Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppers

Episode 112

Sailor Moon S

Show Stoppers

Jap.112 "Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness"

The mysterious dark girl from the previous episode sits in a dimly lit room surrounded by toys and lights. Doctor Tomoe approaches her as she demands to be fed more Pure Heart Crystals. Doctor Tomoe tells her that he's just made a new discovery that will get her as many as she requires.

Later Doctor Tomoe addresses the remaining members Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppersof the Witches 5 to introduce the next generation of Heart Snatchers. Mimet though isn't listening and is instead looking at photos of a movie star, Joshua Eden.

Tomoe catches her and demands to know why she's looking at these photos. Mimet explains that she thinks he may be a holder of a Pure Heart. Luckily for her, Tomoe buys this excuse and sends her off on a mission to get his Heart Crystal.

At the Hikawa Shrine Trista is telling the girls what she says she knows about the Death Busters and that she can't be working with them because her destiny is to complete the mission with Sailor Uranus and Neptune. She then smiles and leaves.

Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppers Just then, Rini arrives looking for Trista and is upset when told that she had just missed her. She says that she had wanted to go to the park today.

Hearing this, Mina jumps up and says that she will take Rini. Eventually it comes out that the hunk, Joshua Eden is shooting his new film there and all of them, including Amy who's a fan of his (!), agree to go.

At the park, Mimet spies Joshua but wants to give him some cakes she made before she kills him by stealing his Heart Crystal. Before she can speak to him though, several female fans of his knock the box of cakes out of her hand and tread on them. They tell her to stay away from Joshua and that he doesn't like sweets.

Joshua sees this and comforts Mimet and tries one of her cakes and says that it's "Yummy". His female co-star then invites her to watch the shoot.

Elsewhere in the park Serena and the girls have arrived and are trying to see Joshua. Rini, who's too short jumps up and down to try and see but a gust Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppersof wind blows her hat away.

Rini runs after it screaming for someone to catch it. A shy girl with black hair runs after it and grabs it. They introduce themselves to each other and sense the beginning of a strong lifelong friendship.

Back at the shoot Mimet sees the female co-star kiss Joshua. Turns out they're a couple in real life! Mimet becomes furious after seeing this and releases her Heart Snatcher, Western!

Western begins attacking all the people in the park with paint guns. Rini sees this happen but can't transform with Hotaru watching.

Nearby, Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina transform and confront the Heart Snatcher and Mimet. Sailor Moon attacks Western with Moon Spiral Heart Attack but Western simply Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppersshoots all the hearts with her bullets.

Western then proceeds to suck Joshua's Heart Crystal right out of his mouth and swallows it!!!

Suddenly a Uranus World Shaking and Neptune Deep Submerge blast through the air and hit the Heart Snatcher which knocks the Heart Crystal out of it's mouth but i's quickly re-swallowed.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune announce their arrival.

Western then sees Rini and Hotaru crouching in the bushes and is commanded by Mimet to get Rini's Heart Crystal. Western lasos Rini and drags her along Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppers the ground.

Sailor Pluto then attacks with Pluto Deadly Scream which frees Rini and commands Sailor Moon to power up into Super Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon summons the Purity Chalice and powers up and then uses a brand new powerful attack, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache which destroys the Heart Snatcher and releases the Heart Crystal.

Mimet runs away, promising to get her revenge.

Super Sailor Moon then collapses and reverts back into her usual form, still not strong enough to use the power of the Chalice.

The Sailor Scouts as Neptune, Uranus and Pluto why they can't work together. Uranus smiles and says it's better this way. Pluto adds that they're in a different league and that they'll understand when they get older.

Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppers Hotaru runs up to Rini and sees a scratch on her leg from being dragged by the Heart Snatcher. She places her hands over the wound and heals it completely! She tells Rini that people at her school don't like her because she's different. Rini says that she thinks her power is amazing and wants to be her friend.

Rini walks Hotaru home where she meets her father... Doctor Tomoe! He appears very normal however and greets Rini before going inside with Hotaru and wishing her a good night's sleep.

He then walks down to the basement of his house, The Death Buster's base!

Sailor Moon S: Show Stoppers

Monster of the Day

Western was the first in the second generation of Daimon Heart Snatchers based on a duck hybrid type design.

Her bullet attacks could easily blast through Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack. She also had a paint gun attack that really had no purpose but to annoy people.

As with this next generation, she stole Pure Heart Crystals by sucking it out of the target's mouth.

Western was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's new Rainbow Moon Heart Ache attack.

Interesting Facts

While we had seen Doctor Tomoe before, this was the first time we had seen his civilian form.

This was the first time we saw Sailor Pluto's Pluto Deadly Scream though as with Neptune and Uranus' attacks when they were first used, we only saw the energy ball this time and not the full attack animation.

This episode also saw Super Sailor Moon's first attack, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

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