killed the Sailor Soldier of her home planet Mau, Sailor Mau and taken her place to serve Sailor Galaxia. In the manga it's also revealed that Tin Nyanko and Sailor Mau come from the same planet as Artemis and Luna though this is never alluded to in the anime continuity.

This episode also saw the death of Princess Kakyu who got a much less gruesome death than her manga counterpart who was skewered by Sailor Chi's staff in a very shocking scene. Another major difference between the anime and manga versions is that in the manga, Princess Kakyu actually transforms into her Sailor form, Sailor Kakyu.

Speaking of Princess Kakyu, her name can translate as "Princess Fireball" which explains the a part of the Japanese title of this episode, "Princess Fireball Burns Out".

The name of the Three Lights' final concert, "FINAL STAGE" is most likely a reference to the Sailor Moon Musicals, more specifically the first Sailor Moon's actress, ANZA who's final musical Eternal Legend (Revision) The Final First Stage!! was being performed around the same time this episode aired.

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