Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars

Episode 194

Sailor Stars

Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars

Princess Kakyu has been found! The Sailor Starlights are very relieved to see her and immediately kneel before her.

Princess Kakyu tells them all of the Sailor Wars which began with the most powerful evil in the galaxy, Chaos who had corrupted everything a long long time ago and how he was eventually sealed away by the legendary Sailor Soldier who was the strongest Sailor Soldier in the galaxy.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars Kakyu then mentions how Chaos has now somehow revived and that she has been on a quest to find the Light of Hope which was left behind by the legendary Sailor Soldier. She then tells Serena that she had been watching her through the incense burner Chibi Chibi had been looking after and asks Serena to lend her her power so together they can find the Light of Hope and defeat Chaos.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune appear and tell Kakyu that that wish is a very selfish one. Kakyu and the Starlights leave.

Sailor Galaxia meanwhile is in a different form, standing in the shadows pondering over how the powerful Sailor Soldiers are all gathering on this planet and one by one her followers are being Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars defeated.

Sailor Tin Nyanko enters. Galaxia quickly transforms back to her usual form and asks Tin Nyanko what she wants. Nyanko tells Galaxia that she's found a Star Seed and begins to ramble on and on about why she couldn't get it. Galaxia yells at her to get out. Nyanko runs away.

That night Amara and Michelle keep watch on Serena outside of her house while parked in their car. Michelle pours Amara coffee while Amara tells her how Serena is always the one most hurt by things and that she will be hurt more when things heat up.

In the Three Lights' studio Seiya sits with Princess Kakyu. She asks him ifSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars this is the form she takes when on Earth. He (really a "she" in disguise) explains that it was easier in this form for them to send their message to her. Kakyu apologises for not replying sooner but if Galaxia had caught her everything would have been over. She then asks for Seiya to sing her their song. Seiya sings and he thinks of them in their original Starlight forms with Kakyu watching flower petals fall on their home planet of Kinmoku. Suddenly Seiya sees Serena where Kakyu should be. He wakes up from his vision to see his princess sleeping next to him. Yaten and Taiki enter and comment on how tired she must be. Seiya tells them to look after her and leaves.

In her room Serena is listening to Darien's answering machine message again and again while crying. She misses him alot. Seiya meanwhile is trying to call Serena to hear her voice but keeps getting a line-busy beep.

The next day Mina, Lita and Amy protect Serena and tell her that the enemy could be disguised as anyone even a powerline repair man (who actually happens to be Tin Nyanko on disguise). When they get to school they tell her that she can't feel safe here as an enemy could even be in their school uniform (hilariously Tin Nyanko is also around and dressed up as a student).

When they get to their homeroom they show Serena several items such as tearSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars gas, a Hikawai Shrine charm and a whistle. Serena wonders what the whistle is for and blows it. As soon as she does so Raye runs across town to their location and arrives out of breathe in their classroom doorway asking why she blew the whistle.

After a whole day of Amy, Lita and Mina following her everywhere (even the toilet!) Serena asks them if they really think she's so undependable. Lita tells her they don't think that at all but they don't want anything to happen to her while Darien's away. Serena visibly becomes very upset.

After school Raye is reading a comic magazine in Fruits Parlor Crown when Amy, Mina and Lita arrive. Raye asks them where Serena is and they tell her they hurt her feelings and that she wanted to be alone. Raye can't believe this, panics and runs to Serena's school as fast as she can.

Serena is by herself on the roof of the school building looking at some students play soccer. She's very sad and depressed over Darien not being around. Sailor Tin Nyanko then appears behind her and transforms out of her civilian form.

Downstairs Seiya is cleaning out his desk and thinking about how his life as Seiya is over. Raye then opens the classroom door in her search, sees Seiya and asks if he's seen Serena. The two search the building and then split up so he can check the room while Raye and the others check the gym.

Seiya finds Eternal Sailor Moon fighting for her life on the roof. He throws a rose at Tin Nyanko's feet which gets her attention. Sailor Moon immediately thinks of Tuxedo Mask and even sees him for a second and is shocked to see Seiya. Seiya transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and attacks Tin Nyanko with Star Serious LaserSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars which knocks her off her feet.

Sailor Star Fighter yells at Eternal Sailor Moon but she doesn't move. He yells again for her to attack while she can and she finally snaps out of her shock and attacks with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. Surprisingly the attack hits Sailor Tin Nyanko and she begins to yell out "Beautiful!" but manages to step out of the blast. Interestingly one of her bracelets has been damaged and half of her now appears to be white.

She staggers a bit but then quickly teleports away in the phone-booth.

It begins to rain.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars Seiya and Serena now stand in their civilian forms. Serena falls down and begins to shake and cry. She collapses talking about how she always tries to be strong but as soon as she saw the rose she thought Darien had returns and she realised that she doesn't want to be alone anymore.

Seiya kneels in front of her, realising how much Serena must love Darien. He then aks her if he is not enough. This surprises Serena who simply stares at him.

Raye and the others look on from the doorway, concerned for Serena.

Interesting Facts

Despite appearing in the previous episode Princess Kakyu spoke for the first time in this one.

We saw our first glimpse at Sailor Galaxia's true form in this episode.

The comic magazine Raye was reading was Nakayoshi which is where the Sailor Moon manga original ran. Funnily enough Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon were on the cover!

Sailor Tin Nyanko actually dresses up as a student and infiltrated Serena's school in the manga. Her time in the school was much longer in the manga though.

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