Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols

Episode 174

Sailor Stars

A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols

All the girls are at school. While Serena is thinking of Darien on the school roof the other girls are joining different clubs.

Lita ends up getting guilted into joining the sports club, Amy joins the computer club and Mina joins the volleyball club. Luna asks Serena which club she'll join and it turns out she didn't join any club at all.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols On their way home, Serena bumps into Seiya quite literally. He smiles and tells her to watch where she's going and then jokes that she's lucky to have bumped into him because he's so good looking.

Taiki and Yaten who were walking behind him tell him to hurry up. Seiya joins them and says goodbye. Serena tells Luna that Seiya's really annoying... even if he is kind of good looking. Luna thinks he's good looking too.

Elsewhere in a tv station for Ginga (Galaxy) Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are IdolsTelevision Sailor Iron Mouse, in her civilian form, is on her computer looking for a holder of a true Star Seed. She finds a high school football player and chooses him.

A telephone begins to ring. She reaches for the office phone but doesn't pick it up. She then opens the bottom draw of her desk and reveals an old fashioned phone. She answers it and a woman's voice tells her that the "manager" wants to speak to her.

She walks to the closed elevator and warps to another dimension where she meets her leader, Sailor Galaxia. Galaxia tells her to find all the Star Seeds.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols The next day at school Serena, Lita and Amy are surprised to see everyone gathered out the front of the school and Mina with them, having arrived unusually early. Mina tells them that the Three Lights are transferring to their school! Raye pops out of nowhere and tells them that she wanted to see them as well. Their car then pulls up and as the three walk to the school building Seiya sees Serena and says hello.

Later in class Seiya, sitting behind Serena whispers to her that he's interested in joining a club and asks if she knows of any good ones. Mina sneeks up and suggests that they look for a club together. Their teacher tells them all to stop talking in the middle of class.

Later that day Serena and the girls show Seiya the basketball clubSailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols and watch him. Raye also shows up (having run over from her school to watch).

After Seiya finishes playing he asks Serena where they're going next. Serena says she doesn't want to but Amy, Raye and Lita tell her that she can't be so rude to their star. Mina, meanwhile has gone off with Taiki as part of her plot to get closer to him.

Eventually the girls end up taking Seiya to the American football club. Despite all the players being huge, Seiya still wants to play and dives right in. Unfortunately he gets knocked over though respects the guy who did it (who happens to be Iron Mouse's target) and accepts an invitation to join the club.

Soon afterwards Iron Mouse confronts the player and zaps him, removing his Star Seed. Serena who was nearby with Luna sees this and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. Iron Mouse quickly teleports away in her phone booth leaving Sailor Moon to deal with the new Phage, Sailor Guts!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols Sailor Guts begins attacking Sailor Moon with it's sweat attacks. Luckily Sailor Jupiter saves her with Jupiter Oak Evolution as she and the others arrive.

Sailor Guts begins attacking them all though and soon all five are running for their lives.

The Sailor Starlights then arrive. Sailor Star Maker attacks Sailor Guts with Star Gentle Uterus which stuns him enough for Sailor Moon to heal him with Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols Sailor Moon and the others look to talk to the Starlights but they've already disappeared. Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus are shocked to see even more Sailor Soldiers.

Later that day they meet in Crown Fruits Parlor and look at Serena who's drawn her own manga featuring Luna. They girls love it though think it looks like anything but Luna. Luna doesn't know what to think.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols

Monster of the Day

Sailor Guts was the first ever male Sailor Soldier (even though he was a fake Phage one). He seemed very strong and had a sweat-based projectile attack.

He was healed by Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first true look at Sailor Galaxia in the flesh!

The most controversially named attack, Star Gentle Uterus made it's first appearance in this episode as fans everywhere screamed "WTF?!" at their TV screens. Many speculate that a cultural difference is to blame but shouting out "UTERUS!" in Japan is just as strange and inappropriate (maybe moreso) than in Western countries.

Despite the characters claiming that Amy was printing out a science paper, the English words were in fact the lyrics to the song "Danger Zone" from the movie Top Gun which is hugely popular in Japan.

I rather cool reference to the first episode of the Sailor Moon anime was the music that played when Seiya and Serena bumped into each other on the street. The lines of dialogue where almost spot on and the Japanese background music was exactly the same.

School clubs are a huge part of Japanese life and often run after school hours (some till very late) or even on weekends. Subjects range from manga to drama to sports and even English and due to their immense popularity there is huge peer pressure to join a club. This make's Serena's decision not to join one very inspiring for students watching the show, proving that they don't have to join a club and instead can experience life outside of school at their own pace.

Despite often being shown as the most immature of the girls, in this episode it becomes apparent just how much more Serena has grown than the other girls. She's now engaged and in a long distance relationship with her fiance, she made the mature decision not to join a school club and do her own thing after school and seems to have no interest at all in the latest boyband craze that even Amy is freaking out over. Even Luna commented in the previous episode just how much Serena has grown since they first met.

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