Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face!

Episode 178

Sailor Stars

Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face!

All the girls and Artemis are placing posters up around town for Luna who seems to have disappeared. They're all very worried and begin speculation about her maybe being hit by a car or even taken away to join a circus.

Suddenly they all see her on TV with Yaten!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face! At school the next day, Serena, Amy, Lita and Mina spy on Yaten to see why he has Luna. They're interrupted though by a shy girl who gives Serena a love letter! They all are very surprised. Serena kindly tells the girl that she's not really into girls and that she likes boys and that even then she already has a boyfriend but the girl tells her that the letter's for Yaten and runs away.

They all feel silly for thinking the letter was for Serena. Serena takes the letter and goes to give it to Yaten but he simply throws it away and tells her that he gets hundreds of these a day.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face! After school they all meet at Raye's and tell her that they were unable t ask him about Luna. Luna then arrives and explains how she had seen the Three Lights looking for Seiya's pet chameleon which had gotten away and that she heard them saying they needed a pet for a tv show. When Yaten went to pat Luna she went all googly eyes and simply joined them.

Luna then mentions that she has had a bath with Yaten which shocks all the girls and Artemis. Mina begins to dream of being a cat so that she could do stuff like that with Yaten.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face! The next day Luna is with Yaten takes Luna for a meeting with a tv personality called Noriko. Noriko begins speaking like a little girl and asks Yaten if he'd like to go back to her house. Yaten tells her that she's talking like a moron. Noriko yells at him in her normal voice that he's just a fad and storms off. Yaten says to himself that he thinks they're both fads.

Later in the Three Lights' limo, Luna hears the three talking about all the love letters they get. Yaten tells the other two that he refuses to love anyone other than the woman they're looking for. Luna finds thisSailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face! interesting. Seiya and Taiki tell Yaten that this planet is full of love.

The next day, Yaten takes Luna to be groomed and fitted with "cute" (i.e. cruel) clothes in a special pet parlour. Noriko runs into him there and cruely tells him in her childish voice that she didn't realise he was gay. Luna slaps her in the face which shocks everyone.

Suddenly Sailor Iron Mouse enters and introduces herself as being from Ginga TV. Yaten walks away while Noriko stays there and begins to lie about her romantic relationship with Yaten.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face! As soon as Yaten is in the next room, Iron Mouse transforms. Noriko thinks this is some hidden camera show and doesn't understand she's in danger until her Star Seed is removed. Yaten moves to transform but sits down and begins to cry about how their fight is useless and that there's nothing they can do to stop the destruction. Luna gets up and leaps at Iron Mouse's face. Yaten is shocked that Luna would try and save Noriko and wonders why. He then gets up and transforms into Sailor Star Healer.

She attacks with Star Sensitive Inferno. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face! Iron Mouse teleports away, leaving Noriko, now Sailor Ojou.

Eternal Sailor Moon and the others arrive but Sailor Ojou attacks them all with her whip. Eventually Eternal Sailor Moon heals her with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

The next day at school, Serena sees Yaten with all of his love letters and assumes that he's going to throw them away. Yaten then spots them and invites Luna to come see him anytime she wishes. Luna hopes that he finds his true love someday.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face!

Monster of the Day

Sailor Ojou was the first Phage to have a Japanese name! (Ojou means "nice, polite, classy woman" in Japanese) All of her mannerisms seemed to play on the character of Noriko who was a parody of Japanese women (female TV personalities in particular) who constantly speak in childish "cute" Japanese and refer to themselves in the third person. She also finished everything she said with "de gozaimasu" which is a very polite form of Japanese, but in this situation was used to make the character appear fake and shallow.
She had an energy whip attack but was quickly healed by Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Interesting Facts

While the scene where Noriko accuses Yaten of being gay may seem inappropriate for a children's cartoon to Western viewers, it is a prime example of the cultural difference in Japan where children are exposed to more adult conversations and language from a much younger age. Also in Japan, sensitivity towards gay people is only now in 2009 beginning to even be talked about.

This episode seemed to be the final part in a 6 episode arc where the Three Lights each introduced their attacks and transformations and seemed to grow as characters, introducing themselves one at a time to the audience.

Read the Monster of the Day info above for everything on Noriko and Sailor Ojou. ;)

The song that plays in the final scene, "Motto Suteki na Asa ga Kuru yo" is not only my favourite Sailor Moon song but also could have been inspired by the English version's transformation music (or even visa versa!). This is purely speculation on my part but the two tracks do sound remarkably similar and they also would have been written around the same time. It's not a stretch that those involved with the English music had heard this while watching the Japanese version (they already adapted "Ein no Melody" into "Oh Starry Night" and "Moonlight Densetsu" into the "Sailor Moon Theme" for example) and decided to adapt it. Likewise it's equally believable that those involved in the Japanese version were listening to the production of the English music and like their take on the transformation so much they adapted it for a song. We'll never know for sure. What do you think?

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