Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare

Episode 172

Sailor Stars

The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare

Sailor Mini Moon and Sailor Saturn confront Queen Nehelenia who tells them that there is nothing she can do to remove the curse from Darien and that the only way would be to physically remove the piece of glass from his eye.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare Mini Moon begins to plead with Darien as she begins to fade out of existence. She tells him that he has the same dream as Serena and that if he doesn't wake up she will die. Darien appears to be struggling with the curse. Saturn yells out for her to call to him some more. Nehelenia sees this and zaps his eye with more of her magic, strengthening the curse. Darien pushes Mini Moon away.

Sailor Saturn blocks the magic with her Silent Wall shield but it's too late.

Seeing no choice she tells Nehelenia that she will kill her. Nehelenia laughs and says that Death is a double edged sword and that she will die too. Saturn knows this and raises her Silence Glaive. Nehelenia Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare looks on in shock and tries to shield herself.

Sailor Saturn performs Silent Glaive Surprise which releases a huge amount of energy and that blasts the entire castle. As she silently brings down her glaive to bring about death everything stops.

Nehelenia looks over at them and sees that Mini Moon had stopped Saturn from finishing her attack. Mini Moon whispers to Saturn not to kill herself and believe in their prince and princess. Mini Moon then falls to the ground.

Nehelenia takes this opportunity and knocks Saturn's Silence Glaive Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare out of her hand and traps her in a mirror.

Serena then finally arrives, having made her way through the thorns. She runs to Mini Moon who's fading away. She holds her but it's too late. Mini Moon disappears. Serena begins to cry.

Back in Tokyo Artemis tells Luna and Diana that all the people that were affected by the curse are now trapped in their own mirrors.

Serena demands to know what Mini Moon did to her. Nehelenia tells her that she wants revenge on her for sealing her away and for taking her mirror away and goes on to explain that while she had loyal subjects in her kingdom she had no real friends and that the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare mirror and her beauty were the only companions she had and that since her mirror was taken away she is now by herself.

Serena tells her to take her revenge on her but leave her friends alone and that they understand and will be her new friends when she is gone. Nehelenia strangles Serena. Serena looks at her with sad teary eyes. Nehelenia yells at her to stop looking at her like that and throws her against the wall.

Serena stands up and closes her eyes and senses all the Sailors feeling for Nehelenia. Suddenly Darien's eye begins to glow and the shard of mirror removes itself and shatters, freeing him. All the mirrors holding the Sailor Soldiers also shatter and they all appear in a circle around Nehelenia. Darien stands up as Mini Moon appears next to him.

Sailor Mars tells Serena that they all know what to do. They allSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare hold hands.

Nehelenia becomes furious and blasts them all with her lightning. While blasting Darien he transforms into his Prince Endymion form. Serena then transforms instantly into Eternal Sailor Moon and extends her Eternal Tiare.

All the Sailor Soldiers focus on their own energy. Sailor Moon asks Nehelenia to concentrate on her real true dream. Nehelenia begins to cry and remembers that she had always wanted friends and a lover who would understand her.

Pink energy trails upwards to the Moon, finishing the eclipse and making a New Moon. Nehelenia fades away to start her life over. The mirror that had corrupted her entire life shatters.

She wakes up as a Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare young girl on her throne. Her whole kingdom and subjects had been reborn. She says she's sleepy and asks if someone could read her a story. A woman says she'd love to. The young Nehelenia smiles.

Back down on Earth Darien comments on how Nehelenia's life is now truly starting. Sailor Moon gives Jupiter back her rose earring and thanks her. They're all happy.

Above Earth the evil voice who had awoken Nehelenia laughs evilly.

Interesting Facts

This episode is the final time we would see Sailor Mini Moon in person in the Sailor Moon anime though she would appear in a dream sequence later on in the season.

While Nehelenia and her kingdom had been reborn, let's not forget that all of her subjects who became the Lemres were also reborn giving them a second chance at a life as well. This is the last time we would see Nehelenia or anyone from the Dead Moon in the anime though Nehelenia would be referenced in a future episode of Sailor Stars.

The finale of this episode is actually very similar to the end of the first manga arc where Sailor Moon resurrected the Moon Kingdom on the Moon though chose to live on Earth with Darien and her friends. This never happened in the anime so it's nice to see some form of it survive here.

This episode was the last time the first opening and closing Sailor Stars credits would be used. Slightly new versions would be used starting from the next episode.

The end of episode preview music featured new Sailor Stars inspired preview music for the first time.

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